Sunday, 31 August 2014

VENICE FILM FESTIVAL the clothes I wore:

Alexander Mcqueen with gold Alexander Wang glasses.
Mui Mui white Summer Dress with Alexander Wang Summer Glasses.

Saint Laurent top with a Balmain skirt, necklace from the Amanjena,
As you all know I am The Fashion Editor for Genlux Magazine. Like every woman, I have to think about what to wear? Actually I hate thinking about clothes, and tend to buy all the same dresses, I usually get teased for this. However, my body does not change so the same clothing suit me. I think mostly about what creases, what looks good all day and can look good into the night.
It was suggested that I should take photographs of my looks for Venice so despite being well documented I shall put them into this blog.
I have been so far to 9 films, roughly three a day. I am quite overwhelmed with tiredness. The concentration to watch a film properly is taxing. Like reading a book without skimming sentences.
Anyway I needed clothes for 6 hour stints in the theatre that did not crease and it was boiling hot. The audience look tired and hot, except the few that turn up just to be photographed, the clothes look worn out.
The following ensembles stood up to the test of heat mixed with seat, and looked great at the end.
The best was a Balmain skirt with no creased in it at all. It lasted from 2.00pm until midnight and looked immaculate.

Victoria Beckham Dress  

LAMANIA dress and a Chloe Bag with a gold chain.
Roland Mouret top with a Roland Mouret skirt, Alexander Wang Glasses and my Lanvin Belt with boys who thought I was a Hollywood star.

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