Wednesday, 9 December 2009


It is definitely Christmas, unfortunately I missed my eldest son Charles's Carol Service, sadly because it is his last. And I remember him singing solo's at almost everyone of them. Time moves so very quickly.
Some great things happened, last night I went to the opening of The Connaught Hotel's extremely elegant Ballroom. I had been invited by Lucy Yeoman's, The Editor of Harpers Bazaar, and together they gave a party for Victoria Beckham, a magnificent dinner. Luckily Snowden Hill said I should have my make up done, lucky because as I stepped out of my car thirty paps came towards me and for a full five minutes I was a super star. I knew why the minute I entered, there was Gwen Stafani with blond bombshell hair, Victoria Beckham, her parents, Roberto Cavalli with dark glasses, Mr and Mrs Beckham senior, Phillip Treacy, Stephen Jones in a lace cap, a room full of the glamorous. Victoria looked svelte and neat in a dress which was so elegant, her hair in structured curls rather like a hat, and dramatic make up with thick lashes. I love her dresses so much that I wore one to the BAFTA's unfortunately I don't have her figure, and I had to go home in between the award ceremony and the party and rip it off but although I say it myself, I looked ravishing. Victoria has in the past been a rather under rated talent, noticed and not appreciated enough for what she really is, charming, very sweet and a dress designer too . I sat next door to Phillip whose hats I so admire. Amusing and witty we spent a few minutes gossiping about our friend Isabella Blow. There are three films being made of her, and it is good that she will be remembered.
Afterward I was happy to go back to 11 Cadogan Gardens, full of life. I wanted to chat all night but had to get up so early this morning for Paris. I had to see if my house is still there, give Christmas presents and sleep in my own bed, rather than in a hotel's.

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