Wednesday, 27 January 2010


This is like dear diary when I was a child, I used to write in minute writing all that I was getting up to, in order not to forget things. I wrote every day in a tiny diary the size of a 4 inch square. I liked this wine diary that graded everything, I would grade my day.

Well the day started off well as I weighed myself and 3 pounds are now off. I am hardly skinny yet. My friend looks totally different he looks like he used to 20 years ago. I have also my friend here with the oxygen tank, wow it is great. It makes me sleep merrily, then the great Lara Shriftman came over to cheer me up.
You know I seriously love Los Angeles. This morning everybody made a trip to the Getty Museum to see to collection put together of Rembrandt's drawings and those of his pupils. All came back raving from this, and the fabulous architecture. I in turn was in Saks trying clothes for my page in Genlux Magazine. Working for this magazine is so much fun, and the people at Saks charming. I found wonderful boots by Chanel in stripes. If I was a little younger I would definitely whip them on.
As for my lunch it looked delicious, cooked with loving care by Catherine, she really is a wonder. So kind and good with humour. She has lovingly made me stick to the diet. Of course I nip into the fridge and grab the odd redbull and salt from the cupboard, but the desperation for these things is waning, when I see the terrible need for cafffeine and salt, I try to ignore it. I realise I have rarely tasted anything normally. It seems like day 80, but it is something like day 3.5. But anyway I am now able to feel the bones in my neck again.
After a lovely day I remembered Jacqueline du pres and sat on the sofa listening to her, lucky me.

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Deborah said...

Buy the boots, Amanda, if you love them! If you give in to the age thing, you'll be in black crepe much too soon. And besides, they are Chanel, not a house known for making one look ridiculous. If in doubt, wear them with a no-nonsense suit, but striped boots should not be passed up lest they haunt one's dreams.