Monday, 4 January 2010


It's the new year and I don't want to go home to England. I am fed up with the stream of bad news and snow. It's sunny here in Los Angeles and the people are friendly. Not only that but there is a Oxygen tank in my bedroom, 8 foot by 3 foot, and I feel as glamourous in it, as any Hollywood Starlet. Last night we had three people give it a try. It is meant to be good for your skin, your bones, your blood, your brain, in fact all kinds of ailments. So for roughly twenty one thousand dollars you can be a new person, and live the dream of this town. It really has a coffin like appeal, although I thought I would want to get out the minute I climbed in. The Global Hyperbaric Oxygen tent claims to do it all. So far I slept deeply and feel brilliant. Of course I would want to test it, I did not. This morning I have bagged another session, and am looking into where I can rent one in the UK. or evan buy one, Maya says she will send it to me round the world, now that is a good idea. and speak also to a lovely woman named Maya at Michael Jackson also believed in this, but he give it a wacky reputation, check it out for yourself.
Being a sceptic, I really like to test everything, and this has led me to worry night and day about, what I believe to be, the unfair imprisonment of Amanda Knox for the murder of English student Meredith Kercher. Of course I worry for Meredith's parents, and the sensitivity in this area, but I also hate injustice. How long, if Amanda is innocent, which I of course believe she is, will she be shut away? Although this is not the only crime against women, it is one I care about. May be it's because my name is Amanda too, and I also have a photograph of me with a gun!. For weeks I dream about collecting her at night and taking her on a magical mystery tour.


Tim W said...

Home delivery. So LA. Tx

premierludwig said...

Deffinately stay where you are. It's too cold here. No-one's playing out as they're either snowed-in or afraid of getting "snowed out", so you're not missing anything. And if you got trapped in your home there's nothing on TV. Stay in sunny LA and enchant us frozen Brits with the adventures you're having that we're starved of til the snow melts.