Friday, 7 July 2017

The Missfits for Unofficial Review

In case you did not know..

THE MISSFITS are off to the ICHIA Global Film and Music Festival
The Missfits, for Unofficial Review Amanda Eliasch, Inesa and Barrington De La Roche started with an idea that everybody's life is interesting and so we wanted to as photographers and artists show their lives to entertain and interest you in areas that you may not know about. From Fashion to Film we like to learn and explore everything in the universe.with captivating interviews.
Inesa De La Roche is a still photographer for film, actress, model, poet
Amanda Eliasch Filmmaker, artist, poet previously was in Ischia with her documentary drama "The Gun the Cake and The Butterfly" where she won the Enrico Job Art Award.
Natalia De Souza is a world famous hair stylist.
Barrington is off filming as an actor, poet, filmmaker for Dark Theatre.. 

A poet, photographer, and fashion editor, Amanda Eliasch was brought up with her grandfather Sidney Gilliat, a film director, producer and writer. In 2013, Eliasch directed, produced, and starred in her first award winning feature film: The Gun, The Cake & The Butterfly, was praised by the British Film Institute and won THE ISCHIA GLOBAL FILM & MUSIC FEST (ITALY), NEW YORK CITY INTERNATIONAL FILM FESTIVAL AND NEW MEDIA FILM FESTIVAL (L.A.), THE BEL AIR FF, LA FEMME among others. After training at ALRA and RADA, she studied photography in London, later assigned to photograph various subjects for British Artists at Work (Assouline) by the late Franca Sozzani. Her photography has been exhibited and well received. She is the fashion editor for GenLux Magazine. Her poetry book, Cloak and Dagger Butterfly, which includes many of her female photographic studies, was published through Chipmunka in 2008. Her autobiographical play, As I Like It, was performed at the Chelsea Theatre Kings Road London, and The Macha Theater in West Hollywood.Here is a link to the trailer: The film link

Is a Conceptual Multimedia Artist, Actor, Writer, Director combining Painting, Sculpture, Performance, and Film-making. The concepts that interest him are buried deep within the dark recesses of the human psyche especially those brought about by social conditioning. Exploring the psychological parameters within the confines of the law and religion, psychic awareness, and spirituality. Capturing the mystery of life and especially death with ritualistic drama within the theatricality of the various establishments, law, war, government and church and the social impact of the individual. The self-destructive power of humanity yet still finding beauty and translating and manifesting it into art.


Inesa De La Roche is a leading female photographer working on films produced by studios such as FOX, PARAMOUNT PICTURES, WARNER BROTHERS and with many independent film studios, filmmakers and the greatest directors of commercials.  Directing, creating and producing Electronic Press Kit, she interviews Award winning actors, directors and film producers for the promotional release of the movies...

She photographs actors, filmmakers,  fashionistas, musicians, artists, celebrities, royal family members, business professionals and creative projects for commercial or personal and private usage.  She is also a conceptual multimedia artist, manifesting her visions as a filmmaker, actress, performer, writer and a poet manifesting stories, sculpting and freezing time and explores the depth of feelings whilst unfolding her visions in mysterious ways. Her creativity allows her to jump into the unknown, engaging and amercing herself with the intensity of life and expressing it through her art...

Natalia De Souza, Amanda Eliasch and Inesa De La Roche

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