Thursday, 5 March 2009


It is a miracle that I managed to see three shows and do one meeting. I had to leave one show early and be fashionably late at the next, and almost diabolical for the third.. Manifestations e.g strikes are so common place in Paris, that I am surprised that, they have any effect at all. Last time I was here there were fireworks along the pavements, and a rocket went passed my door.  

I started  with the very regal Balenciaga, darling, Rushka's favorite, and I don't think she would have been disappointed. Nicholas Ghesquiere, had designed  woven satin bustiers, over chiffon black shirts, satin drain pipe trousers, with stripey bottoms, very 1980's disco, not many familiar shapes, but some delicious new ones to try.Vertical dashes of colour. Tall models with straight hair, looking as approachable as a model can, not exactly the girl next door, but I got the idea. Simple makeup. 
I left early so I could concentrate on my friend the magnificent

Le Petit Palace, houses some of the most exciting collections, and so it was a clever choice of Michel's, in this economic climate to show courage under Magenta filters. Mad Max meets Disco Diva cyber ball Queen.  Fabulous figure hugging, buttock perfecting, leather trousers with studs and jewels. Sexy touchable quilting, with his unmistakeable trademark, beautiful waisted shapes, giving the most imperfect woman a enviable groovy uber chick look.

The designer is Olivier Theyskens, and what a show.. All I can is at last I have found my Oscar, or my Award Ceremony dress.  The show started following a similar trend to the others, 1980 shoulders were back and tails in leather.  Disco Queen you had better get out there. I loved the platforms, I want to be a giant. Sequined pink, platform booties, the gossamer wings of butterflies and dragonflies, unfurled and flew into exquisitely formed  delicious wearable concoctions, mini skirts with organza trains, and beautiful encrusted, structured jackets. I want everything..purples, emeralds, reds, blacks.. This man is a genius.. and I want to greet my Oscar swathed in all his creations. 

During the day I went also to THE COSTES HOTEL for lunch, a wonderful place for social cosiness at the back by the fireplace and met JENNIFER ROUSELET, who deals with the VIP of Paris for Montcler, and the accessory line. Went off to my favorite corset store CHANTAL THOMAS, full of delicate spring underwear, beautifully and amusingly constructed to give women the best shape possible, sexy, but not tarty.

After Nina Ricci went to Virginie Mouzat's book launch at Louis Vuitton, with Isobel Capece supporting yet another intellectual pursuit.. She helped me when she was at Fendi to do a book launch for British Artists At Work.. I so wanted to see Virginie and felt closer than she would have liked having read the book!

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