Thursday, 13 May 2010


There are a lot of wonderful people on the planet, a lot. Yesterday I gave my 50th Birthday Party which was not something I would normally think of doing. My girlfriend Rushka Bergman insists that I say I am 29 forever but as she arrived in my house with a 50th Birthday card she said "This is something I don't want to give, and yet it has to be celebrated. Indeed it was. I love butterflies and as a child was teased by my family that I was nothing but a superficial butterfly. and in some ways I am. I love people but cannot sit down easily, I sort of perch. Anyway I decided to ask 400 of my closest most loved ones and 250 roughly turned up, in any case the ones I love most did. Touchingly my assistant Alex Shipp arranged some of my friends to make a film of my life, Tim Noble, Sue Webster, Johan Eliasch, Trinny Woodall, Tim Willis, Nicky Haslam, Tracey Emin, Virginia Bell, Katy Barker, Polly Morgan and Fizzy Barclay. Made by Phil Scala. Parts of it made me want to cry it was so moving. The theme of butterflies flooded the room of St Mark's Church, little butterflies had been delicately place in tall black laced vases incased by red roses suspended on gold rose stems.
On the internet I found some interesting performers.
From the superficial mist 12 year old Dounia Pajoheshfar sang hanntingly, and Holly Kirkby a 19 year old from the Isle of Wight, who writes and performs her material also sang.
Portraits by Vince de Maar and Theo Platt were placed center stage. Vicky Butterfly and Lili La Scala.
I just about managed the tango, after all I had only been doing it for a week.
Hitting the press Tracey emerged with a black eye. She is so hip that only she would wear it out with no cover up or hat. Good on you Tracey, keep us young and fighting.

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Knackered said...

It was a fantastic evening. You have many great friends and we all adore you. Thank you so much for including me.