Monday, 9 August 2010


I was invited to Sunday lunch in the country yesterday. It was boiling hot, and I had no idea what I was in for: maybe a little walk and a spot of croquet? Anyway, these friends of mine managed to make me sit in a canoe and go paddling. I truly can't believe it. They were professionals: the kit on top of their trailer was enough to make me wobbly. I looked down from the jetty to the craft. I was wearing platforms and a mini dress, not exactly the right gear for boating on a river. I however loved it, the dogs swimming beside me, the water lilies, the dragon flies, the unknown wild flowers. It reminded of me when I was a child. Eating berries on a walk, blowing on dandelions to see who I was going to marry. That sort of thing always makes me happy. Usually people make you do three hours of this kind of thing which positively kills the initial enthusiasm, these friends however now how to live well, a spot of swimming and bit of rowing and we were back for tea and cakes. I am now into extreme sports, and spending the morning looking for adventure holidays.

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