Monday, 28 December 2009


New Year resolutions are looming like a black cloud or a pink rose haze depending on your mood. Well mine is chirpy, and despite my girlfriends claiming there are no men about I have managed to surround myself with them through the whole of Christmas, so I am a lucky girl. I am inclined to think that they are all too fussy, so to challenge the female sorority I have joined, and what fun I have had. Of course you have to put up with a big fatso man having the crop of fabulous busted women but who cares - there is still room for me on the red carpet. Anyway after spending an hour filling out forms, doing quizzes, checking my accuracy for form, I have had several interesting requests to see me. I am not sure that Facebook doesn't win because everything happens through friends of friends, so that a profile is easily obtainable. A romance on Facebook can take minutes to start up, and I get nagged once a day. At the moment I have a delicious 24 year old chasing me from Bombay, needless to say he hasn't realised that I could be his mother. Whatever, the internet is the way to go. Forget friends; there is too much social/political banter, and they rarely, if ever introduce you to 'dick shit'. I just love the company of men, they can be truly trusted and the more the merrier.
Another resolution will be to have friends that are equal in every way. This never mattered to me before, but there is always the problem of me ending up with the bill. Why should it always be me? Therefore my friends will have to have the same interests and wherewithal that I have. I am very generous, but friends pushed my limits last year, which is entirely my fault as I never say NO. They will simply have to give as much as I do. Actually I am beginning to believe my ex when he used to say why do you need friends, they are the very people who stop you doing the very thing you want to do! I just can't help myself I love the playground.

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