Thursday, 23 March 2017

STOP TURNING TRUMP INTO A DEMENTED CLOWN, if you don't like him don't talk about him.

Human nature has many failings.  We expect too much loyalty. Are you pure? Before nagging each other check your own territory before you make judgements on others. There is a fabulous saying "No good deed goes unpunished?" Enoch Powell is being proved right, a little later than expected. As for Sadiq Khan's ridiculous and irresponsible comment that terrorism is "part and parcel" of city life,  he should stand down.

Trump, can be blamed for nothing except his efforts to make America great again and fifty percent of the people in America still want to see his downfall. They can't wait, it is disgusting as it is disrespectful. If people think they are kind by showing his tummy hanging down, or his hair flying like electric fluff, or his tie, sellotaped.  think again, the strangest people are cruel, they should take a good look in the mirror.   Trump  is clever  allowing others to turn him into some demented clown, but he is President and they are not. He even paid for the insults more than Obama and Clinton who just stole.  It is all so predictable. As yet he has done little except try harder than most, in the shortest time,  to get America moving in the right direction against all odds as they are essentially bankrupt. This would not be so bad except it doesn't apparently suit the supposed Illuminati, the naive,  the Pizza Lovers, Rachel Maddow and CNN which I used to listen to.  It suits those involved to celebrate Trumps failure. It is so unimaginative.
Instead perhaps be proud of your President who invites change to things that do not work?
Despite the qualifications of Clinton and Obama, they managed to break the law and make numerous mistakes. Why not try someone else?

OBAMA's real birth certificate. 

As for spying on everybody, I really don't get it, everyone is spied upon, it is not realistic to think otherwise. From Facebook to MI5/FBI they know our profiles and if they choose they can know our intimate conversations,  so why the surprise? Oh the Russians must be so amused listening to Hillary's fowl temper and Trumps optimism. From Edward Snowden to
Assange, we have all been told. As for James Comey how can anyone tell so many different stories and not be in jail?.

Is anyone telling the truth I wonder?  How important is truth? People are frightened of change and the unknown. The media thrives on fear and destruction, left wing liberal values,  as they get more readers.  It is becoming an horror movie. Trump of course feeds all this. He loves outrageous behaviour, being  controversial is his winning ticket, and the press love it in turn selling another million newspapers. Don't think for one moment everything isn't carefully thought out to provoke. There is no bad press, anything said is better than nothing at all.

I arrived off the plane this morning and entered my chauffeur driven car, collected by someone who looked a Muslim. I said I am sorry, but are you a terrorist, or are you Hindi? He laughed and said indeed he was Hindi and promptly talked about Buddha. He then said don't worry about Muslims they have beards.  It was all politically incorrect but humorous. Everything can be solved through laughter, If however you want to use knives just fuck off, we are all trying to get through life.  In my mind if you decide to kill somebody you should be killed. Why pay for the cost of keeping someone who murders alive?. It is not that anybody was surprised about yesterday and the violence of Khalid  Masood, we were all waiting for it.  The rest of Europe and America have these instances all the time.
The man yesterday who murdered several innocent people was indoctrinated with old fashioned ideals and blindly loyal to things that don't exist. We in turn should not be so avaricious. Stop the use of oil when there is little necessity. We are all at fault.

AT THE SCENE OF THE CRIME and the woman in a hajib on the telephone walks past not helping, she later complained of trolls...

I haven't written for a month I needed a rest from having opinion. Brexit and the USA elections exhausted by most peoples reasoning I disagreed with 50 percent of the planet. Not that I cared  I just had got my way and needed a breath of fresh air. Falling asleep to Alex Jones was going to wreck my love life  even though I find him amusing.

Instead I have spent time in the woods and mountains .  From accumulating I wish to be free.  It is that time of  life when I am enjoying off loading  drama.. The mountains of Althausee bring purity that is addictive. I shall feast on that instead of the murky hidden stories in the very torrid guilty press, that make everybody so much more interesting than they really are.

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