Saturday, 7 June 2014


A computer is no more than a dishwasher, it is an appliance. It corrects your grammar. It gives you knowledge, it helps you  to shop. It is not human. It is all programmed. How can you miss out on the real smell, the real holding hands, someone being here, to talk face to face. When you want to shun intimacy you go on the computer to make love and it is in the imaginary state. Life is life and you cannot replace touch, smell and words.
Last night I spent three hours on the computer talking with sites and placing too much importance on the computer and the opinion of users. It was total insanity. The person on the other side, could be a machine for goodness sake?.  The latest trend of my friends being proud of having thousands of acquaintances, because they paid for them seems crazy, and a little sick. It takes five pounds to buy six hundred friends? This is lunacy at its best.  It is complete insanity to want the opinion of people that do not know you? I spoke to a friend last night who complained about Wikipedia, I have always admired it, but he said that he was continually accused by someone, who was correcting his page,  for having a boyfriend, and eventually was accused by Wikipedia worker bees, that the person accusing him, was him. At this point he realised the  importance of real things in life. Not being on it, did not mean he did not exist, it just meant that he was not liked by someone say in Oklahoma, or anywhere, who had never met him. Well the good thing he said to me was that he did not get a litter of kittens.. the badges for doing good editing work.
They think you don't exist or you need an edit?. This is my point we need to go back to basics, and to learn to read, write and care again. To send letters, to write and thank real people in our lives. Facebook and Istagram are pretty accurate newspapers of the future, but they are not god.
A friend this morning said she had given a huge wedding present that she could not afford, yet none even said thank you. Nobody bothered to pick up the telephone and say thank you.
As my saying goes "The real things in life you cannot touch, anything you can touch is replaceable, happiness is the real thing, and nobody is going to cast a shadow on my sunshine" This rings true. The computer, and all on it are  very efficient and clever tools to make your life easier, but that is where it stops. They are not human, real, loving or caring about you. The dating sites cannot guarantee love, and to my certain knowledge there is nothing better than meeting someone spontaniously on a plane or a train.

On another note I am trying the bullet proof diet for health and keeping as fit mentally as possible. My son came in last night and emptied my fridge or anything dangerous. That meant spaghetti and bread were thrown away. I was told that the Eygptian slaves were fed it as it was cheap.  God bless his soul. A computer could not do this. He even instructs me what vitamins to take and to make my plate as colourful as possible. Children are wonderful and you cannot get this sort of love from a computer. There we are.
There is the answer. I am not closing down my passion for it, but giving it on certain hours of the day, from now onwards. Phew I definitely exist.


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Bravo Amanda, so true, N :-)