Sunday, 18 January 2009

Tierney Gearon and Marc Quinn Last Week and The Bombay Brasserie

 Tierney Gearon is showing her work at the bright white space of Phillips de Pury in Howick Place, London. Her photographs of double exposures are fun and although deliberate have a feeling of chance, a bear with a nude, some bright balloons, a photograph with her mother with an old man, an elephant with a nude, a tied up horse with a nude and so on until you are dizzy.. Tierney is an intelligent woman with a childlike character and she skips as she talks.  Full of enthusiasm and encouragement she says you can like Digital photography too.  If you have a few minutes free go and see it or if in Los Angeles she is doing a show on the 18th February 2009 at Ace Gallery.  See this Pixie Tearney fabulous in her floral dress and jaunty cap.  After visiting her I went to Marc Quinn's Studio, full of huge orchids in glorious colours, reds and purples and I shall dream of owning a skeletan that he has done sitting holding Orchids.. You can always ring up White Cube and beg them for a piece if you are feeling rich. He and his wife gave a great dinner for Tierney which I went to.  In between I was lucky to be invited to Geordie Greig, Tatler, for a delicious New Years Dinner at The Bombay Brasserie in Earls Court.. All newly done and with the latest society girls all looked fun and dandy in the middle of January.

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