Saturday, 4 July 2009


Its a new day, thank goodness.

Last night I whipped round to the Haywood Gallery,in a bit of a fluster, because my husband wanted to withdraw from the sale of my house, he would only agree to selling the house if I removed the ''slattern story". As he is no longer in my life, I felt I did not need to be bullied. I was not interested in giving in, but I did need to feel uplifted, so I half listened, because I was emotional, to a fabulous talk given by Keith Tyson whose work I admire. The work is not supposed to be intellectual, but in fact it is. Keith has an economical and emotional approach to his work, which comes from working in his studio and surrounds the life he is living. Nostalgia from his past mixed with subtle vulgarity. It has a feeling that he hammers away at French Philosophy. Sponsored by very generous Louis Vuitton and Harpers Bazaar. I love his work and saw him win the Turner Prize two or three years ago. Keith is a big man, with deep thoughts.

A little house with a bed and drawing equipment stood in the corner was by Yoshitomo Nara, called "A place like home" It reminded me of dreaming of past memories. A little distorted. I am a true romantic who likes to remember tree houses, sheds, cupboards from my past. His contained russian dolls, bambi's, cartoon figures, china cats, paintings, as series of objects that jog your memory back to his past, but also mine. The party's spirit was lifted with delicious drinks given, elderflower and melon. Cavier, we were thoroughly spoilt but in a clever way, Matt Collishaw, Polly Morgan, Debbonaire Von Bismarck were there adding to the colour and romance of the evening. I do like lectures instead of drinks, I like to learn things. Gossip is something that amuses me, but when you know the beginning, the middle and the end of stories, it is time to retire. Afterwards I wanted to go to Tracey Emin's birthday party. She has pretty parties with delicious food in her garden in the East End. I was going but my boys are equally sad and wanted me to have soup in the kitchen and cuddle. This I did.

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