Friday, 3 September 2010


Last night I was nagged about why I go to the film festivals and fashion shows by my companion. "After all," he said, "you are not in the film world or really in the fashion world." I thought about it and the truth is, besides the glamour and the excitement of going to these events, I am probably inspired by the travelling. I could after all stay in London and go to the Film Festival there, but in the pissing rain it would all be so different. Travel makes me think and do new things. I am a magpie for new ideas. I gobble them up. In fact I have often as a child been criticised for exactly this. Facts are I can afford it and the truth is the industry is interesting as are all artistic activities and meeting people in differing fields add to my life and enhance it.
Of course its exciting seeing a film in the Lido or watching the red carpet glamour and even being a part of it. It is exciting to go to fashion shows for exactly the same reason. Some designers more than other inspire you to try something new. I ultimately wear only black but the design will change, and my thoughts are like starlings crying from a nest. I am actually a butterfly landing and experimenting and leaving. Just don't bore me to tears and make me stay. I love a life enriched with theatre and drama and different destinations make my imagination varied.
Venice has so many endearing adventures, yesterday I got lost in the streets, tried to enter two churches, went to see the San Clemente Hotel, read all the reviews and decided I do not like others telling me what to like. Invariably I like the opposite for differing reasons. It could be just the photography and it could be the music.

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