Tuesday, 25 April 2017

Boat life at sea feels like a never ending passage to heaven, the jolly Captain telling us vital information from the Bridge. This morning I had to buy an internet package. I said let's buy a weeks usage but the man said we are at sea for two more  weeks. Cruise life is a glamorous prison for those that are addicted to institutions, with free food and drink as much as you want, it has the feel of a smart old peoples home too, but my curious nature for knowledge is explored and satiated, so I am happy.  For somebody who hates alcohol like me, people become 'in their cups' late at night. I went to see a show with an elderly gentlemen and one witty attractive but very inebriated grandmother said to me "Where did you find him, heaven, or was it hell?"  late at night, the Seabourn can sway.

I am learning so much about the Bible, the Quran, The Torah, Jordan, Syria, Israel, pirates, Musical Theatre.  Geography and history are linked. Endless battles created, the strongest, determining the other country's success. It just had not occurred to me. I passed a little known but hugely important Country/port of Dijibouti home to spies, the USA, The Chinese, The British.  I look at photographs, the women were  beautiful like Brazilian bombshells. I think of stories of successful women in the area and there are many.  The beauty of  Cleopatra, TheVirgin Mary, The Queen of Sheba, Nefertiti and  the darker side, The Slave Trade, that made Oman and it's district so very profitable. I discover a slave in those days was the cost of an onion. A thesis I wrote at school and got actually top marks on was about the Slave Trade and William Wilberforce. If only I had gone on a trip like this when I was fourteen it would have been even better. Then there is the gun running and pirates. A world away from daily life in Chelsea and Los Angeles.
I have had the luck to listen to many passionate and emotional performances, especially by the violinist Peter Fisher and baritone Jonathan Christopher, not excluding the other brilliant talent who are performing in a "A night with Sir Tim Rice"  my nights are all so very different.

I try to diet and am unable to keep to a detox, for the first time in my life my puritanical way of life is thrown overboard. I will come away from this trip with a better understanding of politics and the rapacious and the unpredictable world we live in today and of its history.
If you don't mind living  a Thomas Mann story,  with all sorts of unexpected exposure and characters,  to the world this could be 'the way of life'  an amazingly colourful trip for you. You like others could become addicted to Seabourn.com

Wednesday, 19 April 2017

A few days ago someone sent me a photograph of me at 27 just before I got married to Johan. I think it was that year. I got married on the 9th June 1988 but the picture must have been in May as it is was my friends birthday, the dress I wore for my wedding was already worn. That is bad luck to start with but the picture, personal to me only told me a lot, and made me think.
Wearing gold jewelry, my hair darkened as I hid my white blonde hair then, I look worried which for someone with a huge sense of humour looks strange. I was wearing a Belville Sassoon dress with big white sleeves and I still own it.  The picture was sent to me at a time when I am starting a new chapter. It has made me think back to my life and what I wanted to achieve then.

 I was born in Lebanon but left six weeks afterwards to English parents, one a journalist the other an opera singer.  I always said I would go when I am going to die. Because of politics and the world we live in now I wish to explore areas I do not know before then, to understand the Middle East you must visit it. I decided to do this by ship. The Seabourn, and the boats name is Encore.  Discovering that Arabia is a huge desert made of shells. I decided to make a trade journey through it. Muslims we know love trade and they have existed side by side with the Chinese and Africans, Indians and Europeans. I realize I must take time to relive the past and future, and this is the last luxurious way to travel.  The biggest commodities were frankincense, pearls, ivory, slavery, peppers, fabrics and weapons, now it is oil.  America sells 34,000 billion of weapons a year and Great Britain 8 Billion a year to Saudi Arabia alone. In times past the British have had good relations which meant trading and traveling permits to safety through Arabia. If you do this trip you will have a better  understanding of the current climate .

The areas are valuable, dangerous and vast. The climate extreme. From China to Baghdad, from Japan to Europe via Zanzibar, Oman  the demand for trade was and is necessary. Oman is one of the most important trade ports. Nearby in ancient times the Queen of Sheba lived it has exotic history. Copper was produced along with textiles, timber. I am following the original daring trader, Sinbad the 11.
Rich now from oil, the Arabs have abandoned their tents and two breeds of camels, one with a one hump and another with two humps  to drive in air conditioned luxury and live in huge magnificent contemporary architectural buildings collecting artifacts, Arabian horses and falcons.  From Saudi Arabia, Oman, Qatar, Abu Dhabi, the sea dominates their lands and the mountains protect their caravan route, whilst the mosques and prayers keep their people pretty pure.
I fall asleep to the sounds of the ship and dream of carpets and souks, wishing to follow previous brave women who studied Arabic and lived there,  who fell in love with the Nomad's way of life.

Cautious an Arab bites

Wednesday, 12 April 2017

Tuesday, 11 April 2017

1. "Don't reduce people to one word they are many words
Bad people say others are bad, good people say they are bad.
Everything in life is flawed, religions, politicians, institutions,
what we do for other people is what we are. The best people to ask in a room for charity are those with a guilty conscience
We need to undo what is taught. The Bible/Theology is not scientific it is a metaphor.
See the good in people.
The power of morality is to effect calm.
Careful with language, people have different paths. Gossip is bad, all things can be corrupt.
Change negative to positive, it is not exclusive. Those that you find negative have positivity too find it. Groups can be negative, religion is just a way to get

through, all institutions are faulty, two things we know are wrong are stealing and killing, thank goodness Eve gave the apple to Adam".

2. "No purity without impurity
Holy pure food on offer had nothing
to do with health in the Old Testament.
The Temple was there to remind the jews of their wrong doings.
They have the A-Z of wrong doings.
A masochistic idea with purpose and value.
They can create more if they are humble.
It differs from self deprecation.
It makes you self analytical.
The greatest people in the world are humble.
History is interesting as it teaches us what not to do.
It's philosophy is good.
It is subservient to values.
The Bible is a newspaper.

There is a problem to hymns as people sing and do not listen to the words"
Nothing is absolute.
It does not matter if it is true as nothing is true.
If you steal a television you will get a prison sentence
but if you rape your wife/a woman, you get more time in prison for
taking the television.
Anything done towards a woman is evil.
No absolutes in groups, no absolute morality, except murder for which you can only be killed for if you are a Nazi.
Santuary cities have always existed there were 6 in the Bible.
They took people who had accidentally killed.
Equality is not sameness
Do not wear anything unless if means something to you.
Do not do things you don't understand.
A synagogue/church is a place for study, meeting or gathering.

4.The Arabian/Muslim land mass is larger than India.
The sand in this area is made up of millions of broken up shells. Originally it was under water. Sand dunes can be as high as the Eiffel Tower. Originally the land of Frankincense and spices which was very valuable in Roman times and Frankincense in particular was used for embalming. It is now the land of oil, blood and gold.. as my Father Anthony Cave Brown wrote.
The Arabs have so much money now that they do not know what to do with it. They build like crazy and have from camal herds built pseudo space ships, futuristic in style, in three generations, they have made their land unrecognisable.
Never forget their sophistication. Their writing looks like sacred geometry which was used for prayer mats, decoration. .The writing is hypnotic and remember the depiction of human form is illegal. Arabic is beautifully written and is full of emotion and in one form. The Suffi poets were incredible, just take a look at the poems of Khalil Gibran.
They are used to hiding, for thousands of years they hid, as the trade routes were always attacked, they never divulged the routes by sea or land. 
The simple difference between The Shiites and The Sunnis is the Shiites want to believe the writings from the direct decedents of Mohammed and the Sunnis want the writings by someone who understands what was written in the beginning.
Remember whatever the brand,
the Muslim has a bigger vision than himself and that is his God.
Where has it all gone wrong?

Sunday, 2 April 2017

Friday, 31 March 2017

Wednesday, 29 March 2017

I decided this year to try everything that I thought previously was not going to be fun. It is incredible how we put limitations on ourselves with nonsensical ideas of what we do and don't like.  I want to remain young in spirit keeping an open mind. With this thought, I decided to go on a cruise, try forex markets, accounting and eating correctly.  So far I am having the time of my life, having met new people with new experiences. So I shall write about those. First the packing for the cruise.

Don't we need fun in these turbulent times?.
Clothes always keep me happy as well as Yoga.
I am going on a cruise with Seabourn.Com and wanted the perfect clothes and found them with
the following designers.

Alessandro Michele for Gucci ticks all the boxes and makes fashion  young and vibrant again.

I have bought the platform cream and dark blue striped shoes, a suit with pearls and several pairs of sunglasses.

The touch of madness and brilliant cut keeps me happy in my  wardrobe that is mostly black. The hairbands are a must

for wind and make me feel like the glamorous Norma Desmond from Sunset Boulevard.

Alessandro also helps those that have suffered from human trafficking one of my favourite charities.

His shows never let us down and last week I saw women from 20-70 and all nationalities take joy from trying

on his individual style. 

 Rei Kawakubo from Comme des Garçons is the most intellectual of designers and probably the one that is the most flamboyant yet architectural.
The name "Like Boys" suits the brand. I love the quirky style, which is often more creative than the contemporary art world. When you are over 45 it is good to feel up to date at the swimming pool.
The fabulous shapes suit me. Last week I bought  a black coat with half of it missing on one side. It has a madness that catches the eye and a feminist feel to it. I love the fashion show of bold large designs.  The twist of humour keeps fashion alive for me.

Julia Haart us the creative director at La Perla, I wear her clothes as well as her underwear.
I simply adore them. They fit and feel wonderful on my body. It is a miracle when everything looks good from the front and back.
I bought a wonderful corset suit, a pair of sequin shorts which made me look as if I was still twenty.
The classical shapes have a twist that gives me glamour.

Remember when packing to always use tissue paper. A tip from my Grandmother was always pack with it. I have done this all my life and now my clothes look brand new when some are twenty years old. I generally buy plastic and put the clothes on thin velvet hangers. 
In the plastic I put tissue paper. It works well.
Try and stay the same weight all your life, do not yoyo diet it wrecks your face. I lose weight with the 
mayr diet which is incredible. I do it four times a year for each season.

Have a good Easter.

Thursday, 23 March 2017

Human nature has many failings.  We expect too much loyalty. Are you pure? Before nagging each other check your own territory before you make judgements on others. There is a fabulous saying "No good deed goes unpunished?" Enoch Powell is being proved right, a little later than expected. As for Sadiq Khan's ridiculous and irresponsible comment that terrorism is "part and parcel" of city life,  he should stand down.

Trump, can be blamed for nothing except his efforts to make America great again and fifty percent of the people in America still want to see his downfall. They can't wait, it is disgusting as it is disrespectful. If people think they are kind by showing his tummy hanging down, or his hair flying like electric fluff, or his tie, sellotaped.  think again, the strangest people are cruel, they should take a good look in the mirror.   Trump  is clever  allowing others to turn him into some demented clown, but he is President and they are not. He even paid for the insults more than Obama and Clinton who just stole.  It is all so predictable. As yet he has done little except try harder than most, in the shortest time,  to get America moving in the right direction against all odds as they are essentially bankrupt. This would not be so bad except it doesn't apparently suit the supposed Illuminati, the naive,  the Pizza Lovers, Rachel Maddow and CNN which I used to listen to.  It suits those involved to celebrate Trumps failure. It is so unimaginative.
Instead perhaps be proud of your President who invites change to things that do not work?
Despite the qualifications of Clinton and Obama, they managed to break the law and make numerous mistakes. Why not try someone else?

OBAMA's real birth certificate. 

As for spying on everybody, I really don't get it, everyone is spied upon, it is not realistic to think otherwise. From Facebook to MI5/FBI they know our profiles and if they choose they can know our intimate conversations,  so why the surprise? Oh the Russians must be so amused listening to Hillary's fowl temper and Trumps optimism. From Edward Snowden to
Assange, we have all been told. As for James Comey how can anyone tell so many different stories and not be in jail?.

Is anyone telling the truth I wonder?  How important is truth? People are frightened of change and the unknown. The media thrives on fear and destruction, left wing liberal values,  as they get more readers.  It is becoming an horror movie. Trump of course feeds all this. He loves outrageous behaviour, being  controversial is his winning ticket, and the press love it in turn selling another million newspapers. Don't think for one moment everything isn't carefully thought out to provoke. There is no bad press, anything said is better than nothing at all.

I arrived off the plane this morning and entered my chauffeur driven car, collected by someone who looked a Muslim. I said I am sorry, but are you a terrorist, or are you Hindi? He laughed and said indeed he was Hindi and promptly talked about Buddha. He then said don't worry about Muslims they have beards.  It was all politically incorrect but humorous. Everything can be solved through laughter, If however you want to use knives just fuck off, we are all trying to get through life.  In my mind if you decide to kill somebody you should be killed. Why pay for the cost of keeping someone who murders alive?. It is not that anybody was surprised about yesterday and the violence of Khalid  Masood, we were all waiting for it.  The rest of Europe and America have these instances all the time.
The man yesterday who murdered several innocent people was indoctrinated with old fashioned ideals and blindly loyal to things that don't exist. We in turn should not be so avaricious. Stop the use of oil when there is little necessity. We are all at fault.

AT THE SCENE OF THE CRIME and the woman in a hajib on the telephone walks past not helping, she later complained of trolls...

I haven't written for a month I needed a rest from having opinion. Brexit and the USA elections exhausted by most peoples reasoning I disagreed with 50 percent of the planet. Not that I cared  I just had got my way and needed a breath of fresh air. Falling asleep to Alex Jones was going to wreck my love life  even though I find him amusing.

Instead I have spent time in the woods and mountains .  From accumulating I wish to be free.  It is that time of  life when I am enjoying off loading  drama.. The mountains of Althausee bring purity that is addictive. I shall feast on that instead of the murky hidden stories in the very torrid guilty press, that make everybody so much more interesting than they really are.

Monday, 27 February 2017

Do you remember the time at breakfast when newspapers were read instead of the computer, Facebook  and the power of the blog?. In the grander houses in England the ironed newspaper, prepared by the butler, broke the silence as we crunched on our toast and scrambled eggs, occasionally a sigh or tut tut was heard if the news caught our attention.  I remember my Father saying there was truth on about the 8th page usually hidden, he was the journalist and writer Anthony Cave Brown.  There was always a problem with truth and lies, and every newspaper has compromised articles depending on its politics. In the old days the Editors head would roll if he got the election wrong now they stay and irritate the opposition. There are simply not enough jobs for all those supposedly qualified to work in the industry. Ten years ago I set up this blog on the back of the knowledge that print days are nearly over. They are merely now a vanity project for their owners, they are expensive for the environment. They report what their boss wants and they neglect integrity which could go against them. After all they wish to keep their jobs in a world where there are few. A journalist has always had a scurrilous reputation  but now in England they form a psuedo elite having been educated in our finest Universities. Their papers have  puffed up opinions maybe articulately put but they are out of date and ready for the coffin.
Their lack of reasoning and ability to see into the future for either Brexit or Trump showed appalling lack of judgement in my opinion or most likely they were trying to persuade the nation to Remain and vote for the most corrupt political family of all time The Clintons. To me it was all obvious. While the Main Stream Media were still screaming using quills "Read all about it" there are the youth below the line investigating.
Why would the white Working Class of Great Britain and its Commonwealth, not rise up and fight against more globalisation and cry for their lack of employment and gloomy future. These are not money men working the day markets these were not the immigrants in the East End, these were Celts and Anglo Saxons giving their warrior cries. Why would they like Europe? They never did. We are suddenly meant to trust the Italians, believe the Greeks who never paid tax, like The Muslims that have taken over middle England, to like the French who want their food to be better than ours and join in with the Germans who wanted because of WW11 guilt to house millions of refugees.
The truth was there in the form of lone brave writers hidden in independent Blogs, like Alex Jones, Infowars, Stefan Molyneux, End of Times, Exposed truth,  Breitbart, Milo Yiannopoulis etc taking risks where mainstream media dare not go.
Mr Podesta now takes a job as a journalist at The New York Times only discrediting it further and  where he can be the master of disinformation, along with his brother who writes at The Washington Post, another brother works there as a photographer so in positions to relay the news they wish to be out there. Skippy,  Mr Podesta's alter ego will be hidden.
 The top list of Newspapers all wrote about the benefits of globalisation and neglected the benefits of a spray tan and a willing bank account.

Wednesday, 15 February 2017

Saturday, 11 February 2017

With Valentine's day approaching. it is all caky and balloons. I was sitting at a dinner the other night and a man  yet again assumed I would like to meet him in the afternoon. So everybody knows in the future,  I am a dominatrix, I wish I had known in the past when men fancied me I would have brought my riding crop and a broken tooth brush.

The minute a man says he is coming round, I am off, don't they know I like latent homosexual men with less food in the fridge than I have? Whatever people think I am doing, what could possibly make them think I want their sweaty hormonal body in my house in my drawing room, they are very mistaken, I shall squash that immediately.
Just because I have blonde hair and a smiling disposition does not make me want to be associated with their cigarette smoking, alcohol ridden stench. Smoking to cover the smell.   Grinning with their short yellow teeth sometimes  holding in their ageing stomach. If I find a dishy clean smelling captain of industry with a twin brother I will share him out with my friends. The rest are chancers. 
Just because I am smiling at everybody,  I maybe just showing my teeth!!
The truth is I should have known,  blondes have a sexuality that other women recognise and are threatened by,  but actually men like the sensuality of a brunette.  I had a boyfriend once who said to me  "You walk ahead because of the paps"  

Men think blondes are disposable, but the men I know who did this got thumped in the face by the treacherous softly spoken brunette.

I find  there are quite a few people on the planet who I should stock up with lots of garlic and a crucifix when I see them.
As I look in the mirror I realise we must celebrate who we are, ten years from now we will be having surgery to look as we do today.

Friday, 10 February 2017

Thursday, 9 February 2017

Monday, 6 February 2017

The shock and awe programme of Mr Trump continues to disturb the Liberal Left and one of my favourite speakers Milo Yiannopoulos was chucked out of Berkeley University after rocks were hurled at him. The rioters missed out as he is a great speaker  with right wing tendencies, who likes to use intelligent arguments and not skin colour to find the truth. The truth is I like politically incorrect people, I am a huge fan of Milo and you are missing out not listening to him. His views on the LGBT are indeed not flattering but  he is witty as he is gay.
Donald said that if the rioting continued he would consider stopping their funding. He doesn't terrify me instead I feel safe in his rhetoric. After the abuse I received on Facebook for liking him, I am becoming as hard as nails.
Of course I have lost 120 friends and have had a nightmare explaining that actually they are being Facist and are stopping freedom of speech unless you are in agreement with everything they say. They feel the need to believe the pushy pink feminist hat  Soros funded women. I just don't,
I think if you asked them what the violence was about they would describe something that they are doing but actually they are not aware of. Once you are violent you have lost and beware there are empty FEMA camps ready for something? After all the Liberal left in a America are not fighting a cause, the left are causing a fight. 
Is America any worse today than it was six months ago?. President Trump is working with the  ingredients on the table, look in the mirror and you will see what those are. Obama wanted to eat chilli all day and Trump wants to give everybody good old American apple pie home made. It seems half of America are dying for new ideas  to collapse just so they can say they are right. The sad thing is it is transatlantic. The truth is I am tired of of the noise. 
Don't they know that light always wins over darkness. 
It is becoming like a love story that President Trump does not know about.

Talking about love stories, which interest me more,  when I look back at my life, never discount the touching of fingers, the look of love when a man gives you a present that you did not expect. My most romantic moments never ended in kitchen sink drama. One man I met on a plane and the next day the man took me to the Butterfly Museum in New York, where you literally walk through beautiful different breeds of butterflies and Moths. The butterflies land on you touching both your heart and soul. Another story I met on a train, my most romantic story, and if I close my eyes I can still see where he is in the world,  at the time I would jump on a plane, not knowing where I was going just knowing I would find him. He would send me a number of a hotel room and I would guess which hotel he was in. He gave me little presents, hairpins, a tea set from Japan, a green apple. More touching than any diamond ring which was the last present my ex husband gave me. Another lover and I were once stuck in a lift together in 150 degrees and we could not get out. He was kissing my neck, I had to wait until he stopped so that the lift worked again. These stories, as you get older, are important memories. So about last night I went. to an incredible production was on Broadway but now in London of The Glass Menagerie. Please go, let the beautiful acting take you to other lives away from political chaos, I have no idea who the actors were, it is not fame that counts instead let Tennessee Williams words make you think. Do not fight the acting but let it take you into the clouds where love and poetry actually happen, but never lasts, yet in our memory,  it lasts forever.
Don't involve yourself in fighting wars you cannot control, diversify, seek out real love humour and kindness.

Remember this "the light" always wins.

Sunday, 29 January 2017

Thursday, 26 January 2017

Tuesday, 24 January 2017

I was raped by my Grandmother's gardener when I was seven. I looked in the mirror, I thought I needed to hide, the solution was to get fat, the village was a dangerous place for a blond. For the next ten years, hiding at the "bottom" of the class, everybody left you alone there. I thought very strategically. To be fourth from "bottom" of the top stream the family would think I was clever enough but lazy. I did not want to draw attention to long blond plaits and dug my fingers into my face creating welts so I was spotty. I wanted to be left in peace. It kept me safe, playing with ponies having fun with friends. When I was 14 my best friend told the rest of the class that I was the prettiest and would definitely be the prettiest at 40, I went into panic mode. I hid again with another 20 inches of lard.  In my final year, I took my exams. I didn't care,  I was on this planet for better times. I received my O-level exam results back and got one B in English Literature and 10 E's. I filled all the E's turning them into B's and went proudly to my Mother. She went to the teachers, my lie was overturned. Back to school, this time to a crammer, where you learn everything in one term. "Bullying" Bullied to be clever, pretty, intelligent and fun. That's the point.  I was at boarding school from the age of 5, where they tortured me with a plastic whip. It was fine. Now I look back it made me stronger and more determined. I would dream of castles whilst my girlfriends would dream of owning the local pub.

Why I say this is that during this election, The Liberal Left Democrats have been guilty of unforgivable bullying which did not bring out the best in Donald Trump. So much for spirituality, yoga and their fake gurus or using diplomacy. Bullying  Donald J Trump guaranteed his success, He was bullied by actors, stars, politicians. Hollywood.  Everybody said he could not do it including Barrack Obama. I won't mention them they are out of fashion now. That is except a small number of followers like Alex Jones and a huge supportive social media, representing the real people. I knew he would. Trump would answer back, he would twitter and spin, but I could see him the small boy and he was hurt. This is a man who has everything perfect. Perfectly beautiful wives in perfect clothes,  perfect children, perfect grandchildren with perfectly neatly organized lives. Nobody on drugs or drink, squeaky clean. The only thing he could not have was credibility with the Hollywood narrow-minded elite, the Illuminati, The New World Order. They ridiculed him saying he would never make it, he was the "Straw Man sent to save Clinton with an orange face"  How stupid they all were. He rose to the occasion against all odds, ridicule, and bullying. Hollywood, the bank's, Artists,  everyone talked badly, about him and enjoyed it too. Their small limited minds will diminish with every signature.  President Donald J Trump, good on you, you made it. I know you will do well, that is if they do not kill you first.  Now the left is using The Oscar's to march and discuss Climate Change. This makes me really furious. Nobody cared that Obama dropped 26,000 bombs in the Middle East and the devastation to the planet that caused? Where is the moral value?
My word of advice is to keep safe, they love to murder. Mr. Trump, your Inauguration was incredible, moving and yes it the audience full.  Yes, the photographs are taken at different times. Just a word of advice put Soros, Streep, and Madonna in "Coventry" in the corner.  Show them you are the success that they have all been waiting for and most of all enjoy the position you have achieved and do your best.
A note to all haters, you have only yourselves to blame.
"You want one to have conformist beliefs, I like to be analytical and individual. I do not sadly believe in bolting the gate after the horse has fled, sadly Hillary's currency is now Confederate Bonds. President Trump was fortunate to be up against Hillary at the time because she was the only person who gave him credibility. He made her look like a serious contender which she wasn't. She thought she was in a Democracy, she was in The Federal State of America. One more thing STOP using women's rights when this is not about that but about getting rid of Trump sorry you don't like his haircut. The really clever women know this and see through it. Please stop it. Instead, do something positive, rebuild rethink and choose somebody who is clean without a reputation. Obama and Clinton managed to lose and destroy the Democrat's in both houses and work needs to be done".

Sunday, 22 January 2017

Saturday, 21 January 2017


I have been doing my best dressed list since 2007 which is now ten years ago. Congratulations to my very stylish friends. Getting dressed is one of the most fun adventures you can do in life. I personally prefer a uniform but some of my friends are truly creative like Inesa, Lady Gaga and Rushka.
It feels light relief to discuss clothes instead of politics which have been so aggressively fought  in the last few weeks. I have added my favourite men too, I love the way Anderson Cooper dresses and Roger Stone and I love the style of George Blodwell.

1.   Huma Abedin
2.   Amal Clooney
3.   Ivanka Trump
4.   Jennifer Lawrence
5.   Rushka Bergman
6.   Melania Trump
7.   Poppy Delevigne
8.   Inesa De La Roche
9.   Loree Rodkin
10. Lady Gaga
11. Marina Cicogna
12  Kendall Jenner

1.   Roger Stone
2.   George Blodwell.
3.   Barrack Obama
4.   Anderson Cooper
5.   Charles Saatchi
6.   Prince Harry
7.   Charles Finch
8.   Sadiq Khan
9.   Charles Aboah
10. Bradley Cooper
11. Eddie Redmayne
12. Ozwald Boateng

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