Sunday, 18 July 2010


Oh dear, the brown eco friendly so called man, never stops in his tracks to see what he is doing. I am neither a prude nor furious, but look at the mess created by Glastonbury and other huge music festivals. I was quite shocked that people leave their tents and rubbish behind. I would be far too proud to do this and also considerate to the people who have to pick it up.
Walking through Hyde Park to go to the swings last week, I got a terrible shock: paper cups, dog shit, pieces of paper, bits of left over picnics littered the beautiful park. What is happening, has nobody any standards? We have become a race of users and abusers.
I am buying a sailing boat and intend to go round the world instead of joining in this yobbo culture. Of course there are only a few people who ruin it for the rest of us, but those few are a general nuisance.

My betes noirs

1. If you drop a bottle pick it up.
2. Don't stub a cigarette out in a pot of flowers.
3. Always say thank you to people that help you.
4. Always pay your debits on time and assume them if you have incurred them.
5. Don't use the car all the time.
6. Don't steal out of people's fridges without asking beforehand.
7. Send flowers.
8. Pick up dog mess
9. Try not to repeat gossip, unless you know for a fact it is true.
10. Don't use blackmail as a means to get what you want.
11. Don't go to the loo in the swimming pool.
12. Don't spit chewing gum on the pavement

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vinnes said...

Excellent observation, an absence of consciousness and the absence of good basic education led to the lack of good permeation inbetween people and their own surrounding, sometimes it's the mirror of themselves, which shows how they neglected not only the nature but themselves as well.