Sunday, 24 January 2010


I am back in Los Angeles, partly because although beautiful, the freezing cold in London is not for me. I am now here to diet and finish a play let's hope I can do both in ten days. I looked at the scales this morning and it was definitely time to pull myself together and start exercise and be fit. There is no more beautiful place on the planet as I look outside and see the best sunset ever. The play is about a girl trying to get into Drama School which is a tricky thing. Totally different from Britain's got talent, which is so much more glamourous. The courses are not to be taken lightly, a three year course is physical and mental torture. However I learnt so much.
I first went to a RADA Summer School for a four week workshop, and after a lot of struggles went to ALRA, a school in Wandsworth. A beautiful building to learn Shakespeare, Noel Coward and Oscar Wylde in.
Meanwhile I am dying to attack the fridge, as I can think only of food.
Today we ate melon for breakfast, and a vegetable burger for lunch and now I await my delicious cauliflower soup, all perfectly presented by Catherine Vanazzi from Rio, Brazil.
There is so much to do here, long walks along the beach, an exciting and emerging art world, and yoga from Eka Ekong a girl who looks like the beautiful woman in Avatar, she also teaches at Yoga Works.
Sacha Newley arrived in my house yesterday, I love his dark paintings, I have one in my tree house.. The more you look the more you see. He is skilful in his production, and also very interesting to talk to and articulate. He shows at the moment paintings and drawings, using diverse influences that range from Leonardo Da Vinci, Lucian Freud and his own family history, Newley shows both the dark and light sides of his character.
However much you may see yourself one way other people may see you another. That is what I am learning from writing this play with Lyall, a genius with words it is fun to work with such a smith.

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Enjoy your stay in LA!
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