Monday, 30 August 2010


I am now in Venice, my favourite place on the planet, staying in great splendour at The Hotel Cipriani which has decorated its rooms. I am now lying in a room with fake Canalettos, underneath a Fortuny light which looks quite out of place, with furniture that would look better in the sale at Harrods. Sort of weirdo peach, with aubergine and slimey green suitable for a Granny. I was a bit horrified when I entered the room as I love this place. I made the powers that be change my room twice, and I couldn't be bothered to argue anymore. It looked better before. I didn't mind it falling apart. The real things that needed to improve are never improved.

In any case I am here for the Venice Film Festival and I will supposedly be reporting for the Collective Review. There are quite a few films I would like to see, but with only two days here it is unlikely that I will have much time. I am happy losing myself down streets that lead to nowhere. Today I ended up in the most incredible costume atelier - hidden away, but so beautiful - belonging to Antonia Sautter, she makes clothes for Viviane Westwood and was making golden masks for Bulgari who are having a party this week. In fact the whole street seemed to belong to her. Velvets, brocade, shoes, masks in glorious colours were so exciting, enough to make a Shakespeare play. I was in heaven.. I am going to have a frock coat made for myself which my son Charles is bound to steal.

I made Tim Willis wear the men's gear immediately. I do love venturing out with him, it is never dull and he is a perfect model. To my total delight we found the shoes that are "in" for men who wear drainpipes - 18th Century court shoes -( I will tell you more about the shoes, in another blog, may be for The Collective Review) so I bought three pairs for my sons and a friend. You have to wear them with tight tight jeans.. wow..

On the way back we had a filthy dinner at a tourist joint and landed up, on the boat back home, bumping into Robert Rabensteiner of Italian L'uomo Vogue. Ravishing as he always is, he makes living easy. So tomorrow, at his and Franca Sozzani's invitation, we have dinner with Tarantino...

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