Friday, 24 June 2016

As the elite and the working classes voted @leave to get a fairer deal, then perhaps they had bubbling resentment being called educationally and mentally subnormal and Little Englanders? All the scaremongering and bitching of the @Remain party, the glossy brochure costing us 19 million pounds, did nothing to change their minds, the pencils with REMAIN on it in the polling stations, the endless nagging and adverting where to vote, and to reconsider to vote "remain" because of the young people who did not vote because it was raining. The inflexibility of the Federal State that was once the EU. 
Stop nagging as none of you voted enough and were weak. It is not our vote that failed you, it is your vote that failed you.
Stop being bad losers and victims of a democratic system. Not enough of you believed in yourselves and that is why we are out. Move on, have humour and make this work. If you don't love England than we won't delay you, but if you love England, find a way around it. Make yourself useful.

Wednesday, 22 June 2016

Tuesday, 21 June 2016

Saturday, 18 June 2016

This time, voting is too important to ignore.

I personally, don't need brainwashing, the more people who tell me to stay, sends me to the opposite side. 

These are the facts.

Immigration is out of hand our money is running out of our fingers. The National Health Service is being dismantled and abused. Social handouts, that we pay to people who are old, children, are a necessity however, fifty thousand children get welfare who do not live in England. Sorry Europe can think again. 
In 1972 we were a manufacturing economy and now we are a service economy, our fishing rights don't belong to us but to Holland. Our electricity is EDF instead of LED. We have no say in our Parliament in Europe. The village I grew up is under threat. It is a shame that all the English believe in is replaced with the burka, and people who do not care about our roots. This is a magnificent country and that is why people want to come but enough is enough

The easy choice is to remain, in a stagnant economy, with people who do not care about our British way of life, in my case England. The Europeans want to neutralise us, telling us what bread we can eat, what music we can listen to etc. What everybody forgets is we are Irish, Welsh, Scottish, and English, and generally not United in our views. 

Whilst I am happy I can get a decent takeaway, I am not happy about the Muslim's belief system that clearly states, if they kill one of us that they have done a good deed.  I am thrilled that London has a multi-cultured, rich society from all different backgrounds, rich and poor so do not misunderstand me. I just wish political correctness had not become such a huge problem.

Of course, foreigners will not feel the same, they are not English. They did not grow up smelling our flowers, eating Daisy and Violet from our fields, riding a welsh cob, hunting without seeing a fox, celebrating Princess Diana getting married, our boarding schools,the comradeship you make there that never lets you down. They will not understand our education system, which could be so much better or understand the necessity of our welfare system, to be used only as a security blanket, it is not an absolute but something we set up after the war, to protect those that could not cope.

They will not understand the reputation of the East of London, the working class and the solid stamina that the workforce live their lives. They refuse to understand our silent class system which does not impede people succeeding.
I am fed up with everybody who wants to leave as being seen as bigoted little Englanders and educationally subnormal, it's not the case. Equally being labelled as the killers of the unfortunate Jo Cox. It is terrible that a democratic right to freedom of choice is perceived as being intolerant of society as it is today. Her barely cold body is used against Brexit's  Leave campaign,  guess by whom? This is not about class, race, gender, height, money, social standing but about choice. Since England was a free country some people would like that choice once again. There are no guarantees of success or failure with Remain or Leave, the fear mongering is shameful. It has nothing to do with money but with individual preference. 

Democracy must be allowed. The referendum is offering us a choice on the menu. Shame on the MP's who are stopping people from making up their mind carefully and quietly. I like cold hard facts and then I will make up my mind which is my business in my country. I personally think that Government should be listening to us the people and act upon the result and Cameron and co should be ashamed screaming abuse at his opposition. As a matter of fact, Boris Johnson is cleverer than David Cameron he was the scholar. Equally, the shameful treatment of Nigel Farage even if you are not a fan

is embarrassing and not democratic.  What was Bob Geldof thinking of  last week?  Remember they hid  Ukip ballot papers at the election. It is embarrassing, and Ukip did win enough votes, equalling the size of Scotland.  This is why people are fed up. I am not a supporter of Ukip but a floating voter.  They do however, have their rights, just as the followers of Corbyn and the Labour Party do. 
I am in favour of democracy.
When you tick your box on Thursday,  it will be in private, to protect your privacy.

Whatever the result it is our democratic right,  and we wish to make up our minds on our own.   If we become little England so beit.
The anti establishment is here to stay.

Wednesday, 15 June 2016

Sunday, 5 June 2016

This week I have received pamphlet after pamphlet to either leave Brexit, or stay in Europe. The English generally want to leave and the visitors within this country wish us to stay. I really do not understand why anyone would remain and fight the dysfunction? Set up after the war it had good intentions for prosperous trade, peace, and free movement of people within it. We entered later than anyone else and had to put up with the unfairness of our deal, at the time of Maggie Thatcher we were paying roughly three billion this has increased after subsidies to 9 billion.

Some people wish to stay for freedom of movement, for fear of change, for cheap roaming charges, for cheap holidays and flights,  but frankly why not have properly run borders and keep passport control in place?. It seriously does not harm anybody. As for roaming charges, "What's app" does the trick and there are always cheap holidays on offer. We have of course benefited being part of Europe, but sometimes it has been at the cost of our labourers eg the Polish Builders against the British, the Uber drivers against our Black Taxi's, good Italian food against our Sunday Roast, and many other complaints. People are nervous of our too strong pound falling, and property prices collapsing but this is unrealistic if the pound drops we are likely to sell more houses.
Despite the original good intentions, the  European Union has become a failure of mounting paperwork, bureaucracy, endless committees without voting power, price fixing, extravagant expenses, heavy costs, and poor trade deals for Great Britain. The MEP's get a whopping £300,000 pounds a year and the guarantee of benefits. The MEP's could have sorted this all out between them, but their greed took over.

There is no need to have trade deals, as they are not a necessity.  If people want a car they can buy one easily if they think it is the right price, and they can buy it over the net. The other problem is the price fixing, especially regarding the food mountains, as there are millions dying of hunger in the world, it is all a bit sick.

The argument to stay or leave is not classist or racist as suggested, but the Europeans and those representing us, are. When I checked the people representing the English, I found out they are mostly old school, so the argument you do not want to be run by the elite is out, as they are representing us there solidly. It is not a Parliament as we know it.  There is no democracy. It is run by big organisations like Morgan Stanley.  Europe is a stagnant economy whereas the rest of the world is not.  Then there are thousands of petty laws make it nearly impossible for small businesses to succeed. For example, there are 5 laws for pillow cases, 10 laws for alarm clocks, 32 laws for toothbrushes, shampoo has 118 laws, 1,200 laws for bread.

Mona Hatoum World Map with lights Tate Gallery

The situation in the Middle East is distressing and regrettable and my thoughts go out to the refugees. It is a vast, complex subject with history. We must not make these unfortunate souls bear the brunt of the EU debate.   We have been interfering in the running these countries off and on, for years. Libya was ruled by the Italians, etc etc. As far as I presently can see , we should not have removed the people running them, but then we needed the oil and wealth of these countries. Are you aware that Afganistan has gold and diamonds too? It is not only about oil pipelines but about minerals.
As we welcome these other cultures with their strong ethnic way of life,  they clearly do not wish to morph under the Great British flag. Although we take down our flag and Father Christmas to not offend, what about us?  Statistics show we are a very limited country which has extended the arm of kindness to the point of weakness. We are compassionate and send millions to the starving around the world, yet we have our own homeless.  We have a limited pot. If we are contemplating not affording to not look after our own disabled  and can't house our own warriors then we should not think about other Nations.  How can we give out food parcels when in England we are giving out the red voucher for the food bank?

Let's have a bit more Made in England, a bit more Mary Porter. Learn to look after our own animals, grow our own vegetables, keep our fishing rights and bring back industry and apprenticeships and our own bread making techniques. Look at the success of companies like Daylesford's who do exactly this in a very English way?
If we stay in we are unlikely to keep our National Health Service which is the safety net for our society and it promises to be dismantled in Belgium shortly.
Why are we paying EDF for our electricity and what happened to LED?
There are many more problems but let's start with these?

Never forget as the fifth largest economy in the world,  the world is our oyster and we can import and export on a World basis.
Let's make Great Britain great again.

Wednesday, 1 June 2016

Mr Treacy's beautiful hat, I do love using Mr again.

I left home to visit The Cannes Film Festival and Valentino's Traviata, and on the way realised that my stomach spasms are completely caused by nerves, which I thought were a Victorian phenomenon and all I would have to do is loosen my corset, I had to have my gallbladder removed two years ago, from tightening the previous one.  Help, I have the vapours? I went to the doctor and he said that indeed they did exist, known as hysteria or mental fatigue.  I said to him "They hurt physically not mentally" He said rather sarcastically "Indeed" His recipe was sending my housekeeper out for one hundred Xanax, most people would be thrilled but I knew I was doomed. All I could think was that I would be unconscious for the next few weeks. Not great for a control freak like me. I like to be razor sharp.The Xanax would destroy my memory. Instead, I threw them all down the loo. I would rather have pain than be unconscious.

Why are extremes considered so very attractive? The highest note so admired, or the skinniest woman considered a beauty, it is neither desirable or pretty. Women like robust men to protect them, well I certainly do. Mentally strong and daring.  Why is a spoonful of food at a thousand pounds a teaspoonful, interesting? Why do we like poor foreigners, but not rich ones? Why are the rich considered to be bad and the poor good? There are so many questions. If you go back in history and see what people achieved. It was much more industrious with very little. We need culture otherwise, we fail massively and become soulless creatures without it. Why I say this is because I watched The Kardashian's for eight hours the other day to understand why they are so popular. I understand now, it is because they are comfortingly ordinary with an ounce of glamour,  just to make the whole debacle attractive. It is a ribbon on a rather plain box.  People, therefore,  relate to them easily, their normal boring  conversations, about whether a boyfriend was needing help or not, or whether poor Kim was in a bad mood with her family, or her Mother Chris was being a nag. Everything is sad because it is about money, ego and fashion. The programme was so boring that it was alluring and I began to truly love the family especially Kendall and Chris, the Xanax would have been useful, yet I didn't want to close my eyes and miss a second of it.


Neiman Marcus, purveyor of cloth, in my opinion, was so right when he said "Women who wear black live colorful lives" My life is infinitely more fun than the big K's of Hollywood. I guarantee I laugh more and have more drama. I really do. If it was filmed it would be car crash television.
So back to Rome and architecture, history and music.
Definitely, the subtle changes of black with dashes of red and green for the costumes, in La Traviata, in Sofia Coppola's production were quite extraordinary and a huge coup for Rome.  Ah, for the love of Rome.  Mr. Valentino/ Garavani believed in black too. The real opening, not the opening for Mr.Valentino's friends with loads of celebrities and air kissing, was a huge success and worth all the nerves and drama getting there, but then that is another story. The traditional set by Nathan Crowley,  Batman's designer, was beautiful, sung by the young voice of Francesca Dotto for the part of Violetta. I was awake and alive, the interpretation, brilliant, so glad I threw away the big X. My feelings were more optimistic than the bitchy, jealous and jaded reviews it received. In my opinion, the combination of Valentino and Coppola have awakened the Opera world. If you had been there and disagreed, go again, concentrate and you will be taken in.
Thank god it's hat time of year.

Mr Jones's beautiful hat.

Friday, 20 May 2016

As I sit in the Le Fouquet at the Majestic in Cannes this week, I realise that this week has raced by. With gossip of bombs and Isis, the Festival has lost some shiny appeal, or perhaps I have grown up? Still full of celebrities from Susan Sarandon to Julia Roberts there has been more than just occasional glamour on the red carpet.

Rushka Bergman stealing the show in Hedi Slimane couture for Saint Laurent

At the beginning of the week, I was in need of a rest which I did not get. I thought about life and as Shakespeare said "Love is not love which alters when alteration finds, plus it was my birthday. Hey, I even found a convertible mini to rent, so, despite the aggravation of an emotional pick pocket, I was able to feel the wind and sun in my hair.

 I went from Charles Finch's party at Eden Roc, chic and interesting with photographs of the famous, including Brigitte Bardot, adorning the walls, to The BFI's brilliant and useful lunch where I bumped into the film director of Black Mass, Scott Cooper, who I had briefly met on the flight over to Nice. With parties and films, a full house, this week skipped by.  On the plane I  thought Scott was a member of a boy band who wrote slushy lyrics, not a bit of it, he was the master of Johnny Depp's film last year. This Festival for me was about work. I want to make my film on the life of  Egon Schiele. I had quite a bit of interest so watch this space. At lunch, however, I was watching Harvey Weinstein manoeuvre his life his wife and family on one one table, on another his office.

Lady Victoria Hervey. 

Lady Victoria Hervey sailed down the carpet several times and had a book launch for Lady in Waiting on a boat in the harbour.
Rushka Bergman in Dior talking with handsome Julien Landais who is about to make the Aspern Papers
starring Vanessa Redgrave.

The clothes on the red carpet were dramatic, my favourite dress was worn by Georgina Chapman from her own collection. She looked fabulous, then Rushka Bergman stole the show with her jaw-dropping couture dress by Hedi Slimane for Saint Laurent at the Chopard party. Her Instagram went mad and she hit 70K hits. That is the world we live in now, Snap Chat, Facebook and Instagram replacing the conventional world of magazines which arrive on the doorsteps three months out of date unless you are Genlux and then it arrives in the correct month. We work in real time. Vanity Fair was wonderful, the people watching especially, I saw  people try and gatecrash, this year no amount of charm worked on the girls with the clipboard. I got in but my Mcqueen coat creased terribly in the drive to the Cap.

With Julien Landais Amanda Eliasch wearing Saint Laurent, Dolce Gabbana dress

I wore Saint Laurent one night and Versace the next, I am only interested in films but was pleased to join Aileen Getty last night and her foundation to support Unesco's fight for cultural diversity in film, I was proud to sit at the table with brave men and women fighting for a perfect world.
With a packed wardrobe, I still was not crazy about anything in it and although I usually love Chanel, I funnily did not want to look like Air Hostess this season.

Aileen Getty, Amanda Eliasch and Sarah Ezzy

The films really did not hit the spot, lacklustre and average, they were not for me. The stars were here in force but the films I saw were better suited to television. I did, however, like the story Mal de Pierre's directed by Nicole Garcia. A film about a mental hospital and an imaginary love story.  I loved the passion and it had the pace of Thomas Mann's novel, Magic Mountain. With Marion Cotillard wearing an almost see through golden dress by Dior, showing every bit of her stunning body, one way or another she killed the red carpet.

Dressed down a Versace dress with Mcqueen Biker Jacket and Dior Sunglasses.
I was in a working mood.
Celebrity is not a star. Cannes is split between the deluded nightclubbers and the workers. The middle of the road look like a joke to both ends.

Tuesday, 17 May 2016

Thursday, 12 May 2016

My birthday tomorrow makes me realise that all I wish for now is the pleasure cruise, I want to be cool as the champagne I am sipping and all I want to watch and listen to is Ginger Rogers and Fred Astaire. I do not want to hear the words gash, slash, flash and brash. I just want classic glamour.  All I care  about now is who I care about in that particular moment.  It is my business and my business only. I shall make sure that it is sunny all day tomorrow and all day next week too, I intend to  achieve world peace. I shall conjure rain only at night otherwise it makes my hair frizzy.  Thank goodness when people gossip they are only talking about my public life, and they have no idea of my private life.
I now need moments of peace which I did not need when I was younger.
I don't need drama, especially other peoples. I need to exfoliate.
I am what I am and I do not need other people's conflict.
I am only interested in my own artistic endeavors.
I do not need other people's dirty linen or their imitation plastic lives.
I have dealt with my solitude and I let go of it with my reluctant fingers.
I intend to create magic instead.
I need the three S's, stillness, silence and solitude my three wishes.
By the way, I heard a story about a household name recently who built her fortress so high that she could not see that the paparazzi were no longer there.
All I want to read tomorrow is what is in my birthday card.

Sunday, 8 May 2016


 The best way to feel good we all know is to tailor your diet to the type of body you wish to have and exercise at least three times a week.  Catherine Vanazzi expert dietician comes once a year to see that I am on track for a full and vital life.  Six years ago I suffered from acute pain and nowadays I have never felt better. Here are some of the dishes she created this week in my kitchen in Chelsea.

Monday, 2 May 2016

The Met Gala, well well well.  How on earth can women who run these adventures believe they have class? We need fresh blood immediately. It needs women with style and panache running the show now. New people.

 I do not like to be unkind but thank goodness for the innate style of the British women, Poppy Delevigne, Bee Shaffer, Rosie Huntington-Whiteley who stole the show from  the three blondes, Madonna, Lady Gaga, Taylor Swift plus Nicky Minaj needs immediate help from a stylist.  I can only recommend one to mend this immediate gaff, but you have to read my other blogs to find out who I love and adore.

These stars need encouragement to be elegant. sophisticated and modern and they do not need to look like clowns. At the age of nearly 60, Madonna does not need to try and be young, she looks fabulous as the Queen of Pop. She has her image, she does not need to venture from that. Trying too hard to be cool gives people wrong messages especially when she is the coolest.

The evening was supposed to be forward thinking, celebrating the exciting world of fashion and technology, machine against man,  it was sadly not, the clothes needed to flatter and excite, they did anything but, it was backwards and a disaster, there was no mystery. No glamour and just wild promotion, but ultimately the party was ridiculous. Too much back patting and not enough talent. Sheer self-indulgence.
The only one who had "it" was Alicia Vikander as usual who in Louis Vuitton looked perfectly modern. Hedi Slimane and Saint Laurent was missed on the red carpet, he has the power and vision.

All the stylists used tonight should be immediately sacked, how can they seriously dressed so many fabulous women badly, it's an insult? There is a cruelty in design at the moment which needs to be addressed. These women are serious, but most of the designers are men, perhaps that is the problem?
Thank goodness for the hair stylists and makeup artists who did a pretty good job and who had to an uphill battle to fight against. Shameful waste of money and a sad use of talent.

Best Dressed
Poppy Delevigne
Bee Shaffer
Rosie Huntington-Whiteley
Alicia Vikander

Worst Dressed and NOT their fault
Lady Gaga
Taylor Swift

Needing Emergency help is Nicky Minaj

Dress I would have worn by Calvin Klein on Emma Watson made out of plastic bottles, another English girl.

Where was my favourite stylist, she is unlikely to have had anything to do with this?

Thursday, 21 April 2016

With so many funerals this year, more and more the lyrics of Rock Stars become relevant and a visit to the Yoga Centre a necessity. If they go together then that is brilliant.  Maya Fiennes has it all, she rocks, she downward dogs, she sews magic wherever she goes.

Like everybody else we humans are dark and light entwined. Ying and Yang. As much as we like the light, we battle against the dark, with Lucifer you have both. Remember the Devil was only thrown out of  Heaven for Pride which in my life is essential. He, of course, continued on his path and tempted Adam in Eve in the Garden of Eden. Last week I had a coup de foudre at Coachella Music and Art Festival, where my black nails actually matched a man's within the Rock group "Prayer". The Rock group "Prayer" eclipsed all others, casting light on their dark world.  I spent a week with the groovy lead singer. Rafael Reyes. Touched by his heartfelt lyrics and personality, he passionately sung about living within inner city poverty in the boiling morning heat at this popular Fashionista Rock Festival.

Luckily I had Maya's music to bring me back to serenity with her new Album "Love Now" Album
To  find peace here are a list of Yoga Teachers. However, my dreams carry on in San Diego.









9. Saul David raye

10.Normandie Keith  —

Friday, 25 March 2016

When I see gold buttons on a jacket in a shop I want to put it on.  Smart double breasted two rows of buttons and almost any jacket in any colour thrills me and I want to buy it, Michael Jackson clearly felt the same. Uniforms for me are sexy and always have been, there is structure to them, a health regime, a better nipped in waist, physical discipline.  I like feminine authority to be a force to be reckoned with.  Unfortunately, there is no real Hollywood Glamour, Irene of Hollywood is not making any gowns anymore.  Travilla who made Marilyn's dress is not available as he is knocking up the daisies. Most of the designer's people are wearing at the Oscars were simply not good enough. There were not intricate patterns to make a body the right shape. You want to look good at every angle. Nowadays you can buy really cheap clothes but you must look in a mirror and look your bottom.  I am the black queen but I like a dash of turquoise, pink, green or white. I hate huge flowers on the bottom and generally I love tailoring.

The styling of Rushka Bergman  is excellent if I am going to learn anything from anybody, I like her vivacity, her belief in a system that is slipping away quickly.
I generally dislike peddle pushers because unless you really suit them you look terrible. I think over 50 "girlie" is a problem, my little black dresses can make me look young from behind and then, turn around and my salad days are over. I love looking womanly, elegant, slim, a queen, I like to look a mysterious woman, it's why I like to go the Mayr Clinic, it's why I have bright blonde hair and a dash of red lipstick. It is all very well to look androgynous but you need to be a woman too.


 I cannot get excited by this dreadful new fabric made out of acetate, that catches you across the bosom, I do not want cheap and nasty throw away clothes. Vile. I do not want to look like the music teacher or the librarian. I do not want to look like everybody else, I do not want to dress head to toe in recognisable labels. Sadly, I was the only person the other day wore a hat  with a veil at a funeral. I have seen incredible clothes, I am not like everybody else. It seems people are not looking to see if they look alluring?. I do not want to look matronly and I do not want to look like a Russian hooker.

I do not need any other person to assemble me, for better of worse, I like to wear what I like to wear. Beware of spending money to buy "style" you cannot buy style but you can lend beauty.  Last week I went shopping for clothes and it wasn't the big names I bought but the next layer down as the fit was better, the cut more suitable for a female figure The fabric more tactile. I got compliments from journalists at The Daily Mail and Liberatum this week for my Alexander McQueen jacket. Sarah Burton has continued Alexander's strong look, I however. have clothes from twenty years ago which are powerful and I can still wear.
People forget today to wear gloves  they are so useful, they make middle aged hands elegant slim and you can dress them up or down, whether you add a ring or buttons. The choice is yours. I also love broaches rather than necklaces as they are more comfortable. I love little fake diamante broaches in the shape of butterflies and animals. You can find so many in vintage shops. We have allowed practicality to rule and not individuality.  P.S Make sure you have clean knickers on as you may get run over. Any clothes that mimic sex organs work, look at Audrey Beardsley drawings. This look is not politically correct, nowadays women seem to like donkey jackets, floral skirts, leggings and plastic shoes, pas pour Moi.   I want to look like the women in How to Marry a Millionaire or Gilda, Marlene Dietrich in Blue Angel.

I went around to Dr. Sebagh's the other day and he applied the fantastic machine to my skin. I then went with Trinny to find makeup, my make up was too thick by Dolce Gabbana, the foundation too white and instead I tried Terry's Densiless Foundation. I do not care who makes the makeup as long as it keeps me fuckable, and ten minutes younger. I do not want to be some flabby middle aged washed up old bag. The makeup looked so thick that I looked like Kitty from re runs of Gun Smoke.  The whole point of makeup is to make old skin, young. Otherwise, what I am doing it all for? Trinny knows her stuff as we went around SpaceNK in Nottinghill Gate. Really I like to have a thorough beesting and the makeup has to be high performance, shag proof. I do not like shiny makeup it looks great on women of colour. I felt jealousy as they looked beautiful in bright blue eyeshadow and bright pink lipstick. Not many white women can carry that look off.  I think they are best left in a bubble pack, as a free gift on the front of Woman's Own. Women's Weekly have fabulous throwaway sunglasses you will need them for the iridescent palettes. I was rescued by Trinny just before I became Baby Jane Hudson.
I am rushing out now to grasp next months copy of Italian Vogue.

Thursday, 24 March 2016

Wednesday, 23 March 2016



"Imagine my excitement to be here today, it is a huge treat.
Women are striving for equality and creativity everywhere we look, From 200 hundred years ago and later the Secession Period when women threw away their corsets, Women are making notable inroads creating the world we live in today, working still within masculine
templates provided, we are fighting for the world we wish to live in. We still do not have equality in pay and there is still Sharia Law and blondes are still considered blonde, despite it coming out of a bottle because it says so on the bottle. 

Women in England defied the opposition in the last war with their violent and valiant lipstick. We need structure to show a woman's ability and luckily for me I was invited by Pablo Ganguli the founder and creator of Liberation to join the elite band of people striving for artistic opportunity, insisting on culture and beauty, proving that Plato was right when he repeated in his Apology what Socrates had said at his trial "An unexamined life IS not a life worth living".
It is an excellent platform to express ourselves, this Pablo has achieved with flourish tenacity and elegance. Nicole Kidman Victoria Beckham and
Susan Sarandon becoming the backbone for
a wonderful band of forerunners. 

It is rather like Father Christmas, Easter Sunday, Hannukah and Ede all at the same time.  There are still some dark corners of this planet that Liberatum has to enlighten, and one spark of light lightens a whole forest.
Thank you to St Martin's Hotel for hosting this event and now here we have Dylan Jones editor of the most Male of Male magazines, GQ, to pose interesting thought provoking questions to the inspirational Rock Icon, strident and amazonian defender and upholder of women's rights, I give you the unmistakable, Courtney LOVE"



We don't want to fight with men we are okay, we have a great life, we are helping those that are unable to help themselves. There are and have been just as many sociopathic women running the world, eg Hilary Clinton, Margaret Thatcher, Winny Mandella, Nancy Regan.  Hillary was already running the country when Mr. Clinton was enjoying his cigar, and sometimes a cigar is not just a cigar. There are no problems except if you are a teacher who doesn't receive the same pay as a man. We are equal we are not treated as such and we live within male templates. Half the workforce are women. In the House of Commons last week it was mostly Asian and women of colour who indeed have problems. Female circumcision to start with. This is child abuse, you could argue the same for men. It is a financial, political situation.

Women's equality is not about gender, it is about equal consideration. We have to get our finger out we might be made to wear the burka, after all, Nigella Lawson, our spoon licking whipped cream goddess has already been spotted squeezed into a burkini, wanting to be highly visible under the illusion of being invisible. 

Why do we want to be equal when we are actually unique?

Women are fighting so many battles and are trying to fight off the burka for an iPhone and a 50inch television.  I don't mind the burka in Syria it is congruent with the religion and thought to be normal. Here is England it is positively rude to hide eyes with a niqab, and covering your body with a burka, showing dishonesty. They do not want our bikini so I do not want their burkini.  If 15,000 English female cheerleaders walked  into Tehran today in a mini skirt with baton what kind of reception do you think they would get? Women want power, not equality.

Saturday, 19 March 2016

There are loads of gay footballers I am told, gay policeman, gay film stars, so who cares anymore when we see two men kissing down the street?  I don't, except on the rare occasions, I might fancy one of them. Last night I was invited to the premiere of  the LGBT Film Festival,  FLARE, to the film "The Pass" which I felt was a little out of date on its point about gays, or rather as they said "queers", a word which is too old fashioned for me and I find insulting. In our society today contrary to what the film suggested, gay couples are able to hold hands, able to celebrate life together, have children and live openly, Transgender is accepted too. The film was out of date and a tiny bit patronising, it opened this now impressive and substantial Film Festival which has been celebrating the coming out of gay couples for 35 years. Congratulations to them and what they have achieved. I just thought the film was not good enough. It may have got good reviews, but it is not up to date, and I do not know any gay men holding back on how they feel? A good play, that made a dreary film, transferred from The Royal Court to the Silver Screen. This worried me about the attitude within the film world at the moment, the smugness, the inability to see good work,  too pleased with 'ordinary', too much slapping each other on the back for average.  Produced by Duncan Kenworthy and directed by Ben A Williams, we watched the  film with supposed complacency, that we would be amused by the hijinks of two gay male players buffing each other's ears. This film could have been so much more. It could have taken it out of the bedroom into the glare of the heated world of celebrity, the playing fields and flashing lights, they clearly kept the budget low and it showed.  Was there a necessity to do this or did the producers just not give enough money? Russell Tovey, who acted a footballer with no tattoos, was honestly not my scene and thank goodness for the looks, serenity and beauty of Arinze Kene. Come on now it is a low budget film made in three rooms with a script best suited to the world of theatre. There were no penis shots and kissing was performed in a steaming hot shower, where was the reality? The violent scene of a head being put into a bucket was the realest moment of the lot?  Bringing me to another point violence is acceptable in the world of film, but not romance, frontal nudity and kissing even?
Instead of entertaining all of us with this, I think people should be watching more Shakespeare and walking down Hollywood Boulevard catching up in real time, the swinging scene on Melrose, Los Angeles.
The New Dover Street Market, Amanda Eliasch

As a floating voter, not right or left, I was shocked this week that the safety net of society was again hit. How can David Cameron really think it sensible to bash the part of society that suffers the most, the pensioner and the disabled.  He made use of the subsidy for his son, did he not? Why not cut back on the subsidies that a refugee gets? Surely it is more sensible to keep the disabled or the pensioner  working with help than removing them and putting them into a home, at huge expenditure, where they fade and disappear unhappily from society? The Conservatives need to find new leaders immediately, with more compassion and more sincerity for those that are severely compromised. Another four years of wrecking the property market, pulling down Earls Court, not knowing the architecture of Howard Crane and building another Doha between Chelsea and City of London Bridges, not for the people in this country, The English, but for rich foreigners. I do not mind foreigners in this country but let's put England first? We are English, London is in England, and I am fed up with political correctness which, makes how you say something, so important. Let's look after Granny and the disabled. Paris is in France, Milan in Italy so please London is in England.

On a bit of good news, The New Dover Street Market is exceptional. Beautifully renovated and making another area more interesting. The Haymarket will now rock with panache which in turn should bring further interest to the theatre world. Congratulations. A pity Boris and co did not turn to the Architects who did this instead of Terry Farrell?

Monday, 14 March 2016

Laura Jeffreys my lovely, quiet, friend will have her funeral on Tuesday 22nd March and it seriously feels surreal. Laura was so delightfully English. With a beautiful figure in a flowery dress or jeans, we would have been friends for 43 years, since the days when we used to ride, lying on the back of our ponies to The Tedworth Hunt and it's local Pony Club, to her painting and plastering our house at 31 Chester Square, when I was married. She died last week after a short illness with Motor Neurons disease, it was all so sudden, she followed her lovely son, who also died last year.  Laura  created her own unique world,  and she lived it. It is not the words I will miss but the silence. I used to say to Laura all the time "Did you hear what I said" 
She never once said I had outrageous taste, or that I was eccentric, she let me be the way I wanted and together we explored colour and life.  She used to love it ,the good thing about her was that she made no judgement at all. 
I love her family, Christopher, Charlie Jeffreys and Rose Prince, as if they were my own. Thank goodness last night I found the photographs  which are excellent, taken by the brilliant photographer Von Einsidel of 31 Chester Square, London SW1. Once the house of writer John Osbourne. I lived here from 1991-2008. The previous owner was Mary Gilliat his ex-wife, the interior designer, and it had chains from the 1960's and was designed then by famous Architect Sir Hugh Casson. I loved its  huge copper doors that came off the set of  Osbourne's play Luther at the Royal Court. Laura added to its eccentricity complimenting Casson's unusual ideas

Luckily Laura died surrounded by her wonderful family support   Indiana Marie JeffreysSonamara Jeffreys, and many others, she had so wanted to live, but sadly life was quickly taken from her.

When Charlie rightly said I was vain and that I loved myself when I made a film about my life, she told him off teasingly telling him it was art, she was like that, she rang me afterwards to tell me. There was so much laughter when we were young I owe her a lot, she had the best dress sense when she was a teenager, great taste, she set the pattern of my life, Laura made me look at architecture a different way. I will always miss her after all who will paint a bedroom for me again, black pink and gold? The funny thing is that this week Rose Prince said to me "You know she also did the house you are living in now" That was a seriously camp affair before I modernised it. It belonged to Lord Cadogan and it had pillars when you entered the house, a gold and white bath in the centre of the room on a platform. Rag rolling everywhere. Laura, you will live on in some unchanged drawing room of London that recognises your beautiful work. Help I better rescue the bright blue dining room at 31 Chester Square.. damn it is probably mushroom by now. 

Laura was brave, she dealt with every calamity with calm and good grace. With great humour and pride. 

A message for Laura should you be able to see.
You have hopefully gone to a better place. I will be staying with Charlie and Rose a little longer we have a little more mischief to get up to  Love you forever in my heart and soul.

Wednesday, 9 March 2016

Here is the link to my film which I have decided to be brave enough and release. I was going to hide it and let it collect dust, but it was a labour of love with all the ups and downs of a family member.
I loved making it. A documentary drama based on my life with music that I adore and working with my son Charles Eliasch whom I love.

The gun the cake and the butterfly is dramatic and swiftly moves,"Jarringly Frank"Indie Press said of it. It won the Lena Wertmuller prize set up for her husband at The Ischia Film and Music Festival and Inesa de la Roche from The Dark Theatre wrote this
It was a real pleasure watching the film "The Gun, The Cake and The Butterfly" by Amanda Jane Eliasch!
The whole complexity of life inside one woman's world is full of sparks and mystery...
She playfully guides you through her personal stories and deeply touching intimate thoughts... She transforms into many women and becomes a multilayered goddess who masters her own destiny.
Amanda gently undresses her soul in front of the audience, leaving herself transparent and exposed... She expressed her loneliness through all poetic and romantic journey, she gets hurt, she burns and then she rises like a Phoenix, humour heals every wound in her nostalgic and imaginative world... Amanda rules her creative and seductive Empire with her courage, confidence, intelligence and consciousness... It is her first film and it is an extraordinary achievement! I admire the way she have chosen to make her personal film in her own style, she knew exactly what she wanted and how to express her world cinematically as visual poetry, perhaps not polished the way Hollywood would perfect and sterilise any sort of reality which in most cases completely spoils the experience of real life, but Amanda's Eliasch film gives you the feeling of purity, honesty of life in cinema, leaving you deeply touched visually, wondering, questioning and mirroring your own feelings through her intimately fascinating and heart braking experiences... It's a magnificent 21st century liberated woman's film! The film maker Amanda Eliasch is a passionate artist, unstoppable visionary, she has no limitations within her confidence, creativity and endless imagination to manifest her own visions! There is so much to learn from her film and to be inspired by her honest and unique approach to making films!
Inesa De La Roche

I am now onto making my next film which is completely different and about The life of Egon Schiele and his love story with Wally Neuzil.
The Cardinal and The Nun.


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