Monday, 14 September 2009


I forgot to tell you about the other night with Rick Owens, who had a party given by the glamourous Oscar Humphries (looking dashing, as if pursued by God). Oscar gave the genius designer, well known normally for his creations in wool and leather, his first furniture exhibition. I am easily impressed and would have bought his whole show had it not been for Nicky Haslam who diverted me with his glittering repartee. Who can ignore him? Flamboyantly dressed, magnificent, he makes old age the new youth. (Anyway, I am tired of youth they leave wet towels in he bathroom and stub cigarettes out in my orchids.) We got onto what was in and what was out, what was common and what was not. My son Charlie has busily been making charts of fantasy genealogy, of which Nicky is very much in favour. Giving yourself a title, he says, is not common- except in Belgium. Of course he is right.

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Anonymous said...

it takes a lot of bucks to put the "o" in Countess, but since he is a bit better off now, i guess another whim will be payed for