Thursday, 10 December 2009


Paris was beautiful, I want to live there. I like everything about it. Went to the Ritz whose entrance was full of reindeer and people being photographed against it. Adults were playing in the fake snow and inside was a huge penguin, really rather gaudy and all it needed was the sound of Christmas MUZAK floating through its halls. The Ritz has a great bar at the back which is lots of fun during fashion week. I like to have tea in the front bar where I can watch the world go by. I used to like Paddington Station too for people watching Eurostar is evan better.
Last night I ate at an Italian Restaurant called Stresa,7 Rue Chambiges
75008 Paris, France
01 47 23 51 62
hugely expensive and because of economic catastrophe, totally out of its time. The food was delicious, but there are limits. I had one bowl of soup and a coca cola and my bill was 200 euros.. a little steep.I was kicked under the table when I attempted to say anything. Whilst I don't think its unfair at Harry's Bar in London, here the tables are squashed together and the chairs are acutely uncomfortable. I was however with some great friends, for six people the bill flashed across the table at me in the region of 1400 euros for six people.
I have had a huge clear out this week of all objects that are not being used it feels very good to Winter clean, a process I like doing before Christmas. to change my whole life. feels so good, and I have never felt happier touch wood. We all know that the minute we say this disasters seem to happen.
Tonight I went to a really good art exhibition by Stephen Frears's wife, Anne Rothenstein, England and Co, 216 Westbourne Grove, W2.I Admired her beautifully crafted naive paintings, in mostly pastel colours, of reclining women. For me these are the ones that worked the best. It was worth it. I had never met the wife before, and when I did she said with a pretty impish grin "I am the one who makes Stephen Frears tolerable".Actually I quite like him. I saw my old acting teacher, and famous actress Diana Quick. She was incredible inspiration at a time when I felt drama school was a boot camp, which incidentally it is.I hadn't seen her for twenty years, and there she was full of life. My friend who accompanied me had a different experience as Diana had sat on his knee.

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