Tuesday, 23 March 2021


 "You're too young, my son and you cannot know that there was once a country where...

1) People were not allowed to freely meet with other people
2) Private Business was shut and huge fines were in place for those who dared open their shop 
3) Only the Public Sector was secure
4) People were not allowed to leave their country without the written permission of the Government
5) Public gatherings were prohibited, for fear of angry demonstration against Our Dear Leader. The Police were out looking for potential subversive elements to crack them down
6) Churches were shut, you could not pray or publicly practice your religious beliefs, as the Government didn't like that
7) Christmas and Easter were officially banned and considered as old-fashioned superstitions
8) There were huge queues to enter the shops, and often the shops were half-empty...."

"Yes, I know!  I studied that at school. Was it the Soviet Union in the 1930s, right?"
"No son, it was the UK in the 2020s."

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