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With fake news being highlighted everywhere, truth is lurking and hiding in dark corners, I decided to be prudent for a moment and think.  Whenever someone says "Don't look", I feel they are trying to divert my attention,  I automatically have another look and another, just to confirm what I originally thought.
I have been down the rabbit hole of fake news and whilst some stories could be exaggerated, there is the saying "Where there is smoke there is fire" Take for example the possible insurance scam of The Titanic? A boat swap with the sister boat, The Olympic?  I will leave you to go down that hole.
It is a fact that the abduction of children and sex has been used to control people for many years, the MK Ultra program has been well documented within the world of The Illuminati, not everything should be discounted as a conspiracy, it is and was apparently used to cover up and control the misdemeanors of the elite so Pizzagate could be true.
However distasteful, it is a good idea to have your eyes open. I was talking about this subject several days ago and a perfectly normal gay man said he had been involved in just such a program and his boyfriend ended up dying in very strange circumstances.  These people do not look weird, they  mingle with us in very normal ways.
I also argued the case of freedom of choice and abortions, which for me is also a problem. 250 million babies are aborted worldwide each year. This is a genocide, women should be sensible and use contraception. Obviously,  in times of war, this may be impossible.

This week,  we were lectured by Hollywood, in particular, Meryl Streep.  We were told how to feel and how to think about Donald J Trump which only makes me more determined to support him. Discrimination towards Conservatives in this town is wrist-slittingly predictable. I am not interested in being told that I am bad if I approve of him.  To be rude continually,  is dreary. Their opinion was ignored and next week he will be Inaugurated unless he is assassinated. The lame ugly jokes were tiresome and their dresses lacked panache because of it.  There is something very boring about this year's Golden Globes, despite the optimism of the film  LALA Land, it was the endless negativity about the future President without any consideration that it could be untrue and that it is actually bad manners to be such an appallingly bad sport.  It was absurd when The Middle East is wrecked, 5 million refugees are everywhere,  all is blamed on Donald J Trump, who as yet has not held office.  Also flying around was the hacking blamed on Putin and not Julien Assange the real curator of Wikileaks.
Heavens. So much for political correctness. Obama is and was in power, lest we forget, and it was Hillary Clinton's  Foreign Policy and the will of the Liberal left wing which has often caused such hardship.

Meryl Streep  became ugly and distorted.  Her lifetime appeal went up in smoke as I made up my mind to never watch a film with her in it ever again.  We should also remember that Meryl was wearing an expensive over jeweled, ugly couture dress/jacket, her makeup was done and her hair too, all at great cost.  She is true champagne socialist like the rest of her associates.  I am tired of listening to badly thought out arguments about what Trump is going to achieve when he has not actually in office yet. We gave Obama a chance and what a lame duck he proved to be, charming yes and ineffectual. Lest we forget the American's are 20 trillion in debt and America's reputation is in a mess around the world due to its endless bomb dropping and fighting wars. Obama is charming but, with a huge B.

Talking about clothes I also think Ivanka looks better dressed than most of the Globe nominees. Let's be honest The Trumps are mostly well dressed, intelligent and well spoken. Give them a break and a chance to rule. Trump is well loved by his employees and was voted legally into office, so enough is enough or the whole of America looks foolish and unintelligent.

I wish the future President of the United States of America great success against these out of date thinkers who only think about their own Estates and lifestyles.
I would love to say the actresses were well dressed and that their films interested me, but this year nothing did. The winners were predictable and quite frankly not good enough. C'est la vie. Corruption. The ugliness of propaganda just bored me to tears. Shame.

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What is new? Banning freedom of speech? Banning certain Newspapers from Universities, stopping blogs? The internet world and the real world are becoming fraught with tension. We must keep freedom of speech. After the last few weeks when I think my friends are brainwashed, it is essential that we continue debating. It is fun, it is interesting and it is enlightening. You don't have to believe that Obama has a dodgy Birth Certificate and parentage and Michelle Obama is a man, but you must be able to do your own research. From my point of view I do not see why it matters.  As for Pizzagate being so called  fake news, God forbid any child gets murdered because we did not believe Julien Assange and the FBI are too frightened to fight and round the Clinton's people tend to get popped off. Fake News, what rubbish?. By the way this was written all about in David Icke's The Biggest Secret which he wrote in 1998.  This book says it all. So nothing new.
The other day a friend said we have to believe Wikileaks their record, up to a few weeks ago before the election was never questioned. I believe Julien Assange's integrity to be correct however in this mad world of uncovering espionage we should still question and argue everything. Breitbart is rude, The Daily Mail, gossipy with a few important messages on page 8 or thereabouts, The Sun is beloved by the working man, Infowars is eccentric and Alex Jones is outrageous lastly Drudge Report, without all these valuable and excited journalists The New York Times and CNN might start being believed We therefore must fight choice. The fact that the Democrats lost the election is not because of the Newspapers it is just that the people are not as thick as the political parties would like us to be and they are fighting back the corruption and sleeze of the left. Whatever job we have for the most part the Internet is an educator as are Newspapers. Always remember to take back your information to it's orginal source.

The point in this open world of the Internet user is to not tell lies. Better you put it all out there and we the reader can decide what we wish to believe and follow.  The blatant dishonesty surrounding both elections by MSM, of Brexit and the USA have fueled discourse and half my friends I do not care if I ever see again. They have a refusal to believe anything outside their narrow comfort zone. They want to live in a Nanny State where they a spoonfed. They don't like to think about how their world pays for The National Health, Education, Police, Obamacare. Whatever side of the Ocean and in whatever country facts are facts. Mostly our wellfare is paid for by wars which make the most money. Taxes are paid for by the the ailng Middleclasses whilst the elite will always find ways to escape. A few people pay for huge amount of unemployed. If you don't like refugees then stop fighting the hell out of places like Syria, but of course this is a game about oil, blood and gold. Fight the good fight with Freedom of Speech and words, not with weapons.

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There has been a lot if talk of  Occult practises and witchcraft recently with Pizzagate, Satanism, Aleister Crowley, The Satan Church in Los Angeles, the first Satanic School.  The power of thought is strong. Even when incense is used in Church it is a ritual as is "drinking wine and eating a biscuit" in church they signify the body and blood of Christ.  Religion is organised witchcraft, they took Pan the God of the Greenwood and turned him red and called him the Devil. Witchcraft  is around us at all times. "Don't walk underneath a ladder" and a black cat is good and bad luck depending. Used well, Occult practises and Hedge Alchemy  is a form of spiritualism and brings good luck. Semen, blood and herbs are all used, used wisely they are potent. The new Occult practise is celebrity. Some people have their prayers answered and some don't.  Everything is faith including "Thanksgiving" Remember America killed all the indiginous people only to sit down with a fat Turkey looking smug. Strange rituals like the Wicker man. It is all the same thing. It is cosmetic all covering evidence of the mutilated that displeased them yesterday.
I love magic, the good happy side like Halloween.  However,  Magic is like early music, you improvise and like early Music "the red dot " is not exact. I say believe in magic and fairies. Believe in Cinderella and the four mice. think happy and positive thoughts like Tony Robbins, Raja Yoga, Bernard Hiller and hey presto your life will be a lot chirpier.

Getting a birthday cake with candles is witchcraft, and then you eat the cake that signifes the body, it is all witchcraft. The Wedding cake is too. I will rarely eat somebodies cooking I feel it contains their energy. I like to call it Wishcraft, think right all will be right.
There are shitty spells which are usually done by shitty people to give people mental breakdowns, secure happy people do not need this.  You can also make a cake to takeaway magic and bad intentions. When you send a present to somebody and when the recipient undoes the bow they unleash all the intentions. There are spells to become rich and famous.  Remember witches don't look like witches. They look like everybody else and like a spy they merge with whatever else is going on.

Hillary Clinton  obviously asked for more votes than Donald Trump, but she clearly did not ask it the right way with any sort of conviction. She, asked for the most votes and she got the popular vote she just did not become President. On top of that she mocked witchcraft and used it infront of everybody else for example the broken mirror  at the start of the last bit of the campaign and as she has not a clean spirit, they, The Elementals, gave her exactly what she wished for. Broken glass removes negativity yet mirror gives you 7 years bad luck.  I don't know who suggested this but it was a terrible idea that briefly looked good.
Donald Trump knew he was superior,  he could feel everybody hated him, he had no knowledge  or experience of running a country, he has a stunning wife. he has everything, he did not need this. He knew he would not be liked and had sexual allegations against him.  Yet, Donald knew how to win, and he won. He knew Hillary well and Trump is a much more intelligent than anyone gave him credit for. He knew that people always go back to the scene of the crime for example the emails. Hillary had the black vote, the female vote, the gay vote but she got insecure and kept going back to the scene of her crimes. A guilty person can't help it.  We knew we did not need to find the emails, we knew she would take us to them. As Donald said "Follow the money". He did not lose the campaign for her, she did it quite beautifully herself and on time.

Once you acknowledge there are these spirits, you wake up  and you will see them I am told, so be careful. As for Pizzagate, I think we should separate the two issues one of witchcraft and one of paedophilia. I won't discuss the latter I do not have the facts.
The horrific stories that have come out of Wikileaks regarding this is infact "information". I am sure the people involved will be investigated, and as you are "Innocent" until proven guilty,  they should be given that dignity to defend themselves.  Is it brave to say something or should we sweap stories under the carpet, pretend that it does not matter and let it comes under the heading "Fake" news? Judging by the lack of integrity of certain newspapers to act on problems like this. Newspapers  contain news and opinion, but opinion like politics is just opinion.
There is evidence of involvement with a child as there are some drawings.  The sketches are evidence but they are not proof.  Police can't be involved as there is no body.  There is certainly interest in weird art, but still that is not proof. Whilst I like wacky art the people concerned have collected in my opinion morbid and depressing art. A stream of blood is best left in the bodies veins. However remember blood signifies purity, it is wonderful and only changes when it dies, it is a life force. Witchcraft maybe fun but it is a serious business and I personally know little about it but as far as I know everybody must respect it.  Obviously the children involved in these sacrifices have not come forward in the case of Pizzagate, as either, they did not exist, are dead or are brainwashed. They too could have been infiltrated e.g MK Ultra programme to control people using witchcraft, occult, serpents to service the Illuminati. Even the restaurants could have been in a scam. So although I am worried sick about small children involved in any sexual crime, you need proof, evidence and fact  before running to conclusions.  Otherwise you could accuse innocent people and ruin their lives. Why they use children is that they have the cleanest spirits and the most powerful thought processes. It is then used to blackmail. Blackmail is such an ugly word but in mind control this works wonders. Of course I am beginning to think that nobody thinks.

There are continual problems with greed and whoring, the desire for success, power, happiness and love will never go away. It maybe hidden but it will never disappear. Only insecure people crave what they think is power.   We  have just  witnessed the nastier and more dangerous side of life, politics and conspiracy. Let's hope it in turn makes America great again, which in turn helps the world and therefore us.

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The "ME" generation of snapchatters  need councilling, love in's, days off college all because they were educated by Kim, Hillary and celebrity and have not got the backbone to cope with Democracy. The Me generation followed our generation which were the We generation. They are the result of single parent families and no discipline. Get a grip. It is truly pathetic that classes are cancelled because Mr Donald Trump won the election.

As you know if you follow me I knew Mr Donald Trump would win just as I knew Brexit would happen. They are voting so that the United States of America remains a democracy. Obama and Hillary are over. They both called for a peaceful transition and a fake war starts on the streets, they say nothing to stop it, and that says it all. Political correctness is out  and truth comes in. The Democrat's say they won the popular vote, either there are rules or there are not. Come on grow up sometimes you lose. There is no longer a left or a right wing, but why should anyone vote for Hillary who should have been in jail, I have no comprehension.

We are all like Mr Donald Trump in anycase, especially Los Angeles who spend millions to try to look like his wife Milania every year, who they bullied and screamed at, deriding her plastic surgery and pussy bow's. I hope she remembers who her friends really are.
Mr Soros should retire elegantly he is old and has a lot to answer for, he should go to to jail, his crew of thugs going round America smashing it up, feeling like it is their right. I have news for you, you are arrogant, you are delusional, worst of all you are all bad losers. In my opinion that is the worst crime of lot. Education has not done them any favours.

Of course I am smug, I love Trump I love that he is trying to overthrow the banks and elite. I like positive people, change and honesty. I have  been vilified by supposed best friends defriending me, insulting me , but who cares I am off to the Inauguration whilst they snivel and kvetch into their velvet covered sofas smoking pot.  I love my life.  It is not such a big deal for goodness sake. Their childish behavior is a disgrace.  Read out the Bible and find that saints come in many shapes and forms. The intellectuals in America have become bigoted and guess what they were overthrown.

Hillary lost because she used the media, emails, sordid stories and celebraties by the dozen who are generally only good with a script. Cloaning they got together to gloat on beating up of The Donald. Everybody was a bully on her campaign I got hate letters from people contributing to her crooked enterprises. What she needed was a decent encryptian service.
Mainstream media is over and the warriors are out on the streets. They were wrong wrong wrong, they were only propaganda units paid for by the above. Meritocracy, left wing Liberals did not care enough for the poor people of America,  and those people saw through everything, so not so stupid. This behaviour only shows middle America they were right.
Hell we have our freedom back,  thank goodness for that. The media and the banks lost.

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The most exciting election in modern history came to a surprising conclusion two nights ago, not to me but to California and the USA. I knew it was going to happen I could see it.  I spoke about it, I was ignored and belittled. In Los Angeles they only see what they want to see and if you disagree you are thought to be mad or not intelligent. They were not thinking about the out of work man. They were not thinking about the trillions of debt and the damage to democracy of stopping Obama's ideas from working in the Senate. Donald Trump won even though the world was against him, media, banks, the comfortable middle classes all ignored the poverty caused in inner cities.

The reality style campaign of Donald Trump will continue now in the Whitehouse and many congratulations for fighting for the people against the corporations and mainstream media, using funds only from his pocket together with many thousands of small donations, Donald has hit the big time and triumphs. Behind him will be intelligent capable people to balance the flamboyance and drain the swamp of priviledge, insiders and corruption. He swept the map of America. There is a terrible spirit of negativity that it is the end of the world. There will be changes and it might not be easy, but it is exciting. Why people attack his physicality is funny but unkind.

This happened as nobody wanted to listen. Arriving in Los Angeles I realised people wanted to fight change and the unknown and would rather put up with the Clinton's corruption, that is if they even knew about it, because most people were not informed.  They were arrogant and asleep. They also did not allow discussion, they only believe what they want to believe from their comfortable drawing rooms in Beverly Hils. The agressiveness and superiority of the Liberal left was at fault. It is a democracy and as such people need to be able to speak their views without being shouted down, facebook dumped and ridiculed. The other problem is that if you do not follow the rule of law then there is no point in having it. The rule of law should not just apply to the poor but to the rich too.
Clinton's team thought this point unimportant but the country disagreed.

 Donald was fighting a different type of campaign and made use of the the Media's negative press, laughing it off or fighting back with outrageous lines. His achilles heal was alluring and the under dog wins. Hillary hit him hard and he hit back. They were a match made in heaven for the educated and uneducated viewer.

The good people of Middle America have had enough, the thought that they are not educated on the contrary this is an easy hit, and on another point these are the very people that the Liberal's are meant to represent, but have forgotten about. For the most part it was the out of work white man who had no hope. Factories had been closed and manufacturing moved. He had nothing to lose. They were ignored by the very people who were supposed to care about and Obama care was expensive. If only Bernie Saunders had been chosen and not Hillary you may ask? Well that would have been more inteligent, but the system was rigged and somehow Bernie lost out. However when listening to him properly he is not so far away from Donald Trump, as strange as it may seem.
When speaking to Democrats they would ignore their misgivings of Hillary Clinton wanting a woman to rule at all costs. Hillary was most qualified on paper but had problems in every direction. From Benghazi,Whitewater, 35,000 bleached emails, lying under oath, Huma Abadin, Funding by George Soros who also funds Black lives Matter,  claims of witchcraft, a mirrored ceiling giving her bad luck,  Wikileaks. Huma was caught with emails on her husband's computer under a file called "Life Insurance", The Clinton Foundation where funds from enemy states such as Algeria, Saudi, Quatar and Morocco,  were sent in order to have better positions with the Clintons, that is treason in most countries. Obama created a 20 Trillion debt and Obama care. Unfortunately they did not use an Encryptian service.
Mainstream Media were bamboozling us. They were bullying and then silent.

I wish America well, it is still the most incredible country in the world with the most wonderful attitude. Here in Los Angeles they want to separate. America is not America without them.
It is the land of fruit and nuts and on arrival here I knew that they were sleeping. Everybody I spoke to did not know the full extent of the scandals, they did not know about Wikileaks.

I can congratulate the following people for fair reporting  Sean Hannity, Judge Jeanine, Alex Jones, Infowars,  Stefan Molyneux, Stone, David Icke, Andrew Neil,  Julian Assange and Wikileaks and the independent media for their bravery for fighting their battle.
Let's unify the world once the swamp is cleared up of corruption. Only you can ultimately look after yourself not the government and let's start with us, that we can control.   On another note doesn't the next First Lady, Milania Trump look great in the nude, she is an woman of today, if Kim Kardashian can do it so can she, stunning photographs from GQ.

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Walking in the sun this morning the day feels calm but in the air there is something going on that feels like an awakening about to happen. The most exciting controversial election in history ends with a climax today. Is Obama going to do a third term? Will Hillary be put in prison despite yesterday being told there was nothing to worry about in the 630,000 emails found on Huma Abedin's soon to be ex husband's computer under a file called "Life Insurance"have nothing on them to be worried about.  Will it be the calm today before the storm. I am in slumberland and it feels good.

Yesterday I was walking around Los Angeles and had a drink in The Polo Lounge of the Beverly Hills Hotel. Lionel Richie was there,  a wonderful singer, sitting with his grandchildren. Los Angeles is like that, it is inviting and happy. Everybody is positive, they have done therapy, they go to yoga classes and are sugar sweet nice. I love it. Afterwards I went to see my friend Rafael Reyes from the band Prayer who was singing to bring awareness to the controversial Dakota State Pipeline, which the locals are against because of the environment.
At my table was a man who looked like he has had facial surgery. He turned to me and said to the girl sitting next to me, sweetly, a friend, and asked was she staff. A little shocked by his manner he promptly introduced me as his future wife. He then turned to my friend again and asked me what staff would I like in his house, a Phillipino, Someone like my friend or a Black. I was so shocked by the racial profiling that I immediately understood what it was like to be treated like this as a black woman in America. I wanted to vomit. I was more upset than my friend. I was embarrassed for the man oposite who clearly did not understand the political correct world we live in. I don't really consider this living in my bubble in London what it could be like.
With the extra dumping or Wikileaks a day or two ago, I was surprised  to learn about the cooking tips of satanists. I have been party to this in a very shallow way. In my film The gun the cake and the butterfly I put in a scene where I was brewing up a storm to find the love of my life, it was comical it was also serious, it had humour.  I have however woken up.  I do it with love, involving no children or animals, blood and gore. Yesterday I was a little horrified with Wikileaks insinuation that Hillary Clinton and Marina Abramovic were all witches.  John Podesta and his brother were off to do Spirit cooking with the famous artist who seems most serious, Marina. This included breast milk, menstrual blood and urine all together. Marina Abramovic is one of the most incredibe artists that I have met. Charming beautiful and alluring she feels a long way away from the darker world of witchcraft and photographs of Lady Gaga eating from large vats of human secretions and created a scent including them.  My view is that all woman are natural witches. There are major things happening in the world secretly and not so secretly. With the hacking of the internet all a persons peccodilloes are driven to the surface. The bible is quoted, recipes consisting babies blood, sperm and urine are being used. Children are viewed as play things in bubble baths, with lewd insinuations to awaken the spirits of Wicca, they are serious and to be taken seriously.  As Marina rightly said if they are done in a Gallery they are art but if done at home they are intimate and take on a different more intense meaning. With the Podestas enjoying pigs blood etc,  would we want this lot involved in controling  nuclear weapons. On top of this the Democrats blame Trump and Putin for everything which is a red herring.

In my opinion the world has become confusing. A woman could get into tomorrow, voted in by a willing public, despite claims that she is a Satanist, her reputation of bad management in Benghazi, a supposed killer of a million people in theMiddle East, the assasin of Vincent Foster, The dodgy dealings of the Clinton Foundation and so on. She is supposedly an eloquent killer, superbly and supremely trained with biased flows of information. The woman nearest to her, her lover is meant to be a spy. Heavens? Opposite Donald Trump who wants to make America Great again with new ideals
where his sex life and fingers have been examined.
I believe Wikileaks. The small trickle has turned into a torrant, but do we need every small detail. I am aware like everyone that things behind the scenes are not innocent. Do they effect us in the West. My feeling is they are about to. Are they important. Well of course.  This goes far beyond anything we are familiar with. At first I was thinking it was a joke and of course David Icke has written about this for years, slowly but surely all that he has written seems to be verified by Wikileaks.
Along with this the scandals of Bill Clinton and the under aged preditor Anthony Weiner. These actions are frightening for other reasons connections with Jeffrey Epstein and the times that the Clinton's went there. Occult and black magic seem less attractive by the minute as the election draws to an end. Here in Los Angeles everything is swept under the carpet. Trump is demonised, Hillary is raised to sainthood and I am sitting here thinking the world has gone bonkers. Intelligent people have lost all sense of reason, sanity or have they? Should I just lighten up and accept what is about to befall us. Should we have this sort of person in power?

Should we just turn a blind eye as suggested? We are made to think it is all a joke, they are doing voodoo. However it is said and therefore serious that Hillary used to bring up dead people in The Whitehouse and that she used to go to a Satanist Church here in Los Angeles. Satanism is not always bad.
I think I have only two more days here and I will just sit in the sunshine and hopefully all will be okay with a smile and a wink and not the callamity as suggested. The backbone of America will speak, it has not been elevating but entertaining. We listened to a campaign where the size of Trump's hands and hairstyle were important, where Clinton could have Parkinsons and had loads of scandals.  Trump wants to speak to the forgotten men and women of America. Gosh they have had a battle, but they have been friends. Let us hope America is unified in a positive and exciting new way after the decision made by the election today.

Thursday, 3 November 2016

For eight months I have been boring my friends to tears about Hillary Clinton and my distrust of her. In the late 1990's  it all started with a book I was given by a friend,  by the discredited but often correct writer, David Icke, "I am me, I am free" and "The biggest Secret". Books that opened your brain into the meaning of life.   People screamed at me and said "David Icke sees Lizards", but now I understand Lizards come in many shapes and forms. It opened my eyes. At the time I had a dinner party where I got appropriate people to read out lines from both books,  they were involved in. Wayne Dyer who had been speaking at the conference with Deepak Chopra, Stuart Wilde and David Icke. It was enlightening. How to be good and get the most out of life.

America is now going through a huge drama and the slowness and often badly informed public is embarrasing with such an important election up for grabs, the future worries me. America has direct impact on the rest of the world. If this was going on anywhere else in the world we would  take over, Presidents would be slammed, put in jail and killed, but the Clinton's always escape along with their cronies. That is until now, when we will be saved by the brash and loud, charasmatic, Donald Trump. Don't laugh at me even the Bible agrees. After the turmoil we will get the messiah one hopes.

Due to the brilliance but controversial access, Wikileaks and others have attained "The pay to play" involving The Clinton Foundation, whose stories have woken a sleepy lazy human. The worst behavior of the Clinton's being what happened to the funds for Haiti?  At the beginning I was slammed so much on social media sights like Facebook and Twitter. One "friend" even said "Why are you talking about Hillary like this, look what she does for charity, I helped her?" What could I say? The murky dirty waters of the Clinton Foundation have now been tested and the silt is appearing that the ones who guesed the truth are thinking "What has happened to human intelligence and integrity?"  All people were thinking about let's be realistic, was their social position, their financial access and not who the people were they were electing and donating to.  It has now been undoubtably proven that The Clinton's should be up for Treason and Murder, their web of lies creeping into every direction, from 5 email hackers from Enemy States to under aged sex and Jeffrey Epstein. If they get in next week time, it's time to move out. In my opinion, it is time to leave her side if you want success in the future. They have gone too far. Need I say the words Benghazi, Whitewater, 35,000 emails, 140 people disappearing around them and yes "Follow the money" to the heart of it "The Clinton Foundation where countries like Morocco, Saudi Arabia and Algeria gained goodwill access to America provided they donated large sums of cash. As I spoke about America being compromised by this tardy clan,  Hillary needed an encyptian service but she did not have one.  I was accused of xenophia on a regular basis, yet it is them that discriminated, that noticed the differences between humans. I could accuse them of witchcraft and steeling babies. Just check on line.

 Sadly the slimy backbone of the FBI protect the Clinton's at all costs.  She was fed the questions at the debates, which seems a small cheat in comparison to her many misdemeanors. "Hire a Clinton and get your cash out and America is your oyster" Protected by Facebook and Google she nearly got away with it.

I am smiling at myself not through happiness, but because I knew all along, I am inquisitive and what can I say, I just knew.
For weeks I have been asking friends why does Hillary have next door to her the daughter of a Muslim Brotherhood paper Editor's daughter,  Huma Abedin who is so close to The Saudi's and ISIS? The elegant and clever Huma, who is estranged to the now outspoken and discredited  Mr Anthony Weiner? Now as the net starts to close and Mr Weiner's emails read due to pornography, a file is found called "Life Insurance" belonging to Huma is found on his computer. In it are the emails missing and another 650.000. With this news Huma disappears? I am sure she is hidden under a burka of black linen. No, I heard she was going to be at a fundraiser and you can be photographed with her if you pay £5,000 a pop. So despite the bad news Hillary is still supported by the Wintours, Furstenburg's and Cher. This is very depressing when you consider the corruption surrounding.
What is Hillary thinking of? Millions have died at the press of America's button so far, how many more will do so in the future depends on this election.
As the dirt unfolds 40 people will lose their jobs and Hillary if she gets into office is liable to be in Prison, so the options are brave and new. Donald Trump and Jill Stein a nice worthy woman.

The only credible brave journalists are Sean Hannity Fox, Alex Jones, Infowars, Wikileaks Julian Assaunge, Judge Jeannine Fox because we had to forget any credible press coming from The New York Post, The Times, The Daily Mail, Huffington Post. They were in the pocket literally of The Clinton's. It is a great shame that humanity has stooped so low. It is a great shame that people for several years have not been trusted. There we are. Damn politicians we want to live.

I think it's time to leave the sinking ship of the dirty Clinton's and time to welcome the new world with wisdom of the people who helped me. David Icke, Wayne Dyer and most of all Deepak Chopra coloured by the new brave politicians in weird shapes and forms that won't be perfect but at least will not be attached to the hidden agendas of the past.

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The truth about the United States, law & YOU (Extended version/more info...
Hillary Clinton, you will be voting for Open borders, Globalisation, corruption, higher taxes,  WAR, Wikileaks scandals. Bribes, Clinton Foundation, ladders of opportunity is how much you give to her, Gangsters, Clinton looting the treasury, last time she had to give back the china to The White House. She does not like religion. Crime and Bill in the next door office but we were sold down the river a long time ago. Terrible reputation, yes terrible, around the world. Chelsea has her hands in the piggy bank too. Look what Clinton's did with Haiti, her past reputation with Vincent Foster, 140 people disappeared, Benghazi, Whitewater, her trashing of others religion, 35,000 emails bleached. You will be on the hook. 20 trillion in debt. Upstate New York. Thirty years of failure. Bill Clinton was threatened with impeachment and disbarred for sexual harassment which they then framed Donald with. Hillary's poor health and suspected Parkinsons. Do you seriously want more of this? Hated by Haitians. Famous for drug laundering. Gangster activities. Corrupt Media and Supreme Court. Money stashed away instead of giving to charities. Left wing liberal  intellects love her. Propaganda. All her emails compromised by enemies of state. Time to tried, Madame.


Donald J. Trump offers the opportunity to make America great again, this is his great wish. Greater screening of immigrants, lower taxation, greater security, religious tolerance within the borders. A wall, corruption stopped. Hillary in Jail. Nationalism, building up the army. Had a clean reputation until Mainstream Media killed him. Beautiful well behaved children. popularity with poor America. Liberty, Donald is loved by the people. You have to make a choice. Charm, humor his own wealth. People love him.

Freedom. Corruption within the system exposed and imprisoned.
Main Stream Media exposed and shamed. Paid for his own campaign.
His supposed sexual harassment have now been proved that they were set up's by Clinton campaign.
Robust health a few pounds overweight. His own successful businesses well loved boss. Love of women. Improved schools and police. Anti-drugs, anti-booze.
Beautiful clean Whitehouse with a nice family. Well loved around the world.


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