Tuesday, 10 March 2009


I felt the love in this show for Alexander Mcqueen, the hard men and women of fashion, were still awake, despite their very long day, and they applauded and called out for this avant guarde designer.. Rubbish was the theme, a huge mound of all his odds and sods was center stage, 100's of painted coke tins were sprayed and put as head pieces on the models, in strange ultra futuristic shapes. The make-up was white with lipstick, shiny almost clown like. The clothes were exagerated into 1950's austere shapes, the women on stilts, were superhuman, alien creatures, a species from another planet. Clown like puppets with lampshades and umbrellas on their head. Two huge birds with wings one white and one black, posed for the massive bank of camera men. Red, black and white were the colour themes, a red hue with blue enhanced the whole spectacle. Even when exhaustion had spread to every part of my body, I felt elated, and this is what fashion is about, and why we have to see the shows and not just watch them on style.com.. Alexander Mcqueen takes us always on a magical journey, how lucky we are. As does John Galliano..


Kraxpelax said...

For a virtual person like me, fashion means about semi-nothing, since I never leave home if it can be avoided. But I enjoy watching it on the web.

Sophy Robson said...

Darling I am LOVE ing your blog - it is very amusing and informative x x x sophy nails