Friday, 3 September 2010


The best diamonds in the world are sold by Laurence Graff, who is incredibly famous on the celebrity circuit. He looks the height of fitness. He started life cleaning loos and now has the biggest and most glamourous diamond business in the world. His art collection is unsurpassed, he has a house in the South of France and an exciting life. I met him twenty years ago, and I definitely should have listened to him. When I first met him he told me to exchange immediately my beautiful amethyst ring for a clunking great diamond. Of course I still know nothing about them but his integrity in the business allows him to tell us off when we are wearing lesser stones.
This of course is a very rich world that few have any access too. It may be one of the more interesting sides of the Venice Biennale. What jewels were worn by whom. The public relations drones get nagged to death to help people get clothes for nothing and party invitations for free. It is a time to show your stunning dresses or beg to borrow one. I personally hate borrowing anything but when things cost millions of pounds it is inevitable.
As seen at the parties, the world here is fast, long legged and fun. With plenty of cash you can buy yourself into the jet set world and also the world of the artistic elite. You can stay at the Cipriani in a suite, or on a private boat, or in one of the incredible palaces that are up for rental.
The main thing in this life is to have access to the correct Public Relations, put money into a film or buy millions of diamonds. It opens doors for you. It sounds ghastly but it's the way this world works.
In the meantime I am off to see San Stefano the leaning tower in the centre of Venice..

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Vinnes said...

PR, diamonds, firms in order to have a great fulfilling life full of dynamics and excitement while opening imaginary doors of happiness - hahaha! It is just plain ridiculous and simply untrue. But poor homo sapiens vulgaris still buy that paradigm. x