Thursday, 30 September 2010


Can I be in two places at once? Yes, like God I can. Where there is a will there is a way. Paris London Paris and Balmain's show was the business today, and thank goodness for clothes that we are going to wear.  Punk rockers are never out of fashion.  Shorts and jackets torn, covered with paint, and ripped fishnet stockings. Wow, I love this look, trashy blonde that I like to be. Let's hope Madonna gets the job of advertising it, so I won't be the only fool wearing it.

Back in London I went to The Lady, where Boris Johnson's sister Rachel works as editor. She was giving a drinks party in London for the launch of her diary of the first year at the helm.  Journalists turned up in their thousands, including Camilla Long, Nicky Haslam and Lady Antonia Fraser (who are of course upmarket journalists). It was a bit weird really. This magazine has become cult since Rachel took over, although the last time I actually read it was when one found cooks for dinners in days gone by and dreamed of living in castles. Incidentally, I have found the most wonderful site on the internet called Sifex and each day I now go into deep meditation at the thought of owning a little chateau in the Dordogne or Carcassonne.  (I do love to daydream.)

Next, my friend called Mark Macaulay had a launch for his book, 'The House of Slamming Doors'. I love the title - it sounds just like my family.  I felt at home immediately I picked the book up.

Then home, whence sadly my housekeeper of eleven years is leaving, I have worn her out, so she is departing to the Phillipines. But we had fun tonight, sitting on her bed with a copy of The Lady, checking to see if someone else will put up with me that long.

P.S. Bankers will definitely be in deep baby poo, Britain is now a trillian in debt,  that is twenty thousand pounds for every man woman and child in England (excluding immigrants) and the bankers appear to have stolen it.. They will need some good bodyguards soon.  How on earth do we pay this back?.. Oh hells bells I am going out to buy some Balmain shorts but forgive me if I rip my own stockings, Christophe Decamin is on the mark, the future is street fighting and punk rock..

PP.S On another note, as much as I generally hate bankers I love Boris Johnson. Tonight I saw him leave The Lady on his bike, between a bin lorry and a taxi, anyone could have punched him out. He had no protection and he is Mayor of one of the greatest cities in the world.

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