Saturday, 4 July 2009


I am thinking of launching myself into the political arena.
I would like to be the ambassador for THE TRUTH PARTY, and say it as it is.
I realise it is completely new territory for me, but I love a challenge, and I love our country. If this makes me outspoken then take cover, or live a clean life.
I am looking for campaign head quarters, any suggestions are welcome, and I am looking forward to defending worthy causes . Aren't we all fed up of swallowing lies? Fed on old fashioned ideals, empty promises, and meaningless smiles. Long gone are the days of the local MP kissing a granny, opening a supermarket, playing a round of bingo, to look like they were part of the community. So time for a fresh start. Off with the old and on with the new.
I am available for interviews, photo sessions, and a lie detector. I am doing NLP, Anthony Robins has been a close friend. Stuart Wilde has lots to say. Deepak Chopra was an inspiration.
Girls we need change, and boys too, how can I turn my back on politics, when I live opposite the Iron Maiden.
How would you like your leader of THE TRUTH PARTY to look? What should our policies be, Truth at all times however painful, at least you know where you stand. First of all lets bring Matron back, and stop drugging the Grannies, we need the old, to watch the young.
I would like to know where the Government funding is leaking, or could be used for better advantage. I am fed up with politicians getting free bars of soap, first class tickets, and hospitality baskets. So tell me everyone how can I best serve you? I am not without contacts, but lets not waste time with stinky stories about the losers we leave behind.
We want clean air, and good thoughts. Have your say and I shall respond to every reply.

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