Saturday, 10 April 2010


What I want is a simpler time. I would like to have a happy merry life with someone who does not wish to destroy everything that I try to build or create. I have gone past the days of home wrecking and romantic torture. I just wish to enjoy the last few juicy years I have left. Riding a bike, listening to music, learning to write music. In fact there are so many good and fabulous things I wish to do that the hours flash past and I feel there has been so little time to fit everything in. The other day I went round an American University. I felt as if I should be there. I have become so happy here in Los Angeles, it is wonderful to wake up and jump out of bed to sunshine, this place is invigorating. So despite the Weiss report which I love to read each week talking about the Trillions that the States are in debt, and the general collapse of the financial world I was used to, there is a lightness in this place that no politicians can take away. Call it jealousy, call it superficial, call it what you like, Los Angeles has a special star that no one can rub their dirty little fingers on and make grubby. The people who I have met here have done everything to make me welcome, and there are many interesting things going on here. BAFTA is active, Honor Fraser and Jeffrey Deitch in the Art World, Tango dancing is available on every street corner and I love Henry Duarte jeans, Zeta Graff's diamonds, yes she has got me to like them, and now I have two baubles on my fingers. Then there are all the charities here helping others. Yesterday I spent my time singing Mozart with my son and his friend. How much culture do we really need. I create mine at home.

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Can't agree more.