Friday, 26 February 2010


I feel I have been in a whirlwind this week between what I should have been doing and what I actually did. They were two different things.. Ideas flew through the windows and I was hauled into new directions. Fashion week was truly great and everybody else thought so too. I did an interview with T5M. COM the internet site I work for. Highly efficient and modern they are the way forward in broadcasting. Filmed from the Hotel Sofitel, they were holed up in the room for the whole week, interviewing editors, musicians and people in the know..
It has also been a brilliant week for finding new people. A young singer aged 12 off You tube came to sing to me in my room at number 11, a funky hardworking girl from Hammersmith turned up with a huge bunch of flowers, I booked her immediately to sing at my Birthday,I can't wait to hear Dounia. .
Shortly afterwards I ended up listening to the Mozart Requiem in Spitalfields Church, meaning hospital fields in the East End of London. In parts truly magical. Again the boys of Harrow School impressed me with their ability and hard work. Tracey Emin came and supported Charles my son which was really nice of her.
I also did a photo shoot with a new face from Models one. Beautiful in the way Kate Moss is. A little pint size petite called Sophie Dickins. Working with my love of my life, hairstylist Snowden Hill and Emma doing the makeup,with a new stylist called Chloe, we had lots of fun. Chloe's Mother Gail is equally talented I discover and runs a pretty and very efficient shop at 187 New Kings Road, a hive of activity that you can guarantee looking sexier than you ever have before. Little corset dresses reasonably priced can give you the Victoria Beckham look in seconds for couple of hundred pounds. You can spend hours with Gail while she re jigs your wardrobe and makes you try on things that would be more suitable for Dita von Teese, but you too can look as good as she does. She also doesn't forget people who need pretty but practical clothing, her clothes feel comfortable, and yet when you look in the mirror you look a vision. Hunter boots with unique linings, romantic coats with diamante bows, tight black dresses with chiffon arms. Gail thinks of everything to make you look more alluring. I just wish I had discovered her before. Wrapping everything beautifully with tissue paper you leave with extra bags tied up in cream thick ribbon.
I then squeezed in tea with Barbara Orbison who showed me her new delicious smelling scent, a mixture of amber, flowers and it changes during the course of a day named Pretty Woman. Everybody kept telling me how good I smelt.
Of course I did not make the Love Ball because as I said I was on the bed with Lulu and on a deadline for my magazine GENLUX

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Julie Anne Rhodes said...

Living vicariously through you right now, and exhausted reading it... don't know how you manage, but I'm thrilled you are!