Tuesday, 20 October 2009


To open the film we had the pleasure of Boris Johnson, whose humour and knowledge of Keats was impressive but then he is well educated. So there is good education in small pockets of the British Isles, evan if they are very very exclusive. Back to Keats, the problem is not his talent but the shortness of his life. A life when you die in your 20's his hardly fulfilling although he wrote some of the most beautiful words in the English Language. Of course Byron's life was far more raunchy. In any case they the producers chose Keats, which was The Centrepiece Gala for BFI, London Film Festival, Bright star was directed my one of the best directors on the planet Jane Campion, born in New Zealand. The Piano was one of the most interesting films I have ever seen, if not gloomiest. Michael Nyman's score still goes round and round in my head. Bright star looked truly British, but we are so much more than a Jane Austen set or Yobos from the East End. The fact is that British Cinema nowadays seems to like cliche's. However this film has much to offer, it will bring back into our focus one of the best romantic poets, prove to us that we have the best costume department on the planet, and that we once ruled the world. We should also remember we love the pain of desire, unrequited love, to sing, clap and dance in the afternoons. Oh I forgot it has one of the most beautiful pieces of music Mozart's grand partita 3rd movement.

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