Monday, 12 July 2010


I woke up on my second day in New York actually thinking of Italy and not here. I have no idea why. I was thinking this morning about the people that have truly helped me in my life and the most important one is Franca Sozzani editor in chief of Italian Vogue. Without her life would be truly dreary. She gave me my first opportunity of working in Fashion although she actually gave me a job photographing artists and doing a book called "British Artists At Work", which lead me to do another book "Made by Indians" with Enricco Navarro.
Franca has the most simple style. Long blond pre raphaelite hair and a beauty that matches it. Petite she is a quiet force of nature and in my opinion the most important woman in fashion, her magazine is certainly the best looking. Her plain dressing in something like Aliai truly becomes her, in fact you don't really know what she is wearing because it is so understated. She is naturally ahead of the game, and a truly modern woman. I fell asleep last night reading her blog. As I adore men I love flicking through L'Uomo Vogue.
I also love another magazine Visionaire who have made a celebration of Alexander McQueen's life, Visionaire 58 Spirit, a beautiful book to own and remember.

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