Friday, 14 May 2010


It has taken two days to open my incredible presents which included some Fairy Liquid as it is their 50th Birthday too: from Tim Noble and Sue Webster, a pair of Who doo dolls splitting images of Tim and Sue presented in a signed wooden box; a painting of Meredith Olstrom's behind made into a butterfly; a drawing from Tracey Emin; a shoe with some butterflies made into a lamp, a whip and a blindfold from Agent Provocateur, a stunning photograph of birds flying round a cage from Polly Morgan, an original print of Brigitte Bardot from Bert Stern given by Kay Saatchi, goodies from Hermes, a funky corset bag from the best dressed superstar, Nicky Haslam, pencils, a star in the night sky from Angela Kalinowski in Los Angeles, and some photographs by Tanya Crooks.. amongst many many others. I am a very lucky girl.. Was given a great quote today.. Flowers are everywhere, beautiful creations tied up in bundles..Opera tickets mmmm
Sue Webster told me this morning that she had thumped Tracey Emin for Britain
and that Tracey was truly gracious about it.. In fact I would say it is the new accessory. Tracey looked stunning as usual, and bravely faced the press.
God I love all my friends.. there is never a dull moment, and thank goodness the artists are still rock n roll, all the rock n rollers seem to be home by eleven, on statins and making barbecues at the weekend. Tracey in the video my friends made for me was throwing out the press, Tim Noble was having a bath and Trinny was looking Absolutely Fabulous.
So many people contributed to the evenings success. Thank you Holly Kirby, Dounia, Vicky Butterfly, Lilly Le Scala, John Lewis Flowers, Top Hat Catering, Natasha Leith Smith, Alex Shipp.

I love my thank you card from Richard Dennen, the magnificent creature from Tatler, and my hats from Phillip Treacy are incredible. He is the most amazing man ever his atelier a piece of heaven in this wayward world..

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Larry said...

Fantastic! The 250 pictures on Holly Kirby's Facebook site are just wonderful for 'the rest of us' to see and share some of that wonderful evening.

Once again, I plead with you to correct the spelling of her last name in this post and the one preceding it. This is such a monumental moment for us, her fans, who also love you.

Larry Collingsworth

Norfolk, Virginia USA