Sunday, 18 July 2010


I had a farewell party last night for my brilliant friends Tim Noble and Sue Webster. Part of the talented and honest crew from England. I say this because Sue is generally right, and definitely truthful in her delivery. I love their work and I originally met them through Isabella Blow. I went to Nicky Clarke one morning, the hairdressers in London, and Rupert, one of the stylists suggested that I go upstairs because I should meet my twin. I did and there was Isabella. We were not at all alike physically in fact there was nothing similar except we both had red lipstick on our teeth, which made us giggle. In any case that afternoon she took me to meet Tim and Sue. I am a huge lover of their art. We all became firm friends and have spent nearly every Summer together since. With Henry Duarte, Ronnie and Vidal Sassoon, Roberta Hanlen, Julie Anne Rhodes and Zeta Graff amongst my pals there can never be a dull moment. My friend Michael the Neon sign maker turned up with my piece of Art, that Kay Saatchi and I designed. It will be put together shortly.
The art world is waking up now Jeffrey Deitch has become the head of MOCA and believes he can make Los Angeles a leading art destination.
I had an offer on my house at Eden Place, Los Angeles and now I am starting a new adventure. I will be truly sad to leave it, but I like to do new things and see different aspects of Los Angeles life. Nothing can beat it's view from my drawing room which looked like Tuscany and I have never been as happy as I am here. Good luck to the people buying it, it was pure heaven.

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