Saturday, 1 July 2017


Sometimes I feel God is about as real as the Tooth Fairy and Father Christmas. Where and what is he? I believe in the Prophets and their tangible tales rather that a mystic God. I believe in Karma.
The more I see of people the more I want to wake them up.
If the people who complain about the rich ran a profitable company they may understand that it is not easy to create new ideas and jobs, that it takes a different type of talent. It is not magic it is generally hard graft. I truly believe there should be a safety net for society but that it should not be an absolute for the idle and those on the take. Like those who are rich and don't pay tax, those that are earning money but not paying tax should be reported too. So many people within the UK are working with cash under the table, come on you know who you are and you should contribute, after all,  you are using our country.  Taxi drivers, hairdressers, beauticians, the nail girl all are paid in cash?  On passports from the European Union, they ponce off our system of open borders, when asked if they pay tax, generally the girl looks down. This is not racism, Zenobia, this is just fact. Cash is tricky to follow and to keep. We all know that.  It allows for freedom, but not the contributions necessary to feed our country and keep it up to date. Incentives would be a good idea in helping encouraging people's honesty. Let's get over the rubbish, there is plenty of cash around anyway,  and it is just a question of how the money is spent.
The Grenfell Tower Block was a scandal, and should not be sickly used by political parties for one -upmanship.  Everybody would have helped, they would have if allowed. Political correctness and council cuts, shoddy workmanship and badly built buildings were to blame, however, it does not bring those that died back to life. I would have called over tannoys for help. Given out cups of tea and run the whole thing a lot more efficiently, but that is what I am good at.

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