Tuesday, 11 April 2017


1. "Don't reduce people to one word they are many words
Bad people say others are bad, good people say they are bad.
Everything in life is flawed, religions, politicians, institutions,
what we do for other people is what we are. The best people to ask in a room for charity are those with a guilty conscience
We need to undo what is taught. The Bible/Theology is not scientific it is a metaphor.
See the good in people.
The power of morality is to effect calm.
Careful with language, people have different paths. Gossip is bad, all things can be corrupt.
Change negative to positive, it is not exclusive. Those that you find negative have positivity too find it. Groups can be negative, religion is just a way to get

through, all institutions are faulty, two things we know are wrong are stealing and killing, thank goodness Eve gave the apple to Adam".

2. "No purity without impurity
Holy pure food on offer had nothing
to do with health in the Old Testament.
The Temple was there to remind the jews of their wrong doings.
They have the A-Z of wrong doings.
A masochistic idea with purpose and value.
They can create more if they are humble.
It differs from self deprecation.
It makes you self analytical.
The greatest people in the world are humble.
History is interesting as it teaches us what not to do.
It's philosophy is good.
It is subservient to values.
The Bible is a newspaper.

There is a problem to hymns as people sing and do not listen to the words"
Nothing is absolute.
It does not matter if it is true as nothing is true.
If you steal a television you will get a prison sentence
but if you rape your wife/a woman, you get more time in prison for
taking the television.
Anything done towards a woman is evil.
No absolutes in groups, no absolute morality, except murder for which you can only be killed for if you are a Nazi.
Santuary cities have always existed there were 6 in the Bible.
They took people who had accidentally killed.
Equality is not sameness
Do not wear anything unless if means something to you.
Do not do things you don't understand.
A synagogue/church is a place for study, meeting or gathering.

4.The Arabian/Muslim land mass is larger than India.
The sand in this area is made up of millions of broken up shells. Originally it was under water. Sand dunes can be as high as the Eiffel Tower. Originally the land of Frankincense and spices which was very valuable in Roman times and Frankincense in particular was used for embalming. It is now the land of oil, blood and gold.. as my Father Anthony Cave Brown wrote.
The Arabs have so much money now that they do not know what to do with it. They build like crazy and have from camal herds built pseudo space ships, futuristic in style, in three generations, they have made their land unrecognisable.
Never forget their sophistication. Their writing looks like sacred geometry which was used for prayer mats, decoration. .The writing is hypnotic and remember the depiction of human form is illegal. Arabic is beautifully written and is full of emotion and in one form. The Suffi poets were incredible, just take a look at the poems of Khalil Gibran.
They are used to hiding, for thousands of years they hid, as the trade routes were always attacked, they never divulged the routes by sea or land. 
The simple difference between The Shiites and The Sunnis is the Shiites want to believe the writings from the direct decedents of Mohammed and the Sunnis want the writings by someone who understands what was written in the beginning.
Remember whatever the brand,
the Muslim has a bigger vision than himself and that is his God.
Where has it all gone wrong?

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