Saturday, 30 January 2010


I have now been in Los Angeles for a year and it has been a very welcoming experience. On Thursday night The Design Centre threw open its doors for a preview to their Contemporary Art Fair. Of course I was stuck in traffic and trying to give a dinner party at the same time. A tricky experience if you are in a car and can't move, so actually I had to return home.
The following day I tried again, this time I got lost. Heaven knows how that happened. In any case like a ditsy creature I returned home, and today finally I made it. More because on their press release they said I had gone.. So oops.. Also the lovely Honor Frazer has a beautiful piece for me, Sh.... because I don't want it to become too expensive. It was a show full of young artists, well so it seemed. I loved it full of colour and not too big. The art fair scene has become so social. Los Angeles is luckily in a good position to compete. With The Grammys tomorrow, it is buzzing. Of course I fell in love as usual, with a piece by Peter Sarkisian represented by the 1-20 Gallery from New York. It showed us how a video itself may look, and in the corner there was another piece, green slime in a bucket. Another piece from Patrick Painter.Inc was a sign saying NO by John Miller, I love saying NO, so it would suit me very well.

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