Monday, 27 April 2009


I think the Rich List is comedy in the making, there was a time when I would rush to get it, to check where my husband was on it, with great pride I would hastily open it, now it seems irrelevant, Since it is unfashionable to be rich I think it would be better to think of something new, like the Green List. What about The Nicest List. The Best Dressed List is fake too. If you are given free clothes, and are a celebrity, you should be reasonably turned out. The Lists give people complexes, and at worst an inflated ego P.S My husband luckily still makes it in the top 200. In the Green List he might make top 20, how much better that would be.?... How cool would it be to see the top 100 cycle to work, instead of black limousines, or a chauffeur driven Smart Car, or like me a chauffeur driven mini.

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