Wednesday, 11 August 2010


Today I completed on my new house belonging to Janet Leigh in Los Angeles. I am exhausted with finding insurance policies that suit me, they differ so much that you had better have eyes in the back of your head. The house is easy to run, and the views are good. I am definitely not in love but will be by the end of doing it up. I hate small print and there is far too much in this city.

The yank sent back the suit I had lent him, it arrived three months later crumpled and split and shiny, how on earth it got shiny with one or two outings I have no idea, but then a man with no manners or scruples such as the one I met on Chemistry, and one who left me to pay all of the bills, I expect very little of, because he will not go far in any case. As I said before a good turn never goes unpunished.

It is weird staying in St Tropez instead of my house Maison du Cap. I am staying in a small very exclusive hotel called Pan Dei Palace. I do not know whether I am in Morocco, India, Bali or France. It has a glorious atmosphere and I have even have got to like showers. I took the boys to the Voile Rouge - noisy crazy and but no spraying of champagne. People are obviously cutting back. There is a double dip recession coming apparently.

The good thing about France is that women look stylish and glamorous from 18-80. Quite honestly I think it is the best country in Europe. I love the grumpiness of the male, the delicious food, the arrogance of the female, the weather, the language, the clothes and definitely for me the prettiest woman of all time is Brigitte Bardot. She is celebrated on every corner of St Tropez whether she likes it or not. In fact she only likes being a recluse, is married to a National Front guy, and is known for saving cats down here. Brigitte is definitely not into celebrity.

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Britta said...

Thank you for your interesting post! I was in St. Tropez when I was a young girl, and I loved it. The example of B.B. shows that you can - as Greta Garbo could - have a sort of privacy eveb if you are very famous. It is always a two-way-street with press and stars.