Saturday, 21 August 2010

YOGA WAS THE WAY FOR ME, Thank goodness for Godfrey Devereux

In 1992 I suffered depression and had done without being able to put a label on it perhaps all my life, off and on. I could not get up in the morning, I was unable to sleep without the help of sleeping pills. I was getting up at about midday.
I was a very lucky girl. I was saved literally thanks to a girl called Charlotte Barnes a decorator, when I told her how bad I was feeling. She said to come and join her at the Life Centre in Edge Street and go to a Yoga class. I went. I could hardly move. I was unfit, it was uncomfortable but I loved it, and I skipped all the way home, and I never walk .
I studied with several people there, Lynne Pynette, Khati, Kisen, and the most powerful influence of all was Godfrey Devereux.
The set of movements became a life saviour. I have since recommended many people to follow this route and not take pills. The pills are not great and have too many side effects. For me it was a life changer. Although I am actually a hater of any form of movement and am naturally horizontal, I find great pleasure and sense of well being from doing it. PLEASE TRY.
I became obsessed I would stay all day, start getting up early.
I stopped the sleeping pills which were very strong and after a while realised that I would sleep eventually and it did not matter in any case.
I mention this as I am reading Allen Carr's book on how to lose weight. A friend has just done his book on not smoking, which seems to work. I lost concentration and started to remember my "LIFE SAVERS".
There are so many Yoga Teachers around that nowadays you have loads of choices, so there is no reason not to give it a go. These wonderful people have taken me on many journeys, from pregnancy, divorce, to success and feeling happy once again.

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