Saturday, 17 July 2010


I am apparently officially on the 100 MOST INVITED LIST in Tatler this month, as number 99, down roughly 40 places from last year, what a faux pas. What does it all mean? Nothing really except I looked in the mirror and thought what a compliment and then I looked again and thought all of this is ridiculous. Not the lists themselves, but how I could possibly even care. I go out nearly every night to two or three things, last night in Los Angeles,I went to The Gagosian Gallery, showing Nancy Rubins and Jorge Pardo, followed by an opening at Moca and then to a dinner at the Chateau Marmont for Jorge Pardo, I sat with Ronnie Sasoon and Martyn Laurence Bullard. I could have carried on but I felt dizzy and faint. I had decided earlier in the day to sell my Los Angeles house, actually I decided not to keep one of my three houses, it's too much paper work and I wanted to be a little free. I made a pact that the first one that went under offer I would sell. Of course it's my favourite. That is life, if I love it here then someone else will too. I have spent three glorious years here, that is a blessing in itself. As for the 100 most invited list, I wonder how The Tatler office judge this. I can only imagine the conversation, which I won't repeat or I won't be on the list at all next year!

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Julie Anne Rhodes said...

Darling you're lower on the list of the most invited this year, because you DO most of the inviting. The best party giver on earth!

I'm in mourning for the house. Please, please, please buy another - you can't forsake LA? We would miss you too much.