Friday, 19 June 2009


Since we are all suffering in one way or another, the excesses of yesterday it would be great if we could be greener, more economical, less wasteful.. I am seriously going to try to like green in every way, green skin, green vegetables, green, but can we also do something about the lolling scruffy unattractive unshaven youths with hoodies of today. I can’t stand it anymore. With so many people thinking they like clothes and with people like Trinny Woodall doing their best to help them, wouldn’t it be perfect if the yobboes of today became a little less scruffy. Oxford Street is pulsating with sweaty overweight badly dressed and spoken individuals, overladen with huge amounts of plastic bags, and wearing shorts, hoodies, gym shoes looking thoroughly disgusting, and yet, they pretend to be followers of fashion. Marks and Spencers, Primark, Top Shop, Arrogant Cat, Selfridges, Hennes, Whistles, Jigsaw etc, have employed designers, like Karl Largerfeld, Stella McCartney, Kenzo, with good ideas and shapes to design for us, seriously chic and also useful clothes, from size 0 to size 28, and all reasonably priced. With Heat, Grazia, and the Sunday Magazines giving brilliant style tips, and most celebs looking pretty stunning, why is it that the average Britain manages to make themselves so unattractive. We live in one of the most interesting countries in the world, and despite all the financial problems we are prosperous, and reasonably educated. So, why do we have to look as if we are a nation of once a week washers, chewing gum and spitting..I think the problem is we have locked and drugged the Grannies up in homes, when they used to scream like matriachs at everybody keeping them ship shape. My grand-mother taught me everything, from cooking, to sewing, to playing the piano, and I remember vividly as a child sitting on my grand fathers knee and him saying “It’s no use just being pretty, you had better be interesting”. For instance my grandmother and aunt would lecture me on changing for dinner, brushing my hair, washing endlessly. ”Look pretty for your husband when he comes home” They would lecture me on my use of language, don’t swear, steal, be tidy, work, don’t sulk.. Yes the problem lies with this we don’t want to look after our old people. I say close the homes and bring the Grannies back.

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