Wednesday, 29 March 2017

I decided this year to try everything that I thought previously was not going to be fun. It is incredible how we put limitations on ourselves with nonsensical ideas of what we do and don't like.  I want to remain young in spirit keeping an open mind. With this thought, I decided to go on a cruise, try forex markets, accounting and eating correctly.  So far I am having the time of my life, having met new people with new experiences. So I shall write about those. First the packing for the cruise.

Don't we need fun in these turbulent times?.
Clothes always keep me happy as well as Yoga.
I am going on a cruise with Seabourn.Com and wanted the perfect clothes and found them with
the following designers.

Alessandro Michele for Gucci ticks all the boxes and makes fashion  young and vibrant again.

I have bought the platform cream and dark blue striped shoes, a suit with pearls and several pairs of sunglasses.

The touch of madness and brilliant cut keeps me happy in my  wardrobe that is mostly black. The hairbands are a must

for wind and make me feel like the glamorous Norma Desmond from Sunset Boulevard.

Alessandro also helps those that have suffered from human trafficking one of my favourite charities.

His shows never let us down and last week I saw women from 20-70 and all nationalities take joy from trying

on his individual style. 

 Rei Kawakubo from Comme des Garçons is the most intellectual of designers and probably the one that is the most flamboyant yet architectural.
The name "Like Boys" suits the brand. I love the quirky style, which is often more creative than the contemporary art world. When you are over 45 it is good to feel up to date at the swimming pool.
The fabulous shapes suit me. Last week I bought  a black coat with half of it missing on one side. It has a madness that catches the eye and a feminist feel to it. I love the fashion show of bold large designs.  The twist of humour keeps fashion alive for me.

Julia Haart us the creative director at La Perla, I wear her clothes as well as her underwear.
I simply adore them. They fit and feel wonderful on my body. It is a miracle when everything looks good from the front and back.
I bought a wonderful corset suit, a pair of sequin shorts which made me look as if I was still twenty.
The classical shapes have a twist that gives me glamour.

Remember when packing to always use tissue paper. A tip from my Grandmother was always pack with it. I have done this all my life and now my clothes look brand new when some are twenty years old. I generally buy plastic and put the clothes on thin velvet hangers. 
In the plastic I put tissue paper. It works well.
Try and stay the same weight all your life, do not yoyo diet it wrecks your face. I lose weight with the 
mayr diet which is incredible. I do it four times a year for each season.

Have a good Easter.

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