Monday, 24 July 2017


Every day in the early morning I worry about my weight. Like in the poignant, winning film about Anorexia, "Close to the Bone" with Lily Collins, I measure my wrists with my fingers, my bosoms, and my legs, both in the mirror and one of my dresses called the "weighing machine" dress. However, I do not consider that I have an eating disorder rather I think I am vain.
At the same time believe it or not I weigh up the benefits of left and right wing governments, the pro's and cons that dominate most conversations at the moment, whether to be Conservative or Labour, Republican and Democrat alike, each have created large divides in our society. The real problem is the Left wingers, in my opinion,  they want to dominate the moral high ground leaving no views of a conservative important nature to be discussed. There are important differences which people should try and understand.  At the same time, I wish to find some amphetamine which is I believe illegal to get skinny and so the VivaMayr in Althausee has to do.
At the back of my mind I always remember love stories, and as I get older I think of everything simultaneously. At dinners and lunches my brain splits, half in the room and half not. I am able to day dream very easily and so my mind wanders off to wonderful love stories I have had in lifts, planes, trains, and boats.
I always wish to be appreciated, like everybody else. I want people to be egalitarian but know this is virtually impossible.  I realize that I always wanted an exciting life, and dull was not for me. Dull is, however, safer and as I get older I realize that I took a risk in wanting to live life my own way.
I always like to be brought up to date, with flowing ideas on gender and the importance to be free to choose what sex we want to be I am still confused by the knowledge a man cannot have children, therefore on a practical level, there will always be two sexes, despite the many differences between our species and ideas, however with make up and a smile you can be anything.
All of these ideas on holiday are like a washing machine going round and round.
I am now in love with the Unicorn she is hi jacking my thoughts, am I one? THE UNICORN A girl that you cannot catch. She is perfect and truly a blessing from God. Bumping into her is a good day. A conversation with her makes you dream. Anything beyond that is luck. It takes time, effort, and a whole lot of persistence. Never give up; unicorns are said to be "uncatchable," but nothing is impossible. 
Yes, that seems to fit the bill nicely.

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