Monday, 3 July 2017


Physical upkeep is non stop. Just as you think you can rest a new machine comes out to rejuvenate and make you into a miraculous specimen of humanity. Today I went to organise a neon sign for my good old friend Dr. Jean Louis Sebagh.  I was immediately instead put on the table to try out the machine from Europe which is an alibaba of ideas to firm the skin, keeping you as vital as possible. It felt like a thousand tiny pricks and left me a little pink. It hurt slightly when leaving the doctors office but three hours later my skin is slightly more plump and definitely more healthy looking. A girlfriend came in to my room and told me about a new mask that Madonna was using too. So much beauty and so little time.
If keeping young is hard work so is travel nowadays, at the beginning of the year shoes and clothes were stolen out of my suitcase at Terminal 5, now this week end BA again has another theft a necklace saying "Fuck You" was stolen by the designer Plein. What is the matter with security?. It is truly boring. I was going to give it to Tracey Emin for her birthday present instead I gave a case of Rose from The Chateau I was staying in called Chateau Beaulieu.  We were celebrating the retrospective at Chateau La Coste of Tracey's work, truth be told those friends that were there were her loyal tribe, we all love her, her paintings and new wonderful bronze sculptures.
This incredible contemporary Chateau is owned by the hotelier  Patrick Mckillen, which at its entrance has the huge spider by Louise Bourgeois, looking magnificent, it is not only an artistic feast but a cullinary feast too. Contemporary architecture has enhanced a small chateau making it one of the the most vital places in the South of France along with its fantastic exciting collection.
Spider by Louise Bourgeoise  at the entrance of Chateau La Coste.

Last week I supported my good friend Sir Tim Rice and his brilliantly energetic newish musical about Blondel who was a wandering minstral who saved King Richard in Austria during the Crusades. So entertaining and witty I would suggest anybody who likes theatre should visit The Union Theatre to see it. It was more entertaining in some respects than anything else I have seen on stage recently despite loving the play about Queen Anne, which was exceptional too from the RSC. Lots of music and bawdy movement in the Haymarket depicting the betrayal and deceit of two friends.

A day later I went to the Serpentine Gallery Summer Party which definitely for better or for worse has a new guest list. Flash and brash buyers were out in force and of course the flamboyant and talented ceramicist, whose work I totally love.
Nancy Dellolio with artist Sue Webster
Grayson Perry never lets you down and definitely set the scene at the party. Tracey's week end retrospective in France was decidely up market and almost aristocratic in comparison, two huge bodies of Tracey in bronze stole the show. The art world is changing and the Young British Artists, once rough and unshaven, vulger and course, have now become the aristocrats, grown up and mature.
My favourite nude by Tracey Emin.

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