Monday, 19 October 2009


The whole crowd was out for 44 inch Chest, part of the 53rd London Film Festival, starring Ray Winstone, Directed by Malcolm Venville, about a marriage left in violent tatters, John Hurt and Ian Mcshane, who stole the show, gave stoical performances. Of course the rough guys are not entirely my scene, but some of the dialogue is great, it should be on the stage. It had a Tarantino feel to it, and the early scenes are intriguing. Of course being a fan of Jane Austen, a film of this nature is in parts difficult for me, but great script and some interesting directing. I was happy to go and support Malcolm who is married to Daisy Baits, we were wearing identical clothes from Ann Demeulemeester, so as Daisy has immaculate taste I felt very trendy. Tim Noble and Sue Webster, Tracey Emin accompanied by her boyfriend Scott Douglas, the after party was as you can imagine very east end groovy, the actors and the artists.

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