Monday, 18 May 2009

THE CHELSEA FLOWER SHOWER, with Fizzy Barclay and Ulf Nordfell

For once I didn't freeze at the Chelsea Flower Show, I just sneezed for the last hour instead from hay fever. I went wearing Winter Clothes and was lucky to be asked by a friend to go. It is a truly British Event and officially opens the Summer season. With fewer sponsors there are fewer gardens, but it is a truly beautiful event and I only wondered why there were not more young people interested. When I was twenty I loved flowers and worked for a brilliant florist called Kenneth Turner. Without his influence I would not be leading the life I do now. He taught me how to clash colours, how to add an extra bunch was a good thing. Not to be stingy and to love the opulence and smell of every flower. How to love decorating.

There were two gardens I liked one sponsored by The Telegraph and one was made of plasticine, with a picnic set thrown in. The Telegraph won last year, and it could this year. It is a beautiful simple design of Ulf Nordfell. He likes the idea of putting art in the garden. Glass in black and white, and beautiful pots. It is a practical garden, useful and yet has a wild feel. He used steel granite glass and water, and it clearly is a garden that would look good almost anywhere. I particularly loved the house. all glass with an open roof and sliding doors.

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