Thursday, 29 April 2010


Life this week has had wonderful ups and downs, but when you try to work from Los Angeles there is a huge time difference that puts you into a scratchy mood. I wanted to send out some invitations, so I ask 6 weeks ago for my address book to be updated. My great friend who is staying has hers all on the computer and there is now no need to see my ten year old uneducated scrawl in some old address book that is falling apart, plus there is Facebook. The telephone never stops in the middle of the night here. I get little sleep and so that although sun is perfection , the difference in time is killing me.

In fact I have no longer any desire to set foot in London, and the only thing driving me are my wonderful friends who claim they miss me.
With the Election next week, my enthusiasm is dwindling, politicians are well known aliens so the election will just be that.. full of dressed up lies. Am I going to vote, the answer to the question is yes, but who for, I have no idea.. None of the leaders have the glamour to earn my trust.

All I know is that I am eating chocolate cake, having my hair done and writing on the computer, what amazing luxury.. by the way for America this Chocolate cake is incredible.. My cook brought it for me yesterday to entice some delicious man to propose to me, only he didn't turn up,instead it's lying on my hips and that prevents any ring from going over my marriage finger. Then there is the attraction of celibacy and freedom, which might be better than signing contracts and spending a fortune with a lawyer, when it all goes wrong. I would rather spend a fortune at Balmain darling ,and I have just been reminded that I have. There we are, my marriage settlement ends up in Maxfieds a decadent store on Melrose. You can't leave that place without having to go to church afterwards, however so not to make any mistakes make sure you have a friendship of Janet who works there, so that you don't end up in some frumpy Chanel dress with puff sleeves, she elegantly said "buy the jacket", you will wear it more..

Oh poo how can leave Arminda my beautiful Phillipino housekeeper in Beverly Hills for the grey mist and gloom of Belgravia.

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