Monday, 19 April 2010


Sometimes I get lucky, I am truly grateful that a freak of nature allowed me to stay in my favourite place. Los Angeles will be my main home if I don't leave soon, but it has made me truly happy. I am glad in a way that nature is fighting back, causing us to live unexpected lives.. If we read Nostradamus correctly we are well on the way to general collapse by 2012. Should we be worried I wonder, I think the answer is yes?. I worry more for my sons than for me. I have had a great life, and would like that for my children too. Well time will tell but this Volcano has proved to be life changing. Farmville and Petville have been put away for the Summer as I have too much to do.
This will put the election back in England into a spin, I love and loathe politics, it makes me argue too much on subjects that I don't usually want to talk about, and know little. How interesting are the discussions and issues of taxation, health and education? If we are sensible human beings we do want a safety net for people who cannot help themselves, and we also want low taxation. So nothing will seriously change, and the politicians cannot afford to be too outrageous. They are all so good nowadays that they are on the verge of being dull. In any case if there are only two years left on this gorgeous planet I will spend my time here in Los Angeles as much as possible. To put up with high taxation you have to have good weather.
My good friend Tobias Moss was planning to run for election for the Karma Party, he said that he had little support and so put his clever ideals on a back burner. Probably he would have been the most fun thing running, and the most voteable too.
Instead of waiting at the airport for the black cloud to clear I am learning to plant vegetables.

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