Tuesday, 16 March 2010


And so the internet is, but I admit I am addicted. I have met so many interesting people on it, of course you have to be careful and watch yourself but it is a fascinating opportunity to learn new stimulating things. I never realized you could become so attached to people and really not know them and yet know their ability to write so well. It is dangerously exciting to expose myself to this. In fact I am now truly keen on Skype. It's free and you can really share everything on it.I feel I am in a white room all on my own most of the time and only want to delve into the mystic magic of this electrical black hole. I was so very lonely before. Now I have odes and music written for me, what a lucky girl I am.

On another note I have had one lunch and one dinner with Joan Collins, and we were discussing how rude it is having the Blackberry's and Iphones at the table, I sheepishly pushed mine deep in to my bag, as she rightly proclaimed how people are obsessed and can't talk anymore, only type. I said I was one of those very people. Joan looked amazingly perky and fit in her hat and skinny jeans. She is right it is rude, and only beaten by the smokers, who now get up from the table to smoke outside. I think personally it's an unacceptable excuse to leave a table, but the smoker never cares who they are leaving on their own. Between the Blackberry user and smoker there is no point in having a dinner.

I squeezed in an incredible private viewing of a Swedish Film, in the same genre as the French film Le Prophet, but equally compelling "Snabba Cash" directed by the talented Daniel Espinosa. He came over for a drink at my house in Beverly Hills, a quiet and modest man with artistic brilliance represented by David Flynn, they both drove off in my customized Mustang (by Harley of Chrome Candles) like two wild teenagers.

During all of this I have been dieting and have at last shed the half a stone eating green slime..
Oh goodness the world does move in small circles...Katy Barker has lost the same amount and Lyall Watson who I have written the play with "As I Like it " lost twenty four pounds, well done Catherine Vanazzi.

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