Tuesday, 21 April 2015

I was sitting yet again in the back of a taxi to Heathrow Airport. Again I was discussing the state of Great Britain and again the taxi drivers are almost without exception Conservative. I did however worry today when the taxi driver thought that UKIP and the Labour Party were on the same side?. Ignorance may be bliss but we should all try and understand the benefits of each party and what they stand for.  I am totally in love with Nigel Farage. His charisma and forceful personality completely charm me. I wish people would analyse what he says clearly, rather than putting words into his mouth which he has not said?. The other sides are so terrified of him splitting the vote.
 Nigel says things that people say in hushed tones all round London, but dare not speak allowed for fear of being called racist, or crazy. He stands up for everything we believe in here in the United Kingdom when you dig a little deeper. I am also a fan of Cameron but his hands are tied in a hung parliament.

Now back to craziness of our electoral system, where nobody will actually rule in the next government. It will be most likely a hung parliament. Voting should be obligatory, and if you have good thoughts for this country you should want to vote. Nobody can complain if they do not.
It is vital for the welfare of this brilliant country we live in to completely understand most of what is said.
UGH.. oh goodness caught out.

In my opinion Miliband is not capable of handling the welfare of the British People as clever as he is, he is not shrewd or diplomatic, having dismissed his brother and the "The Rich",  he has clearly been influenced by his Father's Communist background and believes in shelling out to the poor in huge amounts, while draining and disillusioning the rich?. This is all very well, however you need the rich. You need balance. There will always be clever people around and we need to bring people up to a level where they can fend for themselves, not be a nanny state.

I believe we all want a workable and accessible National Health system, where doctors are able to see people when they are sick and get a reliable prognosis. This however should not be extended to those that are not British citizens unless there are accidents. A health system which works, reliable Emergency Services, e.g. Fire, Police and Hospitals are a must.

I believe that we do not need to make differences between the rich and poor. There will always be rich people, the rich love a game with taxation so simply tax them on VAT and make sure they pay it.
Why should they leave without contributing to our system that they so enjoyed? If you took everything away from the rich people they would have it all going on again within years. The politicians should work with them not against them. When in America I do not claim the tax back, here in England foreigners can?. VAT is 20 percent of every purchase made. This would solve quite a few problems and so the loop hole has to go. I also believe that everybody should pay VAT.

I believe a mansion tax is destructive and is a tax only to Londoners. Why should they be taxed on their number one house. By all means tax them on other properties they own. Stamp duty has made it difficult to sell in the higher end of the market. This leaves another problem that most likely the houses in the upper ranges will sell to yet more foreigners, forcing the British to move from the centre on London. It does not make for an efficient and vital market.

We are a service economy e.g. banking economy thats why they like it in London. We are not a manufacturing economy because it is not feasible to get people to work with competitive wages. The unions do not like it.

Our education system is so important. Not everybody is a computer fanatic, and the arts have been neglected. The arts rely on the rich people in London supporting them, therefore they may not pay tax, but they support in large amounts the charities around London, it is incorporated into the social scene and so easy to get huge amounts of money.  Remember this we need them. We need the rich. Think about the number of people in Belgravia, Mayfair and Kensington and Chelsea areas that rely on foreign investment for their pay?  All children whether academic or not should be receiving an education where they leave speaking English to a standard.

People who are from foreign lands should swear allegiance to Great Britain as they do in the United States and Australia. We should equally only take on people who will contribute in whatever way to our country. We are full at the moment, it is clear that there are simply too many people in the world and we should think about this.

The boat that has just sunk outside Tunisia needs to be addressed. People need help.  They are leaving because of their country not because of ours. Nobody should come to England unless they have four years worth of cash. United Kingdom, and what it actually is.
They will be poor arriving in a city which is already full to capacity and has not room
Whilst we feel it is our right to have everything on the strap we have have a problem re educating people. The money has to come from the population and it means that each one of us pay for the unemployed and unemployable.
Charity should start at home first and foremost.

I believe we should have a referendum for our place in Europe. With Germany taking over in a bombastic and unattractive way, we need to review our place in a system where people receive huge salaries and bonuses.

Make sure you understand taxation before voting and don't muddle up the parties.
Good luck and enjoy the "game"

Friday, 10 April 2015

It is that time of year when I remember beautiful things. I love the spring in April in London. Charles my son was born on the 15th and I felt I had given birth to Jesus. It was also my Mother's birthday and since her death I definitely appreciate all the wonderful things she gave me. The confidence that you could fly, you achieve anything through a smile and a good attitude. Of course most of the time I was a bolshy bitch, but boy I have to hand it to my Mother, she did her best to feed my ambitions. Then it is also the birthday of my wonderful friend Miss Julia Laverne who has pushed me into being her favourite "Dolly" who at this moment in her dreams is  being photographed  by Frank Powolny, and wearing a dress by Helen Rose in Party Girl. This is why she cannot get impressed by Balenciega, Her make up at this minute is being done in her head by Wally Westmores. The  geniuses behind contouring. No, Kim Kardashian was  not the first person to make use this, all actresses used this method for black and white films from the start of the movie industry.
I am happy in London, with the best view of the river, the sound of laughter with my wonderful friend Rushka Bergman upstairs in a bedroom overlooking beautiful gardens of Cheyne Walk.
The Magnolia trees are blossoming, and their petals are gently falling to the ground.


Rushka I met in 1998. I had gone to get my photographs approved at V Magazine in New York, but they were all nudes and they wanted me to do fashion. I did not really get the concept of just fashion then. I rang my then friend who ran an agency there, and she told me to go round to her office and choose a stylist to work with. To get photographs suitable for the "Fashion World". I went and there I found in amongst the ordinary middle of the range stylists my now friend "Rushka". Her work was so inspiring.  Old historic faces from the middle ages stared back at me, beautiful romantic photographs that she had worked on. I knew she was the girl for me. I met her and immediately we started washing up together, cleaning of all things. I soon learnt that Rushka said the word "Ridiculous" as if it was created just for her in the Hollywood Dream factory and I equally love my photographs we made together. Although we were told off for doing romantic, photographs with bicycles and lace, they are still some of my favourites. Luckily they went into an exhibition called Peep with the Proud Galleries, and later on accompanying my poetry in Cloak and Dagger Butterfly.
Rushka after Isabella Blow suggested I turned myself into a version of Marilyn Monroe which led me to be The fashion Editor at Genlux Magazine. I believe truly that Rushka Bergman did more for Balenciega than Balenciega. When I look at vintage Balenciega I see matronly gowns and coming out dresses. Rushka, made the brand hip, as did the designers, Nicholas and Andy. Truly most of the big houses she celebrates in her huge wardrobe, she gives elegance and personality to.
In my mind, however, you cannot beat the stunning designs of Hollywood's heyday. The dream factory. The clothes of today do not make you into a star, the labels just make you look like a rich
caked up street person, most of the time.
To have equality you have to drag everybody down a long way. Hence my dislike of the Labour Party. I like individuals. Great Britain is famous for their individuality. Not everybody wants to be greyish. We all after all come from nothing and leave with nothing.
Instead let's bring back glamour chiffon round the shoulders and feathers at every opportunity. They are for the bedroom. They sweep the floor like nothing else. Let's also bring back the dress maker.

So much has happened that is incredible in the last few years.
Beautiful things. Rushka has had the vision to immortalise many people in Italian Vogue, L'uomo Vogue, by styling clients like Kim Kardashian, Jay Z, Kanye West, Beyonce, The King of Pop, the late, Michael Jackson and last but not least the little eccentric button of woman Nicki Minaj, pink long nails, talons for scratching.

It's not fashionable to be nostalgic, but let's be honest few have true glamour. Nobody wants nostalgia because it will make everything look so very drab today. I like real talent, I like people who can really sing and really dance, and really create. Nicky has the "IT" factor.
I am going to finger my collection and decide who I shall be today.  I want to be a woman first, then a sexy woman, Maria Schell? Do you remember her?
I certainly do not want to look like an avaricious grasping nagging wife of a Russian tycoon. I shall remain the same and go from show business to suicide and back again.

Tuesday, 7 April 2015

Yesterday I had so much fun in the Saatchi Gallery.  I am a huge fan of Charles, and his exhibitions inspire me. His new exhibition titled Papagaea has so many layers that it intrigues you and it is the third time I have visited it.
Two months ago I loved the ants in the previous exhibition by Raphael Gomezbarros, which could not fail to impress you and I begged  him for one. The exhibition is now in a small upstairs room, but you can still see an edited version. After a delicious lunch at the Colbert on Sloane Square, where you can drink coffee, eat pastries and have a delicious lunch. The new exhibition is fascinating  although I loathed the plastic bags installation for their lack of beauty, but that was the point.  I did want to jump into them with my friends. Sometimes I just long to have tourettes of the body and land plonk down in the middle of the vast installation containing 97,000 bags by Jean Francois Boucle.
I hate the way Galleries describe artworks, they should be living objects, instead the brochures are unappealing and taking the piss, more intellectual than the object they describe.
In another room  there were huge images of trees by Yukan Teruya, made out of paper bags from Macdonald's and any other paper he could find, turning waste into art. The huge trees were utterly beautiful. Not only is this room showing you what you can create with a little imagination and talent, it is eco friendly.
The gallery shop is totally worth visiting and I wanted nearly everything in it..
As I have a problem with my tree in the front garden, its roots have broken the front wall, but its leaves dispel the sound of the cars, this truly fascinated me.
Go and see it, after that have tea at The Ivy on the Kings Road, part of the group, it is a must, but book first.

Saturday, 28 March 2015

Tuesday, 24 March 2015

Since the beginning of the year I have had some comedy episodes.  It started with going to the Oscars and on my way out losing my car pass. A pink unmissable piece of paper, then, because the car was late and I dared comment about it, being told I was a sixty year old woman and that I should not complain.  The facts are facts I am 54, born 1960. I do not need anybody's help and can drive myself to any party. I just hate being late, I think it is rude so I took off my clothes and cuddled up with my hairdresser girlfriend Angela Kalinowski. I drank a bottle of Dom Perignon, which I would never normally do,  and watched the Oscars from the comfort and luxury of my hotel suite at The Beverly Hills Hotel. It felt good. I slowly became happier and happier as the people I wanted to win, won.
Then there was the dramas of house buying the market in Los Angeles which is so fast that I ended up putting three offers on houses in one day. The market is so fast that you are lucky to get past the starting block.


I adore Tamara de Lempicka, and she is having a show in Turin. I  own a lot of her furniture, as the woman who eventually bought my  apartment in Paris did not want Mallet Steven's pieces made for Tamara, I am lucky to have them for my enjoyment. However my friend who is meant to be more than a friend, went to the show without me. This would have been fine, but I had had him to stay in the apartment. and we had met over his painting. I of course just wanted to see the best painting in the world "the girl in a red dress" hang pride of place. Forgetting it was the most romantic place that I have ever lived in, he slammed the door on my jammy wet fingers. The house in Rue Mechain has so many memories for me. I was trapped in the lift with my lover as he kissed my neck, I made passionate love on Tamara's sofa. The incredible staircase designed by Mallet Stevens that left you in awe, and the two exits in the substantial artist studio in Montparnasse.  I used to listen to Bach being played by an incredible pianist downstairs called Nelly.  On top of that I worked so hard with a friend to bring the apartment at 7 rue Mechain tastefully back to life. I felt a connection with Tamara she haunted me and I agree with her statement that she lived on the margins of society where normal rules don't apply as she lived on the fringe. Me too, We both love net over our faces, hiding our truth and pain...


I then went to see the drama of Antigone and argued like Juliette Binoche all the way back in a taxi, whilst discussing whether the Greeks really do have vile characters where they wish to kill everybody.   There was also the question whether it was actually based on Josephine Hart's brilliant book "Damage" where each line was a pearl.  The film was not up to much. Despite the script by David Hare, Directed by Louis Malle, Juliette Binoche and  Jeremy Irons, there was little sexy in it, the book had it all. After a dinner, there followed much debate on Dolce and Gabbana's faux pas. or was it freedom of speech which others were arguing?. My goodness never a dull moment.


With social media as strong as it is today, you don't need PRs looking after you round the clock you can do it yourself. That is the danger and its success.

Two days ago, I put a statement up on Facebook saying that "What on earth am I going to wear since Galliano has been insulting to the Jews and I chopped up his clothes (which of course is not true), Vivienne Westwood, chose to be anti British when she has received all the benefits of being a British, so I binned the tartan, which is true as she has certainly enjoyed the accolades of being a British Dame. and Dolce and Gabbana called IVF children "Synthetic" saying they needed both a mother and a father.  Wow the eclipse definitely made its mark. A huge row ensued between David Furnish, Elton John and the designer. Quite rightly the children do not want to be thought of as "Nylon and Plastic"

Last night I went to see lots ready to be sold at Sothebys for the Ivy Restaurant. Beautiful drawings of Virginia Woolf, Lucien Freud and Tracey Emin hanging together with tables set for Mrs Thatcher at the start of the Faulkland crisis.


Previously I had gone round to a friends house and I am now definitely terrified of dogs, the only place safe was the bath. I was being taught by a twelve year old how to be cool. She was saying "Don't smile. pout, put two fingers open against the mouth" "Listen to me. pout"  I was quite nervous to get it wrong.

After the rather sad 'end of an era' sale at Sothebys, where the doors of the famous Ivy restaurant were being sold off,  I went off to the new hotel hidden away on Duke Street, The Belmont for potted shrimps and liver pate with my great girlfriend the glamorous and witty Trinny Woodall, where we discussed her make up line and how to charm Wikipedia.


Tuesday, 17 March 2015

The good things about Los Angeles you can go from one extreme to another. One minute at Physique57 to an extreme yoga work out in Beverly Hill, the next, go on a hike in the hills above Sunset. One minute you can be meeting some famous dude, and the next having coffee with a homeless girl whose life did not have a plan B. Yesterday I met two friends both concerned about girls with no plan A, B, C or D, who arrive in Los Angeles, with stars in their eyes.  Julia Verdin is making a film to help these unfortunate girls. This city can be harsh if you have no plans, cash or talent. It is for the highly ambitious and you need to have direction otherwise you could end up doing things you would rather not be involved in. The underbelly is very colourful.
Listen to the advice that Bernard Hillier gives on Lip TV. Follow it, because its true.
In Los Angeles I love to stay at The Chateau Marmont because it is lively and the crowd good-looking. The cottages there are completely divine in a not too luxurious way, although they have everything.
There is another good thing about LA you get encouraged, and as an English woman of uncertain age I have been given opportunities that simply would not happen in London. I would love to work as a fashion editor in London, but the Los Angeles based magazine, Genlux, asked me. I am also on a billboard for my film in Hollywood, The gun the cake and the butterfly  and so my loyalty has to be to this incredible city where the lights are harsh but boy when it shines on you, it shines.  The following are three English women who were given covers on my Magazine who supports women of uncertain age.. Elizabeth Hurley from the new series The Royals about the Royal Household, a spoof on what its like in the Palace, Lisa Vanderpump of Beverly Hills Housewives and lastly me.



Arriving in London off the plane, I immediately was interviewed for a television programme about exotic goods. I never realised that a coffee bean could be so expensive, and a cup of coffee could be three hundred and fifty pounds. That it was really created by a cat, called a wild civet, that eats the fruit and expels the bean through bodily functions. I wondered during the interview if I was being set up, but as I had just got off a plane was hardly in a state to argue?. The coffee I was assured was made with the cats running about freely in  Sumatra. However you simply do not know. It all tasted so delicious, but so does Foie gras. 

a film by Frederic Tcheng
 I was lucky enough to be invited to Charles Finch's exclusive opening of Dior and I, which seriously touched me and rocked my soul. Although sadly Galliano was "exterminated" from the film, I can honestly say that the documentary drama of Raf's first couture show, had me gasping in so many directions. I fell for the women working behind the scenes creating beautiful dresses that they found difficult to let go. One woman Monique was so brilliant that I wanted to hug her. It was moving and telling. Raf himself showed humility, stubbornness, frailty, distance, vision and panache. I became aware of the costs of these couture shows, which I already knew about, but for me this film brought home the real costs of human pressure and the cost of talent. You realised the pressure Galliano had been under as you saw Raf Simons break down in tears. You understood without anything being said. I was glad however that Suzy Menkes stood up and said something about Galliano not being mentioned. I understand why he was not, but for goodness sake has he not been punished enough? Galliano had brilliance that few have and we desperately need him, back, working and confident. Thank goodness Martin Margiela took him on.

Among the guests were Danny Huston, Bianca Jagger, Bryan and Tara Ferry and the lovely Nicky Haslam. Danny Huston and I were discussing the costs of flowers for the show, I used to work at Kenneth Turner Flowers and I can only imagine the drama of budget.
All I can say is thank you for including me.

Saturday, 14 March 2015

I love lace and I love silk against my body. Often a boyfriend accuses me of wearing my underwear on the outside, I love this. I hate showing flesh unless it was possible to remain 24 forever. Time gallops at a pace, but I still feel 24, and although my sons treat me like "the old gal indoors" I am more sprightly now than when I was young. Clothes that I like to wear to excite and amuse me are the following. The idea of Fifty Shades of Grey will raise your pulse rate, but watching it may not. Films on sex are not for me, I prefer to use my own imagination  and the book sound a little kitsch. However it should entice you into buying sexier kit and these are some of my favourites.

Beds and bedrooms, kitchen, drawing rooms, cupboards should have space for excitement and amusement, hidden away from the rest of the world.



Tuesday, 10 March 2015

I love architecture and architects. I love John Woolf, Hal Levitt, Neutra, Richard Dorman, Richard Rogers, Howard Crane and Norman Foster. Most of all I like the work of Frank Gehry. Yesterday I was telephoned at eight in the morning to interview the greatest architect in the world for Liberatum and Swire, Frank Gehry. Life is funny, only a week ago I was in love with a house of his that has come up for sale, I wanted it. I was to ask him about technology and how it helped him, and what he saw in the future. I was meant to be giving a birthday lunch for my good friend Julie Anne Rhodes, who owns the Roving Stove and is ex wife of Nick Rhodes from Duran Duran. I telephoned her and said lets forget food and go and meet this wonderful man. Instead of guzzling at the Chateau,  we stopped at Starbucks and enjoyed a coffee and went on to Gehry's studio in Los Angeles. Life is beautiful in the the architects office, you feel the passion,  there is so much to learn from people that I never stop enjoying it. Of course there are days when I could open the coffin lid and like everybody else, but I enjoy the seasons, the first flowers the autumn leaves. At over eighty, Gehry gives us all hope. I am not going to spoil exactly what was said as it is going to be in a film for Liberatum and Swire, only that he give us hope and with his brilliant mind he knows what he would like to achieve for the future. His ideas for schools are incredible and his humour about being alive to see a building finished in the Middle East amusing. Quietly spoken and relaxed I could have happily spent two days talking with him. This is the beauty of Liberatum  and all the work they do. They bring knowledge to the world so it is accessible to us all. Their film will enhance your life. Thank you Swire for helping their dreams come alive.

Still in Los Angeles where the sun never stops, I am trying to enjoy the gym again. Having found the combination of yoga and weights at Physique 57 I will try to enjoy it three times this week before I go home to London which apparently is in the middle of the heat wave. Before that there is an opening that Stephen Webster jewellery shop, a opening at Saks and a new  Genlux Magazines cover with Liz Hurley on it as our new Queen.  Then there is a hike to enjoy with some dogs too. I am not going to crawl into a coffin just yet. Too much to enjoy.

I have also learnt that when I have doubt over somebody, I will wait until they fuck up, it has never proved me wrong. I do not want anybody to damage my fragile persona, I can watch television instead.

Saturday, 7 March 2015

It is  supposedly a quieter week in Hollywood, but I fell in love with a new house well sort of until I looked at all the paper work all over again.  The Americans like the French like endless forms. All legal looking that make you feel sick, so I cancelled the word Escrow from my vocabulary.

Today I was sent this photograph of Isabella Blow, heaven knows when it was taken but at some party I gave round 2002 I should think, perhaps a bit later. It was taken by Amelia Troubidge, who kindly sent it to me. Thank goodness there are hard copies about of this photograph. It occurred to me that in the future so much will be lost or disintegrate. That digital has only a short lifespan.

Hector Abaunza has photographed me again, this time in the fun setting at the Chateau Marmont.
Well he had fun as you can see and who needs to see the dreary Gucci add once more?.. What was fun was that the boys who put up my poster took it down two days earlier than they agreed. Never believe anybody in this town, they just have annoying way of proving you right. People are not quite honest here. Not only did the poster from Drexlers look creased when up on the board, they did not stick to their agreement that it should be taken down on the 3rd March taking it down on the 2nd. They also offered the company two extra days and did not stick to that either. Gosh Los Angeles can be such hard work. People should be more honest. To have integrity is a fabulous virtue to possess. So instead of being upset I got Hector Fernando to place me on every important billboard in town. HAHAHA apparently the boys were running up and down Sunset checking where I was. You see don't try to trick me you little shits. I am here to stay until I get bored, not when you try to trick me.
To make up for it they then tried to offer my distributors London Films some bogus deals, you know the type, two weeks for one but the distributors are really not that desperate. This is much more fun. Facebook does the trick and the other social media places too.

Don't try to trick the company Mr Billboard men..
Social media is here to stay and far more important
than people realise

All was not bad news as I went to an incredible lecture with the humorous and intelligent  Wendy Stark and The Blue Ribbon ladies, on the power of social media, and its uses for the major galleries in town. Timothy Potts fromThe Getty, Michael Govan from LACMA, Phillippe Vergne from MOCA, Steven Koblik from The Huntington, and one woman head, Ann Philbin from Hammer discussed the pros and cons of the modern world through social media. The only problem seemed to me exists anyway, we are no more than our paper image showing what we wanted to be when we die. This is true of the Galleries too. Galleries need you to see things that exist
, experience different thoughts. All mediums and ideas are great provided you learn.
On another note with so many powerful and interesting women in the room surely as we merge sexes there can be more women in this environment? Not just socialites, benefactors and supporters?  I was truly happy to see the art collector and enthusiast Joan Quinn who once interviewed me for my film, The gun the cake and the butterfly
The power of Facebook is such that I got right up the nose of one man who said today that he wished "The butterfly would die" Luckily he was not friend of mine so he was blocked. Well I am not dead yet, I am having far to much of a good time. Next week I am hoping to go to the meditation event at the Hammer which happens every week to entice us to visit, so let's hope it brings some more good vibes as I sit happily in the moon and remember beautiful things.
Then there is the other wonderful Brit Liz Hurley on the cover of Genlux. So much to look forward 

Monday, 2 March 2015

Tuesday, 24 February 2015

As the alarms go off for the second time this week at the Beverly Hills Hotel I think I am living some sort of reality television show "Who gets the maddest soonest" I am going to rip the alarm out of the wall, I am so angry. When business is bad supposedly here, how can they do this, on a Monday morning too at 10.30? A boy friend left in a temper, before breakfast arrived. I think that the gays have planted a joke.  Fire and Safety from Beverly Hills apparently demanded that the occupants be annoyed for 35 minutes, we got the message.

Getting back to the Oscars...
The rat on the red carpet in London has put Hollywood into perspective for me.  It is funny, tragic and regrettable. With its own two feet on the red carpet is it a celebrity? A celebrity as I explained is different from a star, a star has to have talent in my book. Has the rat got its name up in bright lights with Merle Oberon and is it going to stand on its own two feet and sing "There's no business like show business" Was it Lady Gaga in her best outfit yet? By the way her singing at the Oscars was exceptional. What makes the Oscars are really the faux pas.
Has the rat got an agent and a publicist? Why was it there?  We all know from last year that at Award Ceremonies you are starving, and after seeing Benedict Cumberbatch take a swig from his flask, I believe thirsty too. I do hope the rat has not been harmed and I hope it is in a gilded cage somewhere.

I was touched by Melanie Griffith, who was saying it was her time to be "quiet" and supposedly hand over the reins to her daughter Dakota Johnson for her performance in Fifty Shades of Grey. It was good to see my favourite Julie Andrews being honoured and sung to by Lady Gaga, Andrews said rightly that "Music cements a film". What an evening.  It was funny seeing men thank their wives and family as it is probably the only time they get thanked, and the Oscar looking like a bottle of shampoo being squeezed, and the men looked like they were trying to keep their erection. As for the winner of the night, it was definitely the Lego Oscar it stole the show.
I was thrilled to see the following win, Eddie Redmayne for Theory of Everything, His performance was touching and very real. He should have won. It was also correct to have given an Oscar to Alexandre Desplat who has done so much for the Industry. I actually liked his music for The Imitation Game more, but I suppose that would split the vote. Anyway those two were my predictions and I was right. I was happy that Julie Anne Moore won one, and Hotel Budapest won best costumes. They were extraordinary. Sad for the losers as there were so may good films this year. Little weirdo gems, Birdman wow, what can I say?


For me it was highly emotional. I had said at the beginning of the week that I wanted to watch them with full make up and hair whilst eating cheese sandwiches. I had said it as a joke. Through some regrettable behaviour, and a set of joyful circumstances, my prediction came unexpectedly off. I enjoyed my cheese sandwiches without crusts, and a God came and fed me delicious petit fours, with some hard plums. My lucky night indeed.  Never worry if things go wrong as so many more things can go right because of it.  Why fuck Mickey Mouse when you can have Walt Disney?.
Just before the OscarsI felt like I was four days before the summer, and what I needed was the Summer Holidays. When I go back to London I will have the cold Monday morning feeling.
As I took off my Alexander Mcqueen dress and coat I thought what am I doing here with two hours of contouring and  wearing six pairs of spandex?.
In life nobody is treating me badly, three quarters of the planet don't  know I exist. When people see me they do not see me the same person twice, I am so mercurial, that I even shock myself. I do not need to be constantly entertained and I certainly don't need to feel happy all the time. I do however like to take risks and push myself.
If I asked everybody who I had given to, to pay me back, I would have a feast for the rest of my life.
All you need is a god and some plums and you will feel good.

Rosamund Pyke in a long red dress couture from Givenchy
and Margot Robbi in Saint Laurent.

You don't need compost but you do need Astro turf in life. As for Gwyneth Paltrow getting busy with a vaporeto. I am not prepared to bend over so far to kiss my lady garden.

In any case I have had a good week, finally an offer was accepted on a house, my billboard is up on Sunset and Harper and somebody I admire won an Oscar. Hope he gets in touch before August and the award turns silver.

The gifting suites before the Oscars were fabulous and luxurious. I did leave with a fabulous feather throw in grey and black and goodie bags containing so much I was overwhelmed and highly grateful..

goldennineink.com tattoos gold
COFFEE Specially brewed
Dried fruit
Gioia Olive Oil Company
Gold bottle
Donya Paz
Stylish Popup accessories
Non F Monster
Cream Cellulite
feels good
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My MM's
Kristen Lamb most moving memorials
Wonder Woof
Betsy Fore who was charming
Blaze Clothiers

Wednesday, 18 February 2015

A celebrity, icon and a star?. Over used meaningless words but let's get them straight.

Bettie Davies was not a celebrity she was a star.

I would hate to be a celebrity. I live a stars life, but am not recognised, I prefer it that way. I could be in the press every week, for all the wrong reasons, however I choose not to be. A billboard goes up on Sunset Boulevard to promote my movie not my booty.

In The Beverly Hills Hotel yesterday sneaking through entrance was Kim Kardashian, with three hours of contouring, flat sneakers in navy, scraped back hair, and much more petite and elegant than the all the cleavage public persona. She looked pretty and fresh and off to the gym.
Kim Kardashian may be an A lister, Princess Kim, but please she is not a celebrity, royalty or a star, and certainly not iconic, she is recognised because she is recognised, like a box of cornflakes, easily identifiable.  What for? What is she? She is a Los Angeles Debutante. She is an household name, because she made sure she is recognisable,  but she is not a celebrity.  She has had covers of Vogue, and featured in Genlux, LA Confidential and many more. Nobody would say Kim is wonderful for her beautiful voice in Salome or playing Cleopatra,  she has not achieved celebrity status. She is simple in primary colours. She is famous for wearing barely there clothes, filling a champagne glass and stripping.  If she can do this with champagne, I can't wait to see what she can do with the canapés? Bellini anyone? The Kardashian family have done little for society, or for the arts so they are not socialites. A socialite in the real use of the word is someone who helps the arts and helps the old. The Kardashian's scream look at me look at me, and when I do, I say "I am looking now, show me something meaningful" Although I can see the cornflakes I can see the granola over there.  She is definitely not a bad person, very decorative and as I said quite demure in real life, however in photographs, she look like a bordello babe or a hooker. She is loved by many people and has a spectacular husband, Kanye West.


Dita Von Teese is a cabaret artiste with an exotic dance routine has much elegance. An erotic gymnast. She has a much bigger champagne glass. In her routine she allows no photographs, she stops  her performance to tell the photographer off. She expunges all photography until she checks it.
She likes pre washed white towels, a full mini bar, a bedroom and her own bathroom to remove all lint before her performances. Of course I offered her the North Wing at my then house in Eden Place. It was nearer to her perspex bath. She managed to maintain the mystique by not mingling with her public. She puts her hands, her slim elegant digits out like Her Majesty The Queen and I want to curtsy.


Kim of course is very viewable but not watchable, and I am a huge fan, but let's for a second think. A star is someone who has achieved a lot, she or he has been an actor in huge productions. A star was Marilyn Monroe, Rita Heyworth, Brigitte Bardot and is now George Clooney, Brad Pitt and a starlet was Joan Collins and is now Jennifer Lawrence.


Fame can get in the way of your credibility in Hollywood, as in the case of Angelina Jolie. The film, Unbroken was okay, but criticised because she was too famous.
Sam Taylor Wood, is a credible Artist from the East End of London, once married to Jay Jopling,  owner of The White Cube Gallery. Sam broke all records opening her film on Valentines Day with the much over hyped Fifty shades of Grey, based on a best seller and very second rate semi pornographic book. She has made it by turning it into a completely second rate film. This does not make Sam a Star, it makes her director to be admired with over 200 million dollars globally made on the first week end. I actually still prefer her small film she made with a Hare and an apple. What aged first. It was genius, highly imaginative and moving. When I photographed her for British Artists at work she cancelled twice, but there is something endearingly interesting but she is definitely not regal.

People who are iconic usually have won a nobel peace prize or two, the booker prize would include Hockney, Picasso and Obama. In the future, it will probably go to Mrs George Clooney, Amal Amaluddin for retrieving the Marbles.

Amal retrieving the Marbles

Cindy Crawford, Linda Evangelista and Naomi Cambell are models who do a lot for their industry, it is not their social structure, they work and they do it because they want to be a professional.
What is Kim's profession?
Even when you do celebrity big brother you are a Z list and not an A lister.

I am off to have my hand moulded now so that it can become a mechanical device for my car so I can wave at my public evan when not driving. So if I make a hand gesture from my car I might be on the other side of the planet.

Where are all the stars?  What is a star.

They of course want to get into that slinky tight fitting dress by Sunday for the Oscars and so spend all day with their trainers, their dieticians, their pr's, their agents, the magazines, their make up and hair stylists. With four days to go it is essential that all goes to plan. It is busy with endless telephone calls, late night sessions with their astrologer, the stars are all desperate to know if they will win.
Their cupboards are full of borrowed ideas, clothes and jewellery. There are non stop visits by their assistants to the gifting suites. Everybody is on the take, the suite of the hotel is overflowing with flowers and invitations, the nerves are beginning to show.

 The Oscar Party, Elton's, Craig's and The Vanity Fair Party.
The funny thing is that although I have been to the major parties, they are usually full of wannabes. Elton's of course has several major Hollywood players but bare in mind the majority of A listers are at the Oscar's themselves and the losers will be in no mood to party.
There are so many events this week, Bulgari, Gagosian, Art of Elysium, Louis Vuitton and Chanel all have events. The desperados are out in force, whether it is the jeweller or the socialite paying for the party, the party people are out, which are different from the A list stars.

For me I am going to Elton's but I would rather have my make done, my hair done, be in a corset and a ball dress and recline in bed with my lover eating cheese sandwiches while watching him on television win an oscar.

On Sunset Boulevard and Harper with my fellow actress Justine Glenton



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