Monday, 26 January 2015

I don't understand the concept of holidays. "You need a holiday from a holiday" says my hairdresser Gia Sinatra from Le Salon, at the Sofitel Hotel, this morning. Personally, I have never liked them. I have often found that having got on a crowded aeroplane to some destination without white fluffy towels,  that the airline has downgraded me,  and I am  shoved  next to the loo on the plane, with people who are so fat that I have nowhere to sit. When I arrive my bags have been lost and are unlikely to turn up ever again, on top of that I have jet lag so badly that I miss the first five days as I fall asleep precisely at the time I am meant to get up. I run a bath and I find a scorpion the corner which I don't is a scorpion but I know this much, that I learnt that some crawly insects can kill.
Then there is the sand problem. I personally hate sand, I wear black thick tights and huge black boots to avoid any contact with those irritating small grains, that infiltrate my underwear.
Feeling huge I then jump on the scales and figures on it you don't recognise stare back at me, and I have to go on a major diet for the next three months, eating lots of green and alkaline products that smell and taste weird. I can't remember eating so much, yet I don't fit into any of my clothes.
Worst of all I get back and I have to pay back all that I have spent. Since I have fallen out with my best friend,  because she drank too much on the holiday, I have nobody to complain to,

and I don't have anybody to talk to.
I am cutting back my travelling activities and starting a new life and calm and sanity. I am going to work on my love life and enjoy am imagined work load from my bed. Perhaps in my twenties I was right, I thought it was a good idea to spend all my life horizontal, in-between sheets, as nothing meant anything, that was until I went to RADA, where I found out that everything meant everything.

Sunday, 25 January 2015

I have always loved dressing like a man,  sharp white shirts and black suits, I used to like the masculine lines on my very feminine body, I liked the severe look of tails, the look of white tie. My tails by the designer Kenzo, have since been stolen by son Charles, I will definitely get them back thought.   Like Marlene Dietrich I wanted to find the perfect mans suite. Kenzo used to give the most incredible cross dressing parties in Thailand at the Amanpuri. The boys would all wear high heels, make up, pink and gold dresses, and Kenzo himself was the most outrageous of the lot. It was not about sex so much as enjoyment. Dietrich is quoted as saying that she much preferred the comfort and elegance of mens clothes not to be a cross dresser but because she just enjoyed them. Kathryn Hepburn followed as well.  In 1930 Marlene was put into a suit to be more alluring to the audience, this worked, it was a overnight success.

Men throughout the ages whore high heals and wigs, and then suddenly the Victorians and the Second World War made it all so dreary.

Many of my male friends don't exactly want to wear a dress but they do enjoy wearing more flamboyant clothes than are available for them nowadays and they are turning into the biggest spenders too. There is the man, the gay man, the girl boy and the boy girl as we know, and the lines are merging. I am now living in a world where you can be with the people who we are in love with, no matter what their sex is. I was having my make up done at Charlotte Tilbury's  counter in Bergdorf Goodman,  and there were as many boys at the counter as girls. Obviously they don't like regularly wearing bright red lipstick, but if their skin needs help they will definitely whip on a cream and a light foundation. Why not? Why not wear a little eye liner or eye makeup?

I was in Los Angeles and I went to a sale at Nikki Rich that Nikki Lund was doing, my male friend proudly put on her clothes and they fitted him better than they fitted me.  Men are wanting and have wanted for sometime more individual clothes that they originally only found at the back of wardrobes. They sometimes want a more feminine shirt, or a jacket with something different on it.
I bought a coat by John Galliano made for men a few years ago in Harvey Nichols. I bought it in the smallest size and then had to alter it. My son bought another one, in the next size up, and looked incredible in it. We are always fighting over it. Other people want it too.
Now thank goodness for the modern neutral gender attitude of Selfridges who have now catered for all the sexes with their new floor. Thank goodness for their outward ideas.
Look how happy the cast of Kinky Boots were dancing on stage in a pair of red high boots, and you know none of the audience was surprised. Boys just love it as much as us girls.

I can now hopefully whip into anything on the floor at Selfridges that I desire. The interchangeable sexes are here to stay and their clothes too.
Richie Sambora

Thursday, 22 January 2015

In this months Vogue UK I was considered for the page "objects of desire" Giving hope to all women over 38. Good news considering that I shall be dieting to my special weight for the Oscars next week.

After Christmas despite the endless amount of handstands and yoga lessons with Bhesat Ahmet and Justine Glenton, the chubbiness has to disappear so I will place myself into the special care of the Mayr Clinic next week. They have opened their redecorated premises in the heart of Austria. Thank goodness for that as it was a trifle austere but a good deal more comfortable than We Care just outside Palm Springs, which I could stand for only two hours.


Last week I watched and listened to The Globes where there were as usual some surprising moments. The Oscar Nominations were equally controversial.  I am mad about music scores. I wish "Birdman" had  had a nomination for its  improvised drumming score by Antonio Sanchez, as at least it was completely different and nobody could accuse it of having been cut and past?. Apparently it was disqualified for having classical music included in the score? What about Whiplash, another great film with original music by Justin Kauflin, where was that in the award nominations?.  There are so many films with classical music included in their scores that have been up for Oscars, so heaven knows what on earth that means?. Talking about scores, the composers could be a little more individual, I have perfect pitch so I listen carefully. I used to play a game with my family as a child with music "Who copied whom". My grandfather, the film director Sidney Gilliat, loved it, my mother an opera singer loved it too.  I loved singing and the piano and can read music.  I could hear moments from "The King's Speech", "Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close", Philomena and Benjamin Button in "The Theory of Everything?"  Mr Johansson's score is so influenced by Desplat's scores that originally I got confused and thought the writer was the award winning Alexandre Desplat himself. I do not know the exact copyright rules, and cannot spend hours looking at the individual phrasing but in the old days if you copied more than fourteen bars you were plagiarising.(actually I thought it was eight bars).Anyway, if only it had been true, it would mean that, like "Lion King", Desplat would have had three nominations in one category which includes Hotel Budapest and Imitation Game.. Well I suppose if the Oscar goes to "The Theory of Everything "Mr Desplat can be pleased, even if it is an unusual way to get an Oscar? My opinion is that dreams are realised by being original. Perhaps, like the film The Artist, where Ludovic Bource won an Oscar for his score, it was the last we heard of him? Anyway I do not have to fear for Desplat, he is a winner having scored more than one hundred movies, and been nominated and won many.

"THEORY OF EVERYTHING" I love Norma Desmond and Marilyn Monroe but I do not need to copy them I can just be influenced?
I am very excited I shall be on Sunset Boulevard for my film, The gun the cake and the butterfly, in a couple of weeks.
Due to the other film companies involved.


People from all walks of life seem to copy, from fashion, art, makeup and film ideas. Perhaps we are all one big melting pot, but I like things to be individual, for true expression to be shown, even if you fail.   I certainly do not like to be thought to be like someone else.  You can be influenced but never copy. Take Francesca Woodman who was the original contemporary female artist that tore herself inside out. A very authentic female artist who committed suicide at 21. Who knows what she would have achieved, but one thing is for sure she has certainly left her mark and is one of the best kept secrets in art since Hans Bellmer. Boy has she been copied.
I don't mind stealing but don't get caught.


On another note I am thrilled that the very original and exciting fashion designer John Galliano's clothes are in full swing for Maison Martin Margiela. If only I had been able  to see the show.

 In New York I was lucky enough to listen to Sting's musical "Last Ship" I say lucky as originally I heard and watched it some years ago in Paris, and I hated it. I have changed my mind, despite the fact it was about Ship Yards in Northern England, I was excited by the energy, the music, and the appearance of Sting himself. I was glad that he worked on this project so long, that he did not give up. The Last Ship had changed so much. Broadway failure may be that a play or musical is shut after 6 months, but the night I went there, there was not one free chair in the house. A failure. it certainly was not. Too much concern is about money and critics and not enough about people trying out new ideas. Perhaps England would have been more appreciative?
I also saw the very popular Kinky Boots starring the excellent Andy Kelso and Tony winner, Billy Porter, supported by the charming Jeanna de Waal.  This time it was set in Northampton, and was about the closing of a shoe factory. Again energy was exuberant and of course we all love a man in a dress or two, or do we? In any case I wanted some of the casts costumes. It was all glitter and glamour with a many less good numbers than Last Ship but no gloom at all. The shoe business may be precarious but everybody likes a pair of good high heels it seems. Afterwards I was lucky enough to meet the cast who were totally charming and offering to re dress me.  I do like a good pair of boots.

The days have gone so quickly with amusements at the Charlotte Tilbury Makeup counter, where you can get ten different looks in an afternoon at Bergdorf Goodman and your hair as usual beautifully coiffed ready for anything at John Barrett. I then managed to squeeze in endless exhibitions Alex Katz, The Design Museum, Charles March's photographs and phew the week went by in a flash. New York is excellent and although freezing I wish it had not gone so fast as I could happily stay another week. The wall street journal's review on his show proved that it is a huge success.


On another note, shouldn't  the age of consent should be agreed worldwide. Should the law be different in England to America?. If it different, confusion arises. Personally I think the age of consent should be 16.  Younger than that, if a girl is allowed to massage clients for money  by her parents, then surely her parents should be held responsible ? My mother told me early on about rape "A girl can run faster with her pants down than a man with his trousers down" Anyway it should be made clear so that rich and famous men and young girls know the score.

So much has happened in the last month, I am je suis Charlie and je suis Page Three (The Sun Newspaper). Both of which we should be fighting for if we are correct.

Please support Amy Watt's struggle against cancer.

Saturday, 17 January 2015

Sunday, 11 January 2015

What to wear for the red carpet award season?. Yesterday for The BAFTA tea party I dressed in a black Valentino Day Dress with a white inset in the front and a white bow, I removed the scallop hem as it actually did not suit me. A woman made me feel great,  by saying, when I left the Sofitel Hotel, "I want to be you". I had also in my wardrobe a black jacket with a white collar, by Mui Mui and it luckily matched. It was pouring with rain and my eyes hurt a little as the glue from the extra lashes made my eyes water, so thank goodness for my new glasses from Chanel with a gold trim.

BAFTA tea party

I sat with the actress from Ida whilst I had my hair done at Le Salon in Sofitel. A new luxurious private salon with A lister stars from Film and Television having their hair and make up done, and I knew I was in the right place. Usually I am in my room, for beauty, but this time I wanted to experience hotel life at this time of year.
The actress that starred in the Polish film  Ida had never been in a film before n'or was she an actress, so she sat there a little overwhelmed, and she was with the daughter of the director of the film. Ida has been nominated for 65 films. Totally impressive, imagine filling all those forms out? I made a film last year, The gun the cake and the butterfly and managed with my brilliant PR, Xaque Gruber from Andrew Freedman to get 7 nominations and 5 wins. Those film festivals took up all my time, so imagine the effort and work on 65.

Le Salon at Sofitel, for THE AWARD SEASON.

Anyway getting back to the awards where most nominees had definitely had been "spray tanned" and turned orange for the evening. Most of the mens hair had gone three shades darker than normal so that they become truly unrecognisable,  except for the tasteful George Clooney, whose luscious grey perfect hair makes him the winner. His wife Amal the best dressed in a simple black Dior dress with white gloves all such good taste. Saying the correct things, how much he felt solidarity to Europe and he and his wife wore pins to prove it.

I loved the drawings by
Which turned into totally stunning and beautifully made dresses  that covered up the jokes made during the evening. There is something about award ceremonies that makes everybody educationally subnormal. All too gushing with awkward gags.

Pleased for Eddie Redmayne, in The Theory of Everything, Hotel Budapest, Julieanne Moore, The Affair.

Friday, 9 January 2015

We want to be the unique humans we are. If in England do as the English, after all in Dubai we all cover up our blonde hair and blue eyes. I am very happy to be covered up in places like this.

"Between you and  me, they all the same to me?"

In England we will always show our legs on a hot Summers day. Why is it only the women and not the men? Why must women only, go back thousands of years.   Next it will be we have to wear the black curtains all the time and not have an education? It is wrong on so many levels.

"Je suis Charlie"

Are the Muslim's going to be checking back issues of Bunty's incase Mohammed decided to play hockey with the girls?

If they are in England I suggest they join in, have fun, be free, and be themselves. If their religion requires them to kill someone, start with themselves. The Jihadists can move on. Why do we wait for these things to happen?. It is getting worse every day. I shall not be intimidated. When did Bin Laden come down from the sky and smile on them with his big Mike Tyson teeth.
Where is the humour in their lives? Where is the love in their lives? No they just want control and anarchy and go back two thousand years. It is the school playground, "I will bully you until you give up" syndrome. You are talking to all of us, Great Britain has always been free, even when under Rome's control. When we fought the last war, we sang songs about Hitler having one ball and Goebbels having no balls at all. Although the casualties mounted up, our true free spirit came out, and we returned the compliment. This is not the Twin Towers or the Blitz but it will awaken the spirit of Blighty and if awakened every radicle in Europe is in for a big surprise.
Thank goodness these terrorists were expired as I do not want to pay personally for people like this in prison with taxes. When they cut our peoples heads off they do not care how gruesome the filming is, they do it with full impact on You Tube. When we do  a simple drawing they want to kill us?.
Please can the government consider not taking these people in, when they have been fighting,  it is down right stupid.  If you tick the wrong box on an entry to America forget going there ever again.

If they wish to be an antagonist, could they do it elsewhere?.
If they do not like England and Paris, don't sponge of their systems. It is lunacy. If they want to run and cause anarchy stay within the barren lands they come from. At the moment they are given free houses, free education and free medical treatments. If they have been fighting abroad they should not be allowed back into England or Europe. Our boarders need control.
If they wish to be an Arab with huge amounts of body hair and burkas they should consider going home. It could after all be a man with a bomb?.  Why not shave their heads and wear another head piece. They could be walking towards you or away. They look like Darth Vadar in drag? You cannot tell where they are going to, until they move.

"Men keep asking me what colour are my eyes"

I was talking to one woman one day who was asking for directions, when I was trying to help her, I spent twenty minutes talking to the back of her head. If you don't want me to see your face, at least show me you are not geezer signing on in another name.
It is a total cop out. If you see a nun you know where they are walking. Why are they worried about a cartoon on Alla, perhaps he has a direct bloodline to Micky Mouse and Daffy?

"The ax is for the left overs".

Political correctness has been the cause of all this, now let's stand up straight and sort this out.

Thursday, 8 January 2015

I live under British Law, and under British Law, a woman is allowed to wear a burka, and is equally allowed to wear a mini skirt. We allow everything provided people do not steal or murder. Religion is a philosophy and not an absolute, we should be allowed in 2015 differing views.. As the bells are rung from Notre Dame throughout France we should remember this is likely to happen in England too.

Freedom of speech is what we have in common. It is what we have fought for.
Charlie will go to press next week and print a million copies and not their usual 60,000 run.
Since the rise of Isis we are on alert, and yet we have many Muslims that have travelled to Iraq and other Middle Eastern countries, living free in our communities.
We do not have the resources to watch these people therefore in my opinion if they have been to Yemen Syria they should not be allowed back into England, or Europe. Terrorists should not be allowed to receive our benefits and education. Surely this has to stop?

Without freedom of the press, freedom of speech, freedom of opinion, there is no democracy.  France believes in these values, England and the US too. Together we must join forces. We are not afraid. This is an attack on our beliefs and values, we cannot live in fear.
Humour does not kill people and it appears that people without humour, kill.

Friday, 26 December 2014

Wednesday, 24 December 2014

I nearly had a car crash yesterday when I saw my friend Nikki Rich's , Nikki Lund Billboard on the Sunset strip advertising her clothes which she sells at Nordstrom. I met her through my friend Sean Borg who does her publicity.

Here we have a sizzler which I also did that day with Justine Glenton and Dani Behr and my housekeeper Francesca. Another of Sean's brilliant ideas to get us all to be friends and work together.
This year Justine Glenton and I did a fabulous shoot with Hector Abaunza in Nikki's  Summer clothes which look so bang up to date and give me a great figure. It reminded me of earlier this year.


Together with a green label in London called House of Tammam, which specialises in couture clothes made from fabrics which are pure we put together a wonderful photographic shoot. Just before my film, The gun the cake and the butterfly was shown on Sunset in April 2014. Justine is now living in Los Angeles as a full-time actress and I am flying back and forwards, loving working with Genlux as Fashion Editor and doing my art projects. Time moves forward at a fast pace. Angela Kalinowski did the hair for the shoot and has now opened from the 7th January a salon in the Sofitel Hotel, called Le Salon. With Gia Sinatra doing the make up. What fun we all had in my garden in North Harper, just off Melrose, where the man next door screamed that he wanted to chop off my head all the time.
How the neighbours coped and the new owner I have no idea.  Anyway at this moment I was having true fun, being chased round the garden by Justine in clothes that I love to play in.




Monday, 22 December 2014

Why on earth are British Airways wasting time arresting feisty piano playing Tara Palmer -Tomkinson? A fragile blonde upper class girl, who has had many problems?. To surround her with 8 security men and put her in handcuffs, and treat her like a criminal seems horrendous?.  Is she a terrorist, come on?. We fear ISIS, I thought,  not TARA?. She clearly had a panic attack. What on earth did society beauty, It girl, Tara do, to get this inappropriate aggression towards her? She is used to the best, as she is attached to London's inner circle. Has she become just an easy target? The security staff are understandably so officious at the airports now, but when you can check on google with a press of a button it seems slightly inappropriate.  Tara is unlikely to be carrying a machine gun or a machete. After all she plays Bach to Prince Charles?

Last week having paid a monumental six thousand pounds for a return ticket to Los Angeles I was given little respect when I was placed in-between the loo and facing economy. Heaven forbid. I was however, as a gold member allowed into the first class lounge.  I had to complain to the hostess four times. The air hostess  grudgingly told me that a boy had to take the only free seat on my level, yet the flight was far from full. The boy was fifteen. My next door neighbour  did not mind, as he got his seat on air miles. What is wrong with British Airways? They may have improved their aeroplane with big bird, but as a gold card member I find their manners are a nightmare. Security for the aeroplanes has got out of hand. Quite honestly it is always a risk to get on a flight but I don't think I would be frightened of charming cheerful Tara. Of course Tara should have been allowed in first class lounge as any other celebrity.  If Tara is good enough for the Royal Family who thoroughly check people out, then she is certainly good enough for the riff raft in The First Class Lounge at Heathrow Airport.


Last year my ex husband was on a flight and I was not allowed to visit him and had to sneak down from business when everybody was asleep, only to find a girl with her feet in his pocket.
Security people act as if they are the star and with a little power they use it with excess, not caring that Tara gets a lot of press and mostly people love her. She is a girl who plays the piano beautifully and is very talented, if only Great Britain would support her, they would see that she could accomplish a lot. This is not the sort of press that Tara would ever wish for. In fact she is very low profile these days and I am sure British Airways sold the story?  How did a security video land on the covers the Sun newspaper? Totally outrageous.
Colourful characters are the interesting thing about Great Britain let's not change it.

Friday, 19 December 2014

Now Stamp Duty has risen most business men who are developers will be in a filthy mood the government should have halved it as they would have made more money.

Stamp duty is causing havoc one month on in the upper price bracket, not just because of Christmas  but because it has brought the property market above 2 million to a standstill. David Cameron and George Osbourne, both Conservatives, have apparently done this to get re elected but with little thought? The property market, is Great Britain's only real market, and they have managed to close it down? We need rich people, as we need to feed the poor and feed ourselves,  Not only did the stamp duty at 7 percent close the Kensington and Chelsea market down, but now at 12 percent there is no movement at all.  What will happen if people cannot afford to buy clothes in Sloane Street, or Bond Street, it will have a knock on effect.  The shops are virtually empty again with enormous reductions to lure people to spend  before Christmas. Mr Osbourne is a Chancellor that wishes to win favour from the North of England, without really giving anyone else thought. It will turn many conservatives against him, into the arms of Nigel Farage, I suspect. The huge Stamp Duty on properties above 2 million is worse than a mansion tax. It effects everybody.
We live in a socialist state; there is no such thing as democracy, not at least since Ancient Greece.  Has anybody in Government been broke on Christmas Eve with nowhere to sleep but under the arches?

When exotic white peaches are £25 a kilo you know the world is crazy.
We need a free market. No controls. This country is full of people taking advantage of the state.
We have a financial system based on usury. We have too many people on the street and too many people blamed simply because they are victims of circumstance. Nobody wants to help anybody. Giving people a free buck is not the answer and detrimental to their mental health. The sweetest idea for any person is to make their own money. We have created a system that can be abused at the top and the bottom. Political correctness is the worst thing that happened to democracy. Self-censorship is not great either as we don't know how people feel?.

England is the best country in the world, if it wasn't, nobody would want to be here?
It is the nucleus of the world. London is the epicentre. China might be the epicentre of technology, and New York the big apple, but not the epicentre. Los Angeles is the epicentre of make believe, but it can't release its latest film about a dictator "The Interview", because the subject matter is about successfully  black mailing Hollywood. Australia never thought "it" would happen and neither did New York, but "it" did. Our five years of blitz did not break the English spirit. Instead we were singing "Hitler has only got one ball" and "Run Rabbit Rabbit".
Every developer in London will go broke unless their properties are 2 million or less. The government have no lateral thinking, but if they had lowered the tax level it would stimulate entering the property market from all levels.  There would be more tax revenue. Because more people would be buying and selling?. You are letting people believe that they are not paying tax. But they are.
How can we have bankers who rip people off? How can we have families of Somalians coming over with four children and able to get a house, but have our own countrymen sitting on the pavements outside pret a manger. It is not the Somalians fault, it is the government who provides the rules to be used and abused?There are so many people sitting outside the Salvation Army because there is no room inside.
How can you have billionaires who are non domiciled, but living in England's castles. Except for The Royal Family, who are all these other people? The system is good for the foreigners.  The immigration  system here is fucked it is an utopia for people from abroad. We need the foreigners, we need growth, but we don't need a ridiculously high stamp duty because we wish to create a market, surely?. You are persecuting the people of this country.  Penalising the rich causes the collapse of industry, the poor people don't have jobs if you take away the bosses margin of profit?
We need the middle class to grow.
Our council houses were our safety net, and there are precious few to boot. They were originally for people who lost their houses in the war.

P.s On other subjects
Why was Abdul Hamza  allowed to have such impact, costing England so much and on top of that we had to pay a fortune to eradicate him

A disabled friend of mine is insulted that a fat person is going to be given the same consideration as cancer sufferers, people with terminal illnesses, just from tucking in.? This is going to encourage people to become obese.

People would be so happy if they were able to work effectively in their chosen profession for a fare wage? This seems more and more unlikely.

It seems to me that if you are healthy attractive smart, clever you are automatically penalised and not encouraged to better yourself.

Monday, 15 December 2014

Wake up before its too late. Terry Farrell architecture is everywhere in London, and he is not Christopher Wren. We all as a population need to wake up and think? Why do the government like him above all the other architects? Wakey wakey. Earls Court which housed Victoria Secret's show, Cruft's dog show and Led Zeppelin has its roof removed at Christmas, because we were all asleep? The facade comes down in the next 18months.

Monday, 8 December 2014

It is a beautiful day today, nearing Christmas London becomes stunning. Christmas decorations are up and Bond Street looks beautiful, that is if you look up towards the sky. I am sorry to kill your illusions but the problem is if you look down, there are coffee cups, pieces of plastic, and endless pieces of chewing gum, can't we have some social responsibility?  To remove a piece of chewing gum costs the councils £2.00 each. Can't we bring a law  that anyone caught dropping a piece should be fined £500.00 that would stop this habit immediately. £80.00 is not enough, it has to be enough to hurt. It is so unhygienic, apart from everything else.
If we as a country encouraged dog owners to pick up their rubbish then we can also change?
It is imperative more so than stamp duty. The amount has to be enough that it hurts the person and so they become aware of what they are doing. Rubbish too. It is seriously inconsiderate, bad for business, common, ugly, filthy and actually bad manners to drop your crap on the street.
Do we need street monitors?
If Singapore can stop it, then so can we?
Nobody is too grand to pick up their rubbish, it is just badly brought up to leave it for others to remove. It is not classist, to applies to everywhere in London.
Indirectly we receive the bill to clean it up.
Enough is enough.  Wrigleys and all the other gum manufacturers should carry a warning that people should throw the gum away intelligently.

Sunday, 7 December 2014

I am a curvy person. I would never wear red, but long to. Sometimes I just wish to grab a red dress as there is definitely something naughty about them. I would never wear red or white shoes ever.

Probably the nearest the perfect shape for me is the Alexander Mcqueen dress from net a porter.
The second best dress is in fact a jump suit from ASOS naughty mini and still elegant enough for Christmas.
Followed by Victoria Beckham who of course makes a demure yet shapely dress that will make your mother in law happy.

I will be wearing a sexy bike girl jacket and thats all..
or a red top hat and a whip to see if I can shape the animals up. Anybody want to get plucked?



Saturday, 6 December 2014

There are so many make up brands to choose from, and with so many, we should all find one that we like. They are reasonably priced too, and because of this we can have fun. Sometimes the cheapest works the best. Revlon and L'Oreal have great red lipsticks guaranteed to last even when kissing.

I have changed my make up this week, well not really,  that would be highly unlikely but I have bought some new products. Usually I am a fan of YSL, but looking for the perfect red lipstick last week that stays on, I found one on the  Dolce Gabbana's stand, two shades of red pencils. I prefer pencil as it tends to stay on longer. Following the idea of Marilyn Monroe's make up artist, I use several colours, and Dolce provided the lot and a shimmering white lipstick to put on top.
The beautiful packaging is also appealing. I have practised putting on my makeup in the dark, incase I should ever not have electricity. You never know what happens. When putting on the lipstick pencil make sure that the pencil is sharpened so you can outline all the lip. Watch the video attached from one of the best make up artists, Lisa Aldridge.

Another product I like with great packaging are Charlotte Tilbury's products.
She even has ranges for different looks. Great presents.

Party time is here and I am thrilled to find a Saint Laurent dress that I had forgotten about at the back of the cupboard. I suggest that we all do that. Unless there is a seriously special occasion, do not delve into the purse, slam it shut.
For too long we have all been encouraged to spend spend spend. After recently numbering all my clothes, I found I had 159 coats and that was only on one floor. Well I know I am The Fashion Editor for Genlux Magazine, but even so.
The only area I was ever careful over was makeup. I am careful to use up something before buying more, this is okay but do remember that mascara gets clogged and is full of germs, so change regularly, so do tooth brushes. Dolce also have eye brow pencils in various colours that are easy to apply. In fact along with their perfect foundation you do not need a make up artist, if you have good light and patience.
Remember eye brows are truly important for good eye brows go to Tonya The Browgal in LA, she could be one of the best in the world. Horrible thin brows look common and are ageing.
I have enjoyed my version of the "Marilyn" look for quite some time.
How to get the "Marilyn" look, which is the book I love.

In London try Duck and Dry on the Kings Road, for make up and hair for Christmas.

Friday, 5 December 2014

Thank goodness being "grand" is back. We could not have become any more slovenly or déclassé if we had tried. The human race as a whole was becoming generally without manners, grace or character. With programmes like the documentary on Posh People by Tatler and the very fake Made in Chelsea it at least is becoming a little more fashionable to finish a sentence without a burp.
Only very recently the grand appeared on television and of course really "Posh" people would never dream of appearing or  having a public relations girl looking after them. This was really common.  Times have changed and now it is okay to have gone to university, to have a job, look glamorous and be an aristocrat or a socialite all at the same time. This is my list. Being a celebrity or wanting press was very common. The real aristocrat tends to be more down to earth than their jumped up counterparts. They are more earthy and easy to speak to. They still have the title, but they often have humility too.

Amanda Harlech works with Karl Largerfeld
Debbonaire von Bismarck opening a shop of beautiful goodies in Sloane Square
Daphne Guinness Style Queen
Lucy Birley Hertford Street
Georgina Norfolk Good works
Cara and Poppy Delevingne Models
Mary Charteris Musician
Alice Naylor Leyland Party organiser and blogger
Cressida Bonas.

Thursday, 4 December 2014

The shocking thing at the moment is that nothing is shocking anymore. We see ditches full of bodies, bodies decapitated, rivers of blood. We get the remote control and say "Fucking hell I have missed the beginning of X factor and missed Edwina Curry eating maggots in "Get me out of here".
We see batter on Mars Bars and we think we live in a cutting edge time?. This does not mean that we are not doing any good. Pharmaceutical companies feed people and if you die you can't complain. It is not surviving with health, it is about profit and death. Nobody cares.
If you think they do care, then you are mistaken.

"You better give me a hundred thousand pounds because you might be a laughing stock one day." I think, suck my strap on. What I will be given is "I will kill you, and then you won't be laughed at".
The only people in trouble now are those that can't be alright without money.
The only time i feel entirely happy is when I am getting a thorough beasting. Without that I do not have a reason to put on my make up, get slim, travel or smell divine.
It is the only reason to get out of bed. Without a bit of  "forbidden" pleasure, life is very dull.The only reason, in my opinion,  to get out of bed, is to go home.

I am slightly envious of the broach that Tracey Emin received from the Queen, so I may
think of all the worthwhile things I am already doing, in order to receive the recognition for my efforts, otherwise without excitement, there is no journey or adventure, and better to flick from one ridiculous tiresome station to another. There seem to be at least 200 channels and all for the educationally subnormal. How can anyone spend all day watching repeats of QVC? I would rather slit my wrists?
However the thorough beasting, and afterwards baked beans, not during I hasten add, would be much more entertaining.

Let's be honest, if you knew that there was a chocolate bar downstairs and nobody could you see you eating it, you would sneak downstairs and devour it. I really feel like baked beans, but the taste is not as up to the imagination except with half a pound of cheddar in the middle.

Sleep well..

Monday, 24 November 2014

What qualifications do you need to be an artist, a clairvoyant, a writer, public relations, musician?. Do you need a degree?
There are many talents but one where you notice immediately if someone is not up to standard is classical music. I think it was Ravel who believed that nobody should play any instrument unless they were of a good standard. Thank goodness in everything this does not apply.
Contemporary art today has to be made well if it is to last and this week I went to two exhibitions one  of Tim Noble's first solo show at the Hidden Door, of the Society Club in Soho, and one of James Franco's at The Siegfried Showroom. It is hard to really see work objectively when you like someone, and these two people I like very much. I will therefore try to see them with someone else's eyes.  Of course the honest yet most dishonest and ghastly way to look at an art market, is,what is a person willing to pay for object X, when somebody is a film star or a brilliant artist within a duo as in the case of Tim Noble? In any case I won't answer this, others will, because I know nothing.
Back to the shows themselves.
Tim Nobles show was intricate with delicate, black ink drawings, my favourite on the back of a Coutts Bank Letter that had turned him down. I loved the cartoon outside the gallery "Behind every famous man is a woman, and behind her is his wife" Groucho Marx. On the other side of the gallery was a mannequin of his partner, Sue Webster, with her clothes on, and a bag over her head. The sound of the typewriter being used, so obviously she was always working. Twelve years ago I met them both when I did the book "British Artists at Work", published  by Assouline and without Tim and Sue's encouragement, address book, knowledge, it would have not been complete. This fun and exuberant couple have split and this was Tim's token to their once strong love story? The show left me wondering. I know they still work together, but this was his poetry alone? I did the same thing when I made my film The gun the cake and the butterfly. The drawings tell unfinished stories. Be careful when you arrive at the Hidden Door of the Society Club, the new gallery and book shop, as it has flexible hours so call beforehand. Some people use a therapist when things go wrong. Tim uses an ultra fine black pen to vent his sorrows?. Well worth visiting. This show had an egalitarian feel to it, that one piece of art could go for hundreds of thousand of pounds when you work together with partners, yet another piece is affordable if you change the structure of your team work.Time changes but I personally missed Sue, her feisty character, or perhaps I missed Tim. I like to look at their work when they are both in the room. They gave me an incredible present for my 50th Birthday, a plastic bottle of Fairy Liquid with sweet nothings on it.
As one of the most famous British Artists I am sure that Blain Southern will see they all sell well.

pen and ink drawing by Tim Noble

James Franco's show at Andreas Siegfried's hidden haven is worth seeing too. One of first times I met Andreas, he was working at Christian Louboutin, and a shoplifter came in and he locked the door and called the police. The girl promptly put her hands through the window, blood went everywhere. It was an artwork in itself. I was trying on shoes whilst the girl was swearing and running through the shop like a lunatic. No wonder Andreas loves art. A whole lot more fabulous than stopping people trying to steal.
Back to James 
To see the development of a human being. To see that stars in Hollywood may also like to paint too and read poetry. I met James Franco at the Venice Film Festival several years ago, Liberatum and I sponsored his first night. It was a shared exhibition on an Island dedicated to art, yet it was in the film festival.
Happy Days by James Franco.

The paintings have a childish quality and made me happy, some obsessed by the attractiveness of being fat, a fat horse, a fat corgi. They looked like the cartoons in Ladybird books when I first started to read. I loved a painting called Happy Days, a butterfly of course, a nude woman with an incredible figure and a zebra head to disguise who she really is, yet telling you everything. It is obvious that James loves to multi task and with a hit and miss style he is fascinating to watch. Despite his awards in Hollywood, he clearly wants to stretch his life, he loves success and is not afraid of failure. Perhap the ultimate vanity of Hollywood drives him? After all unless you are Shakespeare, Marilyn Monroe or Mozart you are forgotten fifteen minutes after you are dead?.  He is driven and just loves doing whatever he wants to do. Whether it is valid time will tell, I personally think if you can draw, you can probably paint, and you may be able to write too. However if you specialise you could become a true genius, or not? So why not try everything? Much more fun.

Back to original question what qualifications do we need in life? We need to fuel our energy and imagination and doing is the best answer.
To be any of the  above you really need the time to work, the enthusiasm and dedication to carry on.
Perhaps Illy's and Liberatum's small film on what inspires artists says it all?

Thursday, 20 November 2014

I spoke to my son tonight who said in quite a matter of fact voice, that I am, his mother,  and I am polyamorous. I had not really thought about it before, but tonight as he was talking, I realised he is perfectly correct in thinking that. I immediately defended myself, of course,  by saying "I am not sleeping with everybody, I am not a slut". He said "Of course you are not, just you are having many different relationships with all sorts of people". He said quite calmly "You are not a promiscuous, just you don't lie" I said out loud "I am pleased about that" He then explained that most people are not open with the truth, they hide and shuffle deceit around their lives, but I, his mother, happily lived her truths, in a reasonably happy and discreet way. Again I said out loud "I am pleased about that"
The fact is that I have many different relationships, one man for the movies, one to correct my spelling, one, where my mind and body meets, one, which is like my father, one who I would like to be faithful to me and who definitely is not, and so on.  The point is to live my truth I have had to have guts, and I have dealt with my loneliness so nobody can try and make me feel there is a deficit if they remove themselves from my life.  
I remember when I was 14, I was talking about sex with my best friend, and I said that I would be having sex until I was 80.  A neighbour overheard the conversation and reported it to my mother. My mother in turn was furious and slammed the door on the woman's face, after the neighbour repeated my rather torrid forbidden school girl conversation. My mother said in a strident very grand voice, that she could mind her own business. She let me be free to think and work things out but,
after that I remember  being not allowed to read Nietzsche, actually I only tried to read it, and lots I did not understand.  I remember I agreed with him that what you are doing is, what you are doing. So if you are not doing something, but want to, then you are lying.   I would rather do it, enjoy it, love the person than tell myself a whole lot of fibs, and other people too. No I have to be straight, I agree, that I am straight in a rather unusual way.
Is this wrong? Clearly in my mind murdering and theft are both wrong, but if somebody ran over my my dog wow they would be in trouble.
Is infidelity? Well I disagree with most people on this. I think infidelity is wrong, but lying to yourself is wrong. So if you are sleeping with somebody whom you do not love, then that is wrong. If you make love to somebody that you don't  love then that is wrong. If you are having sex with someone you do not love then thats okay you are just having sex. Not everybody you love, you have sex with. 
Most people love people that love them, and they don't tend to love that person until that person disappears.
A woman is jealous when a man fucks another person, but the man is jealous when the woman loves another person. So there is no equality. It is a lopsided balance. It you try to make it acceptable you will be very lonely. Most importantly you need to be good friends and understand each other.

On another note...
If you do something for somebody, as an act of kindness then that can be love and it can be a pleasure. However  if you help that person but never tell them, then that is integrity. Integrity is selfless. Everything we have in life is temporary, until we die.
Just enjoy every second without hurting someone else's feelings. 


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