Sunday, 11 October 2009


How am I ever going to stop shopping? I love it. I adore clothes. Even when my cupboards are bursting and I have no more room, I get an idea into my head to have another black jacket, another pair of shorts, or a shirt or two or three. I just love everything I see, provided it's black. This week I fell in love with a long Chanel coat I bought four years ago. Then a friend said, 'You look so good in Chanel', out I go, and in three minutes I have bought a fabulous jacket with white ruffs, one of this season's passions. I also love Ann Demeulemeester, who is meant to dress intellectual women (Well, I have to like her, then.)
Heaven knows why I get these crushes, but I do. What is more, it takes seconds. I am very busy, but still - as we all do - I find a second to try on clothes. Last year, I decided to stop buying, so I imagined what happens to all the clothes if they were not bought: the huge recycle train, the plastic bags, the greed, the nouveau riche attitude to have have have and grab. So I wrote a diary, and was good for three months - until my friend Trinny said, 'You haven't bought anything for a while' - and off I went, worse than ever.
Yes, I am a shopaholic and I love it. I try to feel bad about it. I see all the poisons coming out of the fabrics, and then quickly justify to myself that I will look so much better in another pair of shorts. Last night was funny. Wearing yet again my velvet Top Shop Kate Moss hot pants, I was sitting next door to Andrea Delall who said that she was wearing a dress from there too and that I must ask their stylists to help. Yikes! I had already been there. I just love it.
I love culture too - the LSO, the BFI, The Woodland Trust - but Sloane Street is my main charity. My bank manager even teases me by saying how difficult must have been to leave Chester Square and be apart from my complete collection of shorts. My friends tease me and still it doesn't work.
Food, however, is another matter. Tomorrow I am going to try and diet on my own, but that is another problem area because I like a bun in the morning from Baker and Spice. It has to be the right one, so - in order to be healthy and ready for an operation on my gall bladder - I have to eat apples again. I did it two weeks ago but I was moving and made a huge mess of it. The pretty girls came and went and I sort of got thinner - six pounds thinner - so of course I went shopping again. Oh hell's bells, where is a meeting a shopaholic meeting? I need one immediately.

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