Thursday, 20 May 2010


Darlings the clothes on the croisette and Eden Roc are nothing special, you can feel quite comfortable in a dress from Juan les Pins. The unimaginative pashmina is in again, the only place a pashmina should be is either wrapped round a dodgy old painting in the attic or wrapping your dogs up, let us re work this goddam granny garment. Recycle freaks get working.

Each season there are some delicious things that I truly want, and the only girl who I have seen wearing those beautiful ravishing Fendi shoes, made of cream chiffon, was an Ukranian Hooker aged 19. Dressed in a yellow Versace dress in the hairdresser at Eden Roc this nymphet spent her days getting ready, getting ready for what I wondered...

The only designers I have seen are on where the girls are models and actresses and are given clothes, and the only real Valentino dress was on my back. My girlfriend, Katy Barker still going strong, was wearing her three year old Dolce and Gabbana, thank god it still fitted and those boys are geniuses or she would have looked a right frump. I bet that frock has seen some action.

A few days ago I heard some bossy American girls with boney knees from some chic chic magazine, who will remain nameless, talking about celebrity line ups, it sort of makes you vomit, and actually the people they were talking about were pretty much on Hello's Z list. I hate lists roll on the day when the real women that count are being photographed for the cover of Vanity Fair because they are saving our planet.

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