Thursday, 19 August 2010

AN EDUCATIONAL RANT is WORTHWHILE.. Our poor children have nowhere to go.

My very clever younger son has just walked into the room, saying " What is the point in working when with hard work you can't get into the University of your choice?".
Indeed he is right. What is the point? What sort of country have we become when we have pushed our children into working hard and there is nowhere for them go?.

England has little Industry, too many people, lack of educational facilities, and poor very low standards. How can you compare GCSE's? How can someone with an A star in Drama or Cooking get into a better University than someone with an A star in Maths?. Why aren't there places when you have 4 A stars? What is an A star? What is its value?

It has now become apparent that we have to change. After this years fiasco we will hopefully introduce an International Baccalaureate type system. In any case you are not properly educated if you give up Maths at 16 and study only 3 or 4 subjects.

My eldest son has already got into music school in New York, the thought of him in dusty British University towns filled me with horror so I sent him away, hopefully to a more interesting life. He was at Harrow School, and was encouraged to study Ancient Greek, Music, Ancient History and Economics. The original idea was for him to read Classics at Oxford or Cambridge, but this was unlikely with all the horrors of the system. In any case I am pleased, he would be again singing in Cathedrals non stop instead of treading nervously along 47th Street.

We should fight for a fairer system whereby we make the rich pay for the schooling so the poor can learn in peace and foreigners don't take away all the valuable places.

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